Ghost Warrior (Immortal Warriors Book 2)

Ghost Warrior (Immortal Warriors Book 2)

by Denna Holm


Publisher Crimson Cloak Publishing

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


After surviving the hostile world of Lavina, Amanda Cross thought she put the worst of her problems behind her. Instead of returning to Earth she decides to build a new life on the planet Laizahlia with Tallyn, the man who rescued her.

Tallyn’s ability to shape shift excites Amanda, but her life turns complicated when she discovers a connection between her and a fire-born species of shapeshifters known as Umalyian. Amanda must learn to control the flames before they end up consuming her and destroying everyone she loves.

Sample Chapter

Amanda waited for her cheeks to cool and then tried to push away from Tallyn’s side, intending to take a step closer to the arrogant woman. Back home, in her own element, she wouldn’t have hesitated to put the cocky bitch back in her place, whatever it took. It wouldn’t be the first time someone mistook her petite stature for weak.

Tallyn tightened his grip around her waist, stopping Amanda, a reminder she wasn’t on Earth anymore. She had a bad feeling about this one, sensing Tallyn’s guard rise. This wasn’t just your average everyday bitch trying to get a rise out of someone. No, more like a dangerous, lethal bitch, one who could probably wipe the floor with a simple human woman like Amanda, do some serious damage. Or even kill her. Though she didn’t want to look like a cowardly mouse in front of Tallyn’s people, Amanda decided to keep quiet this time. Let him handle it.

Or she would have if Tallyn hadn’t hesitated to introduce her.

Amanda held out her hand. “Hi there, I’m Amanda, but everyone calls me Mandy.” She shrugged when the woman ignored her hand. “Sorry, guess you guys don’t shake around here. No worries, I’ll get everything figured out eventually.” She rubbed her damp palm along the outside of her thigh, doing her best to ignore the smirk that developed on the tall, dark-eyed woman. She was beautiful, Amanda had to give her that, but in a wild, feral sort of way. Her body was all lean, hard muscle, just like Tallyn’s, with shapely legs that went on for miles. Amanda felt positively frumpy standing next to her, though she refused to let the woman know it. “You must be from Tallyn’s . . . pack, right? What do you do there?”

“Correct, young female,” the woman said, her eyes and hair color almost the same dark brown. “I’m not familiar with many of your human customs, as I know you are ignorant about most of ours. Tallyn might have his hands full teaching you enough to keep you….” She stopped and chuckled softly. “Well, enough to keep you from offending everyone you meet.” She bit at the corner of her lip, obviously trying not to laugh, her dark eyes sparkling. “Learning our customs will not be your only obstacle, young one. I suspect you’re going to cause a great deal of trouble for our current ruling pair. Mathias conveyed deep concern for your safety should Tallyn insist upon bringing you home with him. He tells us—”

“Jianna,” Tallyn growled. “That’s enough.”

Amanda put her hand on his forearm and gently squeezed. “Yeah, I know, I must look like an insignificant bug to someone like you. Wouldn’t be the first time a person misjudged me, and probably won’t be the last.” She grinned, though knew it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Not a mistake people tend to make twice.” Amanda shrugged, lifting her chin and tried to look down her nose at the arrogant cow, not an easy task when standing next to an Amazonian type. But she could play the haughty bitch scene with the best of them, enjoying the spark of fury building in the woman’s eyes. “Oh, cool your jets, girl. I’m not stupid, Jianna. I expected to run into some trouble here. Just try not to judge me by my size. It’s a mistake. I’ll learn what I need to know. We’re probably not as different as you’d like people to believe.” Except for you being a psycho bitch and all.

Jianna scowled, obviously not getting the reaction she’d hoped for, though she quickly recovered, a slight sneer developing. “Yes, young female, to judge solely by one’s size could be considered a mistake, but size is not your only handicap, is it? Or even the worst of them. I sincerely doubt it’s necessary for me to spell it out. Tallyn understands, even if you don’t.”

No, it wasn’t necessary. Amanda wasn’t a werewolf and Tallyn’s father wasn’t likely to let either of them forget it. Still, they’d have to work that out later. Though Amanda’s guts churned, she only grinned and tipped her head, offering a touché moment, knowing it was useless trying to argue against the truth. But they both understood very well that a challenge had been given . . . and accepted. Amanda allowed instinct to guide her. Only time would tell whether or not it turned out to be a mistake. Calem had been wrong when he accused Tallyn of not teaching her anything. During all their many dreamwalks together, Tallyn had drilled into her head that she must stand proud no matter what they faced. Who cared if this smug woman ended up wiping the floor with her ass down the road. She couldn’t touch her right now and they both knew that too.

A sudden chill popped up out of nowhere and Amanda fought not to take a step closer to Tallyn. Instinctively she knew it was important not to hide behind him, though she didn’t take it so far as to push him away when he slipped his arm around the small of her back, snugging her tight against his side.

“Well, hey, you guys,” Amanda said, rubbing her hand against Tallyn’s shirt. She’d grown tired of this woman and her blustering. “It’s been fun and all, but if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to steal your prince away for the night. We need some alone time.” She allowed her grin to widen. “I’m sure you understand, right?” She nodded at the two silent men accompanying the bitch, keeping her tone carefully light, almost playful, when she added, “It’s been a real pleasure to finally get to meet some of Tallyn’s friends. Guess we’ll see you all again in a couple of weeks. Right?” She directed the question toward Tallyn. He nodded, amusement visible in his golden eyes as Amanda continued, “I know you guys must be anxious to get him back, but you’ll have plenty of time to visit and catch up once we reach your….” Amanda stopped, uncertain what they called their home: a city, burg, town, village…?

