My Vampire Queen

My Vampire Queen

by K.M. Painter


Publisher XLIBRIS

Published in Romance/Paranormal, Romance/Vampires, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description


Angelina has always lived in the hospital. One day a miracle happened and she was able to live her life. Now living in Luxembourg, France. Strange things begin to happen, when a man named Raimundo enters her life. Unable to understand the sudden influence from him, she begins to question who she is. Rai who has been looking for her for his entire life, is now forced to marry someone else. Will he marry someone he doesn’t love? Or will he suffer the consequences and tell Angelina the truth?

Sample Chapter


Deep in the woods in Luxembourg, France; lives the Monet Castle. Throughout history, the Monet Castle has been passed down to the members of the Regus family. The first owner of the castle, Lord Viktor Von Regus, was said to be a kind and gentle man until a plague was unleashed on his kingdom. The plague killed thousands of his people, but his family was infected differently than the rest. The plague had changed their bodies; they no longer seemed to age like others. They say they didn’t eat or sleep and they didn’t go out when the sun rose. Most thought they were monsters, others thought they were cursed, but only the Regus family knew the truth.

Legend has it, a group of villagers found the Lord’s wife in a dim lite alley, leaning over a young women’s dead body. The villager’s approach her but when they got too close, she run off into the woods, she was never seen nor heard from again. Strangely enough Lord Viktor Von Regus also disappeared that same night, and it is also said that if you go to the Regus Mausoleum in the cemetery, at night you can hear the cries of a women. For years the Monet Castle was quiet, until Victor Van Regus and his son Raimundo Allen Regus. They now own the Monet Castle, but no one knows how they got the Castle or even if there really are part of the Regus bloodline. Since the return, the rumors started again, saying that they are monsters, others saying that they are ghosts since no one sees them go in or out. My name is Angelina Rose Night, I just moved to Luxembourg, France to become a composer and so far, I do not believe the rumors are true until one night a little bat fell upon my balcony.

Chapter 1

“Angelina, Angelina!” I hear my aunt call

“Yes Auntie, I’m in my room packing. Is there something you need?” I call back to her

“No sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that it’s almost time to go to the airport. I hope you packed everything you need, plus I want you to call me when you land ok?” as I hear her walk up the steps and enter my room

“Yes Auntie, I will. I’m all set to go.” I answer her back. As we leave I look back at the house, memories start filling my mind and suddenly I feel as if it will be the last time I see it.

I arrived in Luxembourg, France, where my new home and life awaited; when I arrived at the house it was late and everything was in its place. I looked around and memories of my old home filled my mind. Sighing I walk out to the balcony and embrace the overwhelming glow of the moonlight, when I look up I see someone watching me then disappear into the shadow.

“Who was that? Better yet what was that?” I thought “did I imagine that?” I whisper softly then shrug my shoulders and went to sleep it off.


Running, why am I running through the woods? I thought; 'wait is this me?' All I see are the trees, hitting me while I ran, until I see a huge grey stone castle and hear a voice calling a name, I hear “Raimundo!” I turn around to find a man chasing after me, I say. “Jack, are you okay? Did the hunter get you?” I run over to him to see if he’s hurt, but he looks okay. “No, I’m fine you’re Highness but… you have a little nick right there.” I see him hit my arm and as he hit, I sense a wave of pain, but it’s not my pain I feel, it’s as though it is someone else. While laughing, I say “You dick that hurt!” Jack laughs while I rub my arm “so have you decided to accept the request.” I hear Jack say. Raimundo sighs, “Must we talk about that, you know I won’t accept, I will find my true queen and she is neither that nor will I let someone like her rule my kingdom.” “But how do you know if your true queen lives in this area, it’s been 2,000 years since you started searching for her, and you have not found her yet.” I hear Jack say, “I will my friend, I will, because I know she lives.” I answer back “What do you mean?” I hear Jack ask, “I feel her close, closer than you think.” I grin, Jack smiles “Ah I see…wait does that mean.” “Yes, But I’ll talk about her later; for right now, how did the hunter know where we were? Better question, do you think we lost him?” “Yes, I believe we lost him; but I don’t know how he found out. Do you think someone told him? I know he is not with others, he’s a rogue hunter from romaine.” I hear Jack answer

