Exceptional Worth

Exceptional Worth

by Kathy E. Dockett


Publisher Kathy E. Dockett

Published in Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description


We were made for a purpose. We are not a mistake. Christ sees you as royalty, joint heirs with Him. This book tells how valued we are by God. Letting others label us causes negative thinking about ourselves. Let go and let God help you find true beauty, beauty that is only found when we are His.

Sample Chapter

Christ is exceptional beyond measure. Let Him declare to you through His word the true meaning of acceptance, value, and satisfaction. When Christ is allowed in our lives, it changes. Never let anyone tell you differently.

Esteem is valued when it comes to being accepted. This book will help you learn and see what is ethical and unethical. What is justified by truth matters most in this world and the one to come. Sensible thinking can be overrun by satanic attacks of the mind.

I hope you will tap into what God intends for you emotionally and mentally. As you read the chapters of this book, look at the different types of detrimental thinking. See where you are and where you are headed. Use this book to give you a deeper perspective of what it means to live for Christ. When you come to a conclusion, compare your inner worth with outer worth. Remember: pride can cause you to stumble and fall. What does worth mean to you? How do you view yourself? How do others look at you? On a daily basis we seek the approval of others. But does this approval really matter? Can that get us far in life?

God has a plan that is beyond your empirical sense. What we choose to think can make or break our esteem. When God made man, He intended his self-worth to exceed human expectation: not to be based on things of this earth, but where is your treasure? Here on earth or in Heaven?


Excerpted from "Exceptional Worth" by Kathy E. Dockett. Copyright © 2015 by Kathy E. Dockett. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kathy E. Dockett

Kathy E. Dockett

I am a single mom to a 15 year old son. My passion for writing is only surpassed by my love for Jesus Christ. I have written two published books "Exceptional Worth" and my new book "The Forgettable Through Jeremiah". I am compassionate toward people to the point where I care about where they will spend eternity. I am the youngest of 6 children and reside in the beautiful state of Arkansas.

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