Jianna smirked.

Dumbass bitch!

Tallyn filled in the blanks when Amanda stumbled. “Go back to our pack and tell my father his message was received. We’ll arrive in two weeks, no later, as our king requested.” Tallyn smiled down at Amanda with real warmth before he returned his attention back to the woman. “You are excused, Jianna.”

Jianna’s mouth dropped open, fury brewing in her dark brown eyes. Her reply came back clipped, a faint, threatening growl behind it. “Forgive me, I never meant to offend our new princess. If I have, it was unintentional, I assure you. Forgive me, Tallyn, in the future I’m sure your mate and I will become close friends, but for now, in my defense, I must remind you that I’ve received mixed signals from her. Perhaps one day this touching of hands will become a new custom among our people.” She coughed, hiding a smile behind her hand as she bowed low, her cold brown eyes never leaving Amanda’s face. “Here on Laizahlia only a submissive would think to offer their hand. It’s taken much like exposing one’s throat.” She glanced toward Tallyn. “You wouldn’t want her to insult the wrong person over an avoidable faux pas.” Her smile broadened. “I’m sure you know exactly who I’m speaking of, yes?”

“Thank you,” Amanda replied. She squeezed Tallyn’s arm, then grinned at Jianna, though they both knew it was forced. “I appreciate your concern for my safety.” Tired of playing word games, she placed her hand on Tallyn’s stomach and smiled up at him. “I know your friends have missed you, but it’s been a long day and I’m starving. We should probably go.”

“Yes, of course,” Jianna said with a slight bow, her tone not quite so haughty. “Though I fear we’ve overstayed our welcome this evening, I’m afraid we’ve been ordered by our king to escort you both home. We’ll be close at hand . . . should you run into any unforeseen problems on your journey through the mountains. Mathias wishes no harm to befall his son. The three of us are here to see his wishes are honored.”

“Enough of this,” Tallyn growled, glaring at Jianna. “You may escort us home, since you’ve been ordered by Mathias, but all three of you will remain out of sight the duration of the journey. There’ll be severe consequences should you choose to disobey me, Jianna.”

“Yes, my Prince. We’ll escort you from a distance. Your female will never know we’re there.” She lowered her eyes and turned to leave. The two men who’d stood silent behind her bowed only toward Tallyn and then fell into step behind Jianna.

“Well,” Amanda said, watching their retreating backs, “wasn’t that just a blast.” She slipped her hand into Tallyn’s and squeezed. “Guess I messed up with the handshake thing. I have a lot to learn, don’t I?”

“It’ll take time. Don’t worry about Jianna. She’s not important. She would have done anything to try to embarrass me.”

“Embarrass you, ha,” she said, then snorted. Jianna was afraid of Tallyn, that much had been clear. But there’d been something more, an underlying rage in the woman. “Look, Tallyn, I may not be familiar with all your rules and customs, but I damned well know jealousy when I see it. It’s eating that woman alive. I’m not trying to put you on the spot here, the past is the past as far as I’m concerned, but did you and Jianna ever have a thing? She acts like you belong to her.” Amanda could do without the mental picture it brought, but it would certainly explain the bitch’s bad attitude toward her.

“No, I’ve never been interested in Jianna.”

What a relief! She could scrub that image from her mind. Plus, things would be hard enough without the addition of a jilted lover. “I wonder why she’s acting like you two are an item?”

“I don’t know,” he said, though his tone said otherwise. Amanda frowned. “I haven’t been back to my home for nearly four hundred years.”

Wow, freaking hell, Amanda thought, again squeezing his hand. How could they live so long . . . and still look so damned hot? “Tallyn?”

“Yes, Prin— I mean Mandy.”

She sighed. “Let’s get out of here, okay? I could use some privacy? I’m not used to being around so many people.” Not anymore. “It’s almost claustrophobic.” Tallyn’s entire body grew still, almost a living statue, and Amanda nervously glanced around, wondering if she’d missed out on something new. She had a feeling he’d been speaking telepathically to someone else, and not liking what he was being told. Should she pressure him to tell her?

No, let it go, she told herself. It’s not important right now. “You okay?”

“I’m sorry, it’s nothing.” He shook it off, whatever it was. “What would you like to eat? There is a variety of food available. It’s only a short distance from here.”

What she was hungry for couldn’t be bought from a taco stand. Or whatever else food they offered here. She could happily spend hours nibbling on his gorgeous body. “Whatever you like will be fine.” Let’s just get the damned stuff and go already.

Tallyn cupped her cheek, his thumb over her mouth. “I’ll never let anything separate us. I don’t want you to worry about Jianna, she won’t be a problem. Or my father. Jianna’s ambitions are greater than her station in life. They always have been.”

Amanda nodded, hoping he was right, because she was in it for the long haul now. They’d have to pry her cold, dead fingers off Tallyn to separate them. He belonged to her.


Excerpted from "Ghost Warrior (Immortal Warriors Book 2)" by Denna Holm. Copyright © 2017 by Denna Holm. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Denna Holm

Denna Holm

A retired FEI competitor in dressage, Denna earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver Medals. She considers this a big achievement since she didn’t begin riding English until her late twenties.

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