An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody

by C J Heigelmann

ISBN: 9780999489802


Published in Romance/Historical, Romance/Romantic Suspense, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A Single Moment Of Pure Love Is Worth A Thousand Lifetimes.

He was an orphan boy from Asia who had big dreams.

She was young girl from Africa captured and forced on a slave ship to America. 10 years later during the American Civil War, he met her by chance and their lives changed forever. It was love.

Follow the heart-breaking adventures of two people who are in love in an era of hate. Experience a magnificent picture of this dark chapter in the US history by making you a part of the story. Will their love survive?

Sample Chapter

His mother was lying beside him, burning with fever, and quiet for hours. Suddenly she started breathing faster, but with shorter breaths as if she could not get enough air, moaning, and grunting.

“Momma?” Shay called to her softly, in his native Cantonese. He lifted up his head, propping himself halfway up with his other arm.

“Momma! What to do momma?” he pleaded, hoping his mother would utter just one word, as he missed hearing her voice. The wind continued to bellow and howl, as if speaking some primordial language of nature. The whole structure shook, and vibrated from the power of the storm.

“Shu-Shay,” she spoke in a barely audible tone.

“Momma…Momma, what to do?” his face crinkled up about to sob.

“Take it,” she mumbled.

“What Momma?”

She brought her left hand slowly up to her waist, then to her stomach with great effort, and difficulty. Her fingers clawed their way up her chest, and toward her neck line.

Shu-Shay dropped on his knees, and put his hand on top of hers, while he reached under the neckline of her garment. There he found her jade amulet, which had been given to her by his father.


Excerpted from "An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody" by C J Heigelmann. Copyright © 2017 by C J Heigelmann. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

C J Heigelmann

C J Heigelmann

Strongly influenced by the works of Homer, Hemingway, Tolkien, Twain, Emerson, Alice Walker, and Whitman, C.J. Heigelmann fluently expresses his work through a unique style in the classic form of innocence and eloquence, balanced by raw truth and grit without pretention. In 2011, he made the decision to write his first novel and embarked on 2 years of historical and cultural research for the foundation of his epic work. The first of his novels to come, An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody is an example of C.J. Heigelmann’s pursuit of perfecting the “Written Art of Storytelling”, by using strong visuals, emotions and narrations to substitute for the absence of a human “Storyteller.” He is currently an aspiring Novelist, Media Content Creator, and is employed on the managerial staff with a major university in South Carolina. His creative passion and impetus derive from his belief that, “Amor Vincit Omnia,” or more simply put, “Love conquers all”.

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