Stronger Together (Allouette Book 2)

Stronger Together (Allouette Book 2)

by Michael Stone

ASIN: B07B697ZB8

Publisher Michael Stone

Published in Romance/Romantic Suspense, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Nicci Bleu goes on vacation to Tahiti to explore her southern hemisphere. Life is, after all, what you don't come dressed for.

Jordin La Toi considers becoming a government hacker while preparing to journey to Paris to attend the reading of her father's second will worth $149 million!

For Nicci and Jordin, who remains and whose remains are questions that cannot be answered with just one more mocha.

Sample Chapter


Few things are more memorable than a woman in a white see-through surrong with purple Tiare flowers and a black string bikini top. See through? Maybe just enough for the late afternoon sun to pass light directly between her legs all the way up, leaving nothing to speculate, while she assumes a stalking position, waiting for the patrons' appreciation before entering the resort's poolside bar.

The Lioness scans the room and the streak of tigers, before moving toward the Tahitian watering hole, like a big cat on the hunt. Men could see the surrong flowed freely, following her from the small of her back, like a waterfall, over her perfect precipice, hanging down to her knees.

Her blond hair was pulled partially over her face and back to one side. A fresh orchid placed behind her ear. Men looking up from their drinks, subconsciously sat up straight, sucking in their guts, their jaws dropped. Their brains now out of gear, forgetting they were waiting for their significant others, hypnotized by the large breasted, full-bodied woman who approached slowly, walking across the room, crossing one beautiful leg in front of the other, her sandaled feet finding their way across the bamboo floor.

Men started taking mental pictures, their motor drives clicking relentlessly. If a bystander could have read their minds, they were thinking, this is why I came to Tahiti.

Of all the pool bars in Tahiti, she picked this one. Was it meant to be? Maybe. I would love to have her, but God, the test drive would probably kill me. How would I explain that to my wife back home? I don't want to risk this woman, any woman, finding out. Me, acknowledging I'm not man enough for her. So I'll just let her go . . . . This time.

The men continued to watch intently. Those drinking rums were able to keep one eye on their glass, the other on the lioness. Who was she waiting for? Where would she sit? What if she came and sat down next to me? What would I say? What did I used to say?

What will I do when my wife walks in and asks where her seat is? Do I get up and we move to a table or do I turn and pretend I've never seen her before? These are all questions; one's players ask themselves, and challenges the newly divorced or separated ask, doubting their judgment in the ritual of settling.

Settling occurs when a man is in desperation, in need of ending a saga in his life or when the bartender announces last call. The algorithm is not how attractive, but will anyone see me leave with this woman?

The lioness walked past the men at the bar slowly, finger outstretched, almost as if she was going to reach out and touch one on the shoulder, "and she won't bite you, and she won't bite you, but she will bite . . . . YOU."

At the end of the bar, the man-boy bartender is watching. His eyes are shifting from side to side; shining a whiskey glass as if he was trying to start a fire.

Next to him, is a man with black hair hanging over his collar, clean-shaven within the last hour, because that's how long his shave lasts, and a white shirt.

He is shaking a tall, thin glass of Pina colada. He is looking at his watch trying to figure out how much time does it take a beautiful woman to make herself beautiful.

The woman sits down and nestles her ass into the worn bamboo bar stool cushion next to him.

"What will you have?" the bartender asks.

"A glass of water, please," the lioness said.

"Would you like to order a drink?"

"No, thank you. I'm waiting for someone to buy me one," the woman said looking at the man with dark hair sitting next to her.

"Salut," the black haired patron said slightly raising his glass in her direction.

"Salut," is her sultry reply.

"Ca va?" he pitches. How's it going?

"Comme ci, comme ca," she swings back. Easy come easy go.

At this point, the other men have picked up on their dialogue. Some because they are in a French protectorate. Others, because they speak a little French, are hating themselves for not trying out their French pick-up lines.

"Qu-est-ce que tu fous la?" she explodes in a tranquil voice. What the hell are you doing here?

"J'avais soif," he said looking down at his glass ignoring her. I'm thirsty.

"Tu viens souvent ici?" she said tossing her hair back, a clear sign she was trying to flirt. Do you come here often?


"Vas-tu m'acheter un verra?" she asks. Aren't you going to buy me a drink?

"As-tu soif?" he asks without regard. Are you thirsty?

"Mes levres sont seches," she said, slowly rubbing an ice cube over her lips back and forth. My lips are dry.

"Amener la femme a boire, s'il vous plait," he asks quietly. Get the lady a drink, please.

"J'aurai un mojito," she informs the bartender. The bartender rushes off to the mixing station and returns momentarily setting the glass down in front of the woman after rubbing the maroon bar counter with his towel.

At this point, every breath taken by the men at the bar is in quiet desperation. They want to see where this goes. If their wives or girlfriends show up, they will wisk them aside to be quiet so they can wait to see how this plays out.

"Vous venez de vous lever et quitte la piece," she said looking down at her glass. You just got up and left the room.

"Je pensais que vous aviez fini," the customer responds. I thought you were done.

"Je n'ai jamais fini," the lioness declares loudly. I am never done.

The men's eyebrows raise in unison, and their eyes roll back in their heads. A man, heavy set with a mustache, an ex-jock with a sad comb-over and two gray-haired men who could be brothers, wearing matching shirts, long white socks, and orthopedic shoes, who were traveling together with their fifty-something wives were leaning forward to hear every word.

"Reviens dans ma chamber," she commands quietly. Come back to my room.

The words echoed through the room. Even the surf hushed to hear it. The man took a slow sip. He pulled the glass away and slowly rolled its contents back and forth in his hand.

"Non," he responded.

"Non?" the lioness repeats slightly shaking her mane.

"Non," he replies in a firm voice.

"Pourquoi pas?" she asks squeezing her lips together in a pout. Why not?

"J'ai faim. Je veux manger en premier," he states. I'm hungry. I want to eat first.

"Si je vous nourris, puis-tu revenir dans ma chambre?" she asks with carnal intent. If I feed you, will you come back to my room?"


"Si je vouis nourris, puis-tu revenir dans ma chambre?" she said in a louder voice standing. If I feed you, will you come back to my room?


"Tu es impossible," she cries out slamming her glass on the bar. You are impossible.

"Oui," he replied in the stillness.

"Oui?" she repeats like a young lamb.

"Oui, allons manger," he directed. Let's eat. The man stood up, as if turning to walk out alone.

"Enfoire!" The woman shook her mane in disgust. Bastard!

The two turned and threw back swallows, slamming their glasses down and walked out of the bar.

Some of the patrons unconsciously got up off their stools, and momentarily prepared to follow the couple out of the giant grass shack at the edge of the pool to the restaurant next door. It was as if they were leaving to see a gunfight outside.

The couple, Nicci and Michael, now swinging hand-in-hand, smiled looking into each other's eyes laughing. Both loved foreign films and romance. They loved each other even more.


Excerpted from "Stronger Together (Allouette Book 2)" by Michael Stone. Copyright © 2018 by Michael Stone. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Michael Stone

Michael Stone

"STRONGER TOGETHER" is his second entry in the ALLOUETTE series about two strong independent sisters who are searching for lasting love amidst missions of death and intrigue.

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