The Witch of Endor: Vampires (Volume 1)

The Witch of Endor: Vampires (Volume 1)

by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.


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Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A renegade named Maldivar Acludar hunts the other vampires using werewolves like ferocious blood-hounds to track them to their crypts. He alone has learned how to walk in daylight unharmed. Will the covens survive long enough to discover his motive and a way to defeat him and his shapeshifter allies?

Sample Chapter

Maldivar had come. His robes were like smoke as they flowed around his large frame. He wore a black breastplate etched with images of wolves in combat. His hair was long and dark as it blended into his clothing. His jaw was wide, and his nose was flattened. His eyebrows were coarse as they rode upon a prominent ridge of bone. His chin was clefted and his fangs extended as he grinned at the blood and the gore.

He carried aught but a pair of wooden stakes in his hands, long and sharp upon one end. With lighting speed he drove one of the short shafts through the back of the vampire that had just broken the neck of the werewolf. The undead member of the coven cried out as his hands flailed trying to pull the stake from his back where it pierced his heart. His flesh began to deteriorate as his body turned to ash leaving only the skeleton behind as the clothing wilted around the remains.

Lilith was born down upon the table as she strained against the jaws of the beast that assaulted her. Its breath smelled of death as its teeth snapped shut just missing her nose. She summoned the fire once more, searing brands of her hands into its face where she had held it at bay. The creature recoiled as it pushed itself up onto its knees clawing at its face.

A second werewolf’s body shuddered in one corner where a pair of vampires had impaled it before decapitating it, but not before Maldivar had felled another of the undead. He lifted her up off the floor by the blunt end of the wooden stake as her hands clasped at the sharp spear protruding from her chest. Her eyes were wide as she began to burn until but dry ash and charred bones remained.

Lilith was on her feet again as she cast her fire at Maldivar, but he was too quick.

He dodged the flames as he pulled yet another wooden stake from beneath his robes and grabbed one of the two vampires that had just killed his pet from behind by the throat.

Lilith screamed in warning but it was too late as the spike penetrated her vampire offspring’s heart. Her child cried out for Lilith before disintegrating in Maldivar’s hands.

The last of the human guards thrust his spear through Maldivar’s lower back where the breastplate failed to protect him. The renegade dropped the clothing filled with bones as he cried out. His Cheshire cat grin turned into a menacing scowl. He slammed one fist back as he twisted breaking the spear shaft. He lunged for the human, and bit him upon the neck drinking a few draughts of the salty, red fluid before breaking his spine and casting him aside.

Lilith’s fire caught the rogue vampire this time in an inferno.

The force of the blast sent him back through the entryway. Maldivar cried out as his hair and robes burned away. His hands and face were now red and blistered.

Lilith raised her hands from her sides, palms facing upwards in the shape of claws. She faced her hands towards one another at heart level, as she summoned her magic, only this time it created a smoke-filled orb. She flung the orb at Maldivar. He raised one arm defensively, but the wispy-ball of smoke simply passed through him. He smiled at her thinking that her magic had failed as he pushed himself upright.

That is when the skeletons grabbed him from behind. Lilith had not cast an offensive spell at Maldivar this time, but had instead raised the skeletons to fight for her. Row upon row of bones began to organize themselves into bony terrors that rushed at the rogue vampire.

He screamed his rage and frustration as he fought against the dead warriors. As soon as he crushed the arms or legs of one, two more would take its place. The hands would remain fixed upon him until he was able to dislodge them. He began a hasty retreat fighting his way towards the entrance through the mass of Lilith’s ivory-colored army of the dead.

The werewolf seemed to note that its master had fled and that his companions lay dead upon the stones. It dodged both spear and sword as it retreated through the only exit that was not blocked by the skeletal army. He fled the direction that would take him to the quarry and to where the vampire’s children would be.

“After it!” Lilith cried out. The survivors of the coven shrugged off their injuries and pursued the hairy beast down the dark halls.


The werewolf howled as it ran. It sensed mortals here, but they were locked behind iron bars, cowering in fear. It smelled more vampires and the clean night air to its left and the sounds of pursuit from behind.

The creature caught site of two vampires who were carrying children as they ran towards the far side of the quarry towards a closed gate. There was another creature with them that slinked along beside the women. The vampires paused to look back as the beast howled with malicious intent. What chance would they have, burdened by the children to fight him off with but the two of them?


Medusa heard the sounds of labored breaths coming from large lungs, as hardened claws gouged at the stones behind them. They reached the gate with little time to spare. The light of the full moon was now illuminating the hulk of hair and sinew that was gaining on them. Its luminous, red eyes glared with lustful desire. Its sharp teeth were protruding from its bloodied, gaping maw as its tongue hung off to one side.

Fedora set the hybrid child that she carried down in the entry of the tunnel and told Festinia to take the children and lead them on. “I will give you time to escape, now go!”

Festinia and Medusa protested only briefly, but Fedora’s argument to protect the children won Festinia over in the end. Medusa began to pull the gate closed as her sister’s raced with Festinia who carried her satyr baby up the dark hallway. This path led to the old mansion that belonged to Fedora near the Temple of Zues.

