Leveraging Knowledge Management For Efficient Customer Service

Leveraging Knowledge Management For Efficient Customer Service

by Joe Wolemonwu

ASIN: B0796GXW14

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Education & Teaching, Education & Reference/Schools & Teaching, Professional & Technical/Education, Nonfiction

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This book covers the issue of poor customer services, its impact to the growth of an organization and how organizations can leverage knowledge management for providing efficient customer service experience. How to use knowledge to ensure satisfied customers? What we can do to improve customer satisfaction, how we can leave a good and lasting impression on our customers.

Sample Chapter


World-class customer service gives any organization an edge over others no matter the situation. People will always come back to do business with you because they know that at the least, you have great customer service. Do you know that people will pay more just to have an excellent customer service? As a matter of fact, if you receive a mediocre service from a business anytime you go there that’s all you remember them for and you are waiting for the next place that offers the same service and then you switch immediately.

One of the major reasons businesses fail today is due to poor customer service, because you lose your customers gradually since you are NOT the only one that offers that product, and after a while, traffic will stop at your place of business because people are bound to get fed-up with the mediocre service being offered.


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Author Profile

Joe Wolemonwu

Joe Wolemonwu

Mr. Wolemonwu is a Civil Servant with the department of Defense and a Technocrat, he is currently the Board Chairman of the Association of Certified Knowledge Management Professional (ACKMP). Prior to Assuming the leadership role of this premier organization ACKMP; he served as the Vice President – Membership and Education with Toastmasters International Organization. He is the Head of Technical Department, RCCG Winners House, VA.

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