Becoming the Millionaire Employee: How to Become Rich While Working for a Paycheck

Becoming the Millionaire Employee: How to Become Rich While Working for a Paycheck

by Roger Dean Smith

ISBN: 9780982304013

Publisher Modelbenders LLC

Published in Business & Investing/Investing, Nonfiction, Business & Investing/Job Hunting & Careers, Business & Money

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Book Description


Employees do become millionaires! You may work for a paycheck your entire life, but if you follow a few key steps in handling your time, your money, and your education you can become a millionaire. This book will describe how everyday people have turned their salary into real personal wealth. It requires wise decisions, not reckless risk taking. This is the path to wealth that millions of normal people have taken and that you can follow as well. Begin today to follow the principles that have made one in twenty of your neighbors into millionaires already.

Sample Chapter

Good morning future millionaires!

If you live in America, have a college degree, and have not been crushed by debt or a criminal record yet, then you are the prime slice of society who will make up the ranks of future millionaires.

Has anyone called you a millionaire before? No? Why not? You are the perfect specimen of the future millionaire, but no one has told you that yet. No one has hinted that you are on a track to become rich. Instead, everyone you have dealt with has told you that you are headed for a good job, a lot of work, the risk of the real world, and the pressures of supporting yourself and your family.

That sounds terrible! All work, no fun, no big dream. And no plan for the future.


But, that is not a surprise. You have primarily been surrounded by three kinds of people:

Your Family, Your Friends, and Your Teachers.

Your Family is focused on making you a good person with a stable life. They just want to make sure you don’t totally screw up. If you graduate from college and get a job, they have done their job. As long as you don’t end up in jail, on drugs, or dropping out, that is generally all they care about.

Your Friends are in the same boat that you are in. They don’t know what lies ahead any more than you do. They don’t know much about how the world works either. So they are not telling you how you can become wealthy and successful—because they don’t know either.

Your Teachers and Professors are great people, but they intentionally avoided going out into the business world, or what they call “the real world”. Turning a job into a career and a paycheck into a million dollars is totally foreign to them. They can’t tell you how to do it.

So who is going to point the way? Where are you going to learn the habits that make the average employee into a millionaire?

America is the greatest place in the world to become a millionaire. There are currently 9 million millionaires in the world. 3 million of them are in the United States. America has less than 5% of the world’s population, but we have 33% of the world’s millionaires. The idea of becoming a millionaire employee is more real in the U.S. that anyplace else in the world. You have

already started down the path to personal wealth and becoming a millionaire employee, just by being born and raised in this country.

Most books and seminars will tell you that you must start your own business to become rich. That is not true. There are more millionaires in America who got there as employees than from any other source. We are going to explain how they did that. We are going to show you how you can do it too. You are going to build your own plan to become your own Millionaire Employee. You are going to know how to do it, how long it will take, and what dangers lie ahead of you.

Financial independence—the right way to earn, spend, save, and invest money are not taught at home. Money is a big secret in most people’s homes. It is not taught in college. College focuses on history, mathematics, physics, education, and psychology. Even the business schools do not teach you how to manage your own money. They teach you to manage a business, or at best to manage a business’ money. They teach you to make a company rich. They do not teach you anything about becoming personally rich. I know—I earned an MBA and a Doctorate from a very good business school.

Because this information is not taught to everyone, most people make the same two big mistakes. First, they mismanage all the money they have and end up over their heads in debt. Second, they fall for clearly fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes simply because they have not been taught any better. In this small book you are going to learn not to fall into either of these two traps. You are going to learn a better way. I am going to show you a clear plan that you can implement.


Excerpted from "Becoming the Millionaire Employee: How to Become Rich While Working for a Paycheck" by Roger Dean Smith. Copyright © 0 by Roger Dean Smith. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Roger Dean Smith

Roger Dean Smith

Dr. Roger Smith writes on technology, leadership, innovation, and fitness. His work is derived from over 25 years of experience in business, leadership, and technology.

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