Medusa had just latched the locks and placed a crossbar in place when she heard the call of her mother from afar off.


Medusa could not pull herself away from the small viewport in the door where she watched as the werewolf closed in. Fedora had grabbed a large piece of discarded stone and leapt with it to a ledge that was over the doorway.

Mother is alive and there are others with her, but they are still far away. They will not reach us in time to help Fedora I fear.

The werewolf rammed the metal gate, denting it. Medusa fell back in fear, but before the werewolf could muster another strike against the door it was struck violently by a large marble stone from above. It shrieked in rage and pain as it struggled to rise. It pulled one paw protectively against its torso; its arm was broken. It rolled away from the gate assessing this new threat.

Medusa pushed herself upright and cautiously peered through the opening once more at the battle outside.

She saw Fedora land upon the hairy back of the creature, grasping the fur with one hand while punching violently with the other. Unable to reach the vampire with its one good arm, the monster sprang forward and spun in mid-air, crushing his adversary against the stone wall. Fedora lay stunned upon the ground, as the werewolf rose upon two legs before her.


Lilith, in her anger and fear for her children had left the coven in her wake. She ignored their calls to slow down and wait for them. She caught the werewolf broadside with magic fire. It cried out in pain and madness as it turned to face her. The smell of charred flesh and burning hair filled the air once more.

The creature still standing upon two legs, towered over Lilith as it came at her. It took the brunt of her fire upon its already injured limb.

As the beast advanced through the flames, Lilith started a slow retreat as she continued her assault with the magic, but she was weakening now from its extended use.

At last, the werewolf grasped her with one mighty, clawed, hand. The long nails upon its fingers pierced Lilith’s back and chest as it lifted her off the ground.

Its fanged mouth opened wide as it prepared to end this threat once and for all.

Lilith’s flames faded. The spirits that followed her cried out for her to fight, but she was spent. The beast, if it could see the dead, ignored them. Just as the werewolf was about to bite down upon her head, a shout came from behind the fell creature. Lilith recognized Medusa’s voice and her heart sank. She struggled to yell “RUN,” but only a low croak escaped her throat.

Lilith was held out to the side as the creature turned towards Medusa. Lilith’s feet barely touched the ground as she stared at her daughter. She tried to shake her head no. She kicked at the beast, but the impacts seemed to have little effect.

Medusa screamed at the creature as she rushed forward. Lilith had never seen Medusa enraged like this. She bore a grim determination on her face that was both beautiful and terrible. The serpent’s mouths were ajar, their fangs bared. Medusa’s long, scaled, tail whipped quickly side to side as it propelled her forward. Her arms were raised with her hands like claws before her.

Lilith heard the cries of the coven growing louder from behind, but they would be too late to be of help in the few seconds it would take for the creature to reach her young daughter. Lilith noted Fedora move near the stone cliff. Fedora struggled to rise from where she lay, but she would be too slow to stop the creature before Medusa was within its reach. An eerie calm settled over Lilith as she reflected on the hopelessness of their situation.

The werewolf roared at this new challenger.

So terrible was the cry of the creature that Medusa froze before the huge monster.

Lilith felt the claws withdraw from her back and chest as she fell to the ground thick blood pouring from the wounds. The creature tensed its muscles as it prepared to lunge towards her daughter.

Medusa’s yellow eyes flared like amber held before the sun as she screamed. The cry was a terrible high pitch. The wolf-man brought its hands to his ears. The movement caused jagged, white, bone to protrude from the skin of its broken arm.

Lilith grabbed at the hairy, muscled, leg to try and stop the werewolf. But, despite her strength, she had little traction on the smooth stone, and so her body was drug across the hard rock as the beast moved in for the kill. A trail of blood was left across the ground from Lilith’s wounds as the beast pulled her forward.

The monster swung its long, clawed, hand towards Medusa’s throat.

For the briefest moment, Lilith’s eyes met the fearful stare of her daughter. Lilith tried to convey all of her love to her child in that one terrible second. Medusa’s gaze turned back to the bloodied claw that approached an unavoidable doom.

“Nooo!” Lilith cried out in anguish.

The air paused in its journey as if the world itself were gasping at the impending scene. The lull caused the leaves on the trees at the top of the cliffs to go silent. The great owl on the dead branches near the pond turned its feathered head to look upon the field of strife. A shooting star streaked across the starry sky as it died in the earth’s breath.


Excerpted from "The Witch of Endor: Vampires (Volume 1)" by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.. Copyright © 2018 by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.

Dr. Robert Kenneth Wheeler Jr.

Dr. Wheeler completed his B.S. in Nutrition in 1995 from Life College in Marietta, GA. Dr. Wheeler Graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1998. He served a two year mission in Arcadia, CA for his church. He enjoys studying world religions, myths, legends and folk lore. He has authored: The Witch of Endor: Vampires War in Heaven: Scions of Azazyel Mystical Musings: A Collection of Poetry The Gnomes of Nome and

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