Risking It All

Risking It All

by Joyce d'Mot

ASIN: B078H42B7B

Publisher Sand and Sable Publishing

Published in Romance/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Kenya Davis and Simon Washington's lives collide in a mash-up of uncertainty and desire.

Sample Chapter

KENYA RECOGNIZED THE pattern well. It would be over soon. She listened as his breath came out in quick pants, reminiscent of the breathing style taught to pregnant women in Lamaze classes. He grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head while thrusting into her. Their eyes would never meet, his head would stay buried face first in the pillow and she would stare vacantly over his shoulder. Seconds later, he convulsed with his eyes opened wide, unfocused, before rolling off onto the bed next to her.

She heard his laugh, followed by a tap to her shoulder. Still too out of breath to speak, he gave her a satisfied grin when she looked at him. She already knew what he would say when he regained his breath. It’s what he always said at some point right afterward, a week later or the next time he wanted her to come over—“thanks for that.”

Kenya smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. Dave didn’t notice. He never did. She got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet, relieving her bladder, hot tears burned the back of her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. When she got back to the bedroom, Dave was already asleep—no surprise. Kenya gathered her discarded clothes, got dressed, and left without a sound.

She sat in her car, experiencing the usual despair that followed sleeping with Dave. The sex was never bad, it’s not a painful experience. He was a passionate and giving lover, always making sure she orgasmed before he found his release. If she ever allowed herself to be in the moment, she would probably enjoy it. However, Kenya wanted more and Dave did not want to give it.

They used to be more than that. She was once his girl. He used to call her that, my girl. Every time he did, Kenya beamed with pride. Dave was a definite catch—attractive, funny and intelligent, which is why she wanted him then and now. Once upon a time, she was the one who caught him. Three years have passed. Those people no longer existed, but Kenya continued to try to get back what she lost. She looked up at his apartment window, longing for a connection, some glimmer of hope that there would be more.

“I won’t give up, Dave.”

KENYA OPENED HER EYES the next morning, her body sluggish. She turned onto her side and faced the floor-sized mirror leaning against the wall. Taking in her reflection, she sighed. Her tousled hair and swollen lips reminded her of the night spent in Dave’s arms. The memory should cause a glow, like it did several years ago, but how, when she had left his house in the middle of the night and he had yet to acknowledge it? He didn’t care. Kenya shook her head in dismay, pressing her balled fists against her eyes.

“What else can I do?” she sighed. Her stomach began growling and Kenya grudgingly rolled out of bed and headed through her living room, toward the kitchen, stopping to turn on the television. She was walking away when her cartoons got interrupted by local breaking news. Kenya stopped to listen.

“An APB has been issued for Simon ‘Millennium’ Washington. The twenty-seven-year-old male is wanted by the police for a violent attack on one of their own. Officer Daniel Pace was shot when he responded to a call at the Washington home early yesterday evening. Washington fled on foot. Authorities believe he may be heading north, towards his family. Washington’s wife can be heard on the 911 tapes crying in distress as she recounts how her husband assaulted and ultimately shot Officer Pace. Washington was apparently assaulting his wife when Officer Pace intervened. Washington is well-known in the community. He owns a successful computer company, The Corp, Inc., with his business partner, Christopher Whitten. The graduate of Morehouse College is six-feet, three inches tall and weighs about two-hundred pounds.”

The reporter cut to a still picture of officer Pace, dressed in his uniform and smiling.

“Officer Pace is in critical condition. We have been told that Police Commissioner Brazil will be holding a press conference later on this evening. We will pass the details on to you as soon as we get them. Police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of Simon Washington to contact them. If he is sighted, please do not approach him. He is armed and dangerous.”

“Shut. Up,” Kenya said in slow motion, lowering herself onto the couch. Her eyes riveted to the television screen as image after image of Simon Washington flitted across the screen. Kenya’s mouth hung open when pictures of Simon’s wife and their home filled the screen. She ran into her bedroom and grabbed her cell phone and hustled back to the television.

“Are you watching?” she asked as soon as her brother, Kenyon, answered the phone.

“Yes. is shit is crazy.”

“I know, right? What the hell happened?”

“I have no clue. We don’t really hang out like that but I’m sure I’ll find out,” Kenyon replied.

“ This is so surreal. Call me if you hear anything new."

“Later,” Kenyon said.

“Hey, are we still doing brunch tomorrow?"

“Far as I know. You know Mom and Dad can't miss the opportunity to dig into your personal life. Be ready,” Kenyon laughed.

“Ugh. Don’t remind me. I’ll see you later.”

Kenya shook her head as the news report replayed the story a second time. She turned o the television and continued into the kitchen, dazed. Her cell phone buzzed and beeped rhythmically. She was a part of a group chat with some of her classmates, who were probably as blindsided as she. Kenya spent the remainder of the day lazing around her house. The news was dominated by Simon Washington. Kenya shook her head in amazement at the details they discussed. Simon’s life was on full display. Wherever he was, like it or not, he had become an infamous celebrity.


Excerpted from "Risking It All" by Joyce d'Mot. Copyright © 2018 by Joyce d'Mot. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Joyce d'Mot

Joyce d'Mot

Joyce d’Mot resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three children. She serves as president of the Women’s National Book Association, Atlanta Chapter. Joyce was born in the United States Virgin Islands and is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University.

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