Sighing I say, “find out please, I don’t want my father to hear this, you know how his been since the death of my mother, he will not be please.” “Of course Rai.” I hear Jack say. We both fall into deep silence until Jack says “by the way, have you seen her? You’re true Queen? Is she smoking hot!?” I smile at Jake’s remark “Jake didn’t I say we would talk about this later?” Sighing he answers mockingly “yes your highness.” Then I hear him say. “Come on Rai please!” sighing at his begging I say, “yes in a way, I only saw her for a moment until she spotted me, I had to disappear into the shadows.” “Huh... so what do you know about her?” I hear Jack ask, “I know she works in music and that she’ll be here tomorrow night for the ball.” I answer back. Suddenly I hear someone calling me, and Jack “Raimundo, Jack! Come inside the sun is about to rise!” As we enter the castle I suddenly hear a voice that is not my own “we will meet in good time my dear and you will be mine.” After that everything goes black but the last words haunt me, and echo through my mind.


When the morning came I could feel the sunlight hitting me softly through the curtains. All I could remember where those last words from my dream we will meet in good time my dear and you will be mine.' Who was that voice? Shrugging it off, I get ready for the day. While I’m getting ready I hear a knock at the door. I answer, “Who is it?” in a song singing voice.

I hear a voice saying, “It’s me your lovely manger waiting to start your day.” In the same singing manner.

I laugh, and open the door to see Catlin my manager who I see has already plan my day to the fullest. “So what’s the game plan today my lovely manager.” I say

Catlin answers back” well today you have a meeting at 9:45 then practice recital at 11 o’clock, lunch at 1 o’clock then back to practice, and at the end of the day we have an invention to a ball at the Monet Castle.”

“Monet Castel? By who? I don’t know anyone their Catlin.”

Catlin answers “right... We were invited by Victor Van Regus and his son Raimundo Allen Regus who now own the castle; it’s a ball for everyone as it says they wanted to welcome a new seen to the castle since it has a bad rep already.”

I answer, “what do you mean by that?” while thinking that the name sounds familiar to me but I can’t remember.

My thoughts are interrupted when Catlin says, “oh never mind that, I’ll tell u later right now we need to go or you’ll be late”

Looking at the clock, it’s already 8:45 so I grab my stuff and head out. Everything went great and according to plan, but the ball and those words were still on my mind, then I started to think about the voice. I know it was a male but it sounded almost like it had a romaine accent to it. Sighing I turn to Catlin who was enjoying a chicken salad for lunch while I had a nice medium rare steak instead.

“Catlin tells me more about the Monet Castle please...?” While begging I hear her sigh which means I won and I smile at the fact. Catlin goes on to tell me about the history of the castle.

At the end I ask, “So no one knows what happen to the Regus family or how Victor Van Regus and his son Raimundo Allen Regus really got the castle?”

Catlin repeals “Yes but at this point no one really cares so now let’s talk about what you’re going to wear for the ball.”

“But I already know what I’m going to wear, I’m wearing my mother’s sun and moon dress for the ball, remember?”

Catlin eye’s wide from excitement and giggles” Yes! Its prefect. Oh and you will be wearing it for the first time huh? Well that won’t matter, the silver and gold will be perfect.”


Excerpted from "My Vampire Queen" by K.M. Painter. Copyright © 2018 by K.M. Painter. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

K.M. Painter

K.M. Painter

K. M. Painter was born on October 15, 1996. She graduated high school and is on her way to get a degree in literature. She was diagnosed with Mild Autism when she was born, and Her thought process is different; however, she has seen things that most do not see in reality. She is more drawn to supernatural topics and feel’s more comfortable writing the world that she sees. Most of her books you will find are based on many dreams she has over the years and wants to share them, so you can enjoy them too.

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