Hellfire and Snowdrops

Hellfire and Snowdrops

by C. W. Henney


Publisher C. W. Henney

Published in Romance/Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Hellfire and Snowdrops has a dark side--a fiendish character, perhaps a demon, who taunts a main character. Then there is the enchanting, head-turning, auburn-haired Alexis, who charms and is charmed by the dashing Michael; the two exude passion, and their passion leads to . . . ! The story is a bit naughty, but nice, with magical scenes. Scenes in the novel will enchant you. Those exciting, memorable scenes and the surprise ending will remain in your memory.

Sample Chapter

“Eight o’clock,” thought Alexis, “and it’s Thursday. I’d better get myself going for the day.” Alexis held a part‑time job at the University Florist Shop. She worked three days a week. The other days, she ran her errands, kept her home immaculate, and did volunteer work. Alexis was always busy. She couldn’t bear to sit around the house watching soap operas or playing cards as so many of the wives did.

Alexis Scott Hendricks was an intelligent woman, tall, slender, with beautiful auburn hair. Her hair was her best feature and as she lay in bed it formed a beautiful, tumbled mass of color. With a huge yawn, Alexis stretched, threw back her covers and stuck her feet in the white sheepskin rug at the side of her bed. She wiggled her toes around in the soft fur for a few luxurious moments before she stood up, stretched again, and glanced at herself in the full-length mirror.

“Oh, God,” she hissed. “I hope Walter didn’t have time to look at me closely before he left.”

She always woke up with puffy eyes and thought it most unattractive. She didn’t stop to think that her eyes were closed when Walter had gone to work. She smoothed her hands over her lithe body, enjoying the sensation of her own smooth skin and firm breasts.

“I wish Walter were here now. Why is it that he’s always somewhere else when I’m feeling the sexiest?” she thought.

She sighed, stepped over to the bathroom, and turned on the shower to let the hot water run for a minute. Taking a last critical look at herself in the mirror, she stepped inside the shower stall. The warm water felt good on her skin. She let it massage her back and run down her legs. She washed her hair and let the soap trickle down her neck and over her breasts.

“Showers are so delicious,” she murmured.

She sang her favorite songs and rejoiced to herself that she could try for the high notes without notice by anyone. The notes always sounded so deep throated and mellow when she sang in the shower. She loved singing and thought to herself that she almost sounded professional.

She finished showering and dressed carefully for her errands. This was a day off for Alexis, so her errand list was a long one.

She looked particularly alive today. Maybe it was the outfit she had chosen to wear, or perhaps it was the invigorating morning shower.

Whatever it was, Alexis thought she would turn heads that day as she drove off in her little convertible to tend to her chores. She was midway through her errands when she decided to stop and have a cup of coffee at the local deli.

The deli was a favorite spot for the college community, popular with the college professors as well as the students. It was reputed to have the best food in town, besides being a cozy, cheerful place to sit and relax. As Alexis entered, she caught sight of several of the college professors sitting in a group at the rear. She smiled and waved a friendly “hello.”

She found a small table near the window, sat down and browsed through her errand list unaware of the secret glances in her direction as she sipped her coffee. The sunlight through the window danced on her auburn hair, making little flecks of gold stand out here and there. She was certainly unaware of the sensation she was causing among the professors several tables away.

“My God,” one of the men exclaimed, “She looks like an angel sitting there with a halo of gold.”

“An angel I’d like to have hover over me,” smirked another.

“She’s a sexy piece if I ever did see one. Walter is a lucky guy!” added another.

They sat there drinking in Alexis’s beauty, and thinking their own separate thoughts about their own wives. Alexis finished her coffee and as she prepared to leave she heard a familiar voice.

“Well, I didn’t expect to find you here this morning. I thought you’d be sleeping in.”

Looking up, she saw that it was Michael, her boss at the flower shop.

“What a nice surprise,” she said, “sit down and join me.”

“Only if I can buy you some lunch,” Michael remarked. “One does have to eat now and then.”

Alexis glanced at her watch . . . So it was lunchtime!

She laughed, showing her even, white teeth.

“I accept.”

The two of them sat talking and laughing through lunch. Alexis had always found Michael easy to talk to. He was a tall, rugged-looking man, certainly not the type you would expect to find in a flower shop. He had shiny, ebony hair and lazy blue eyes, the kind of eyes that people call bedroom eyes. His nose was a little large, but not unsightly. It fit his features perfectly. And Alexis loved his sense of humor.

She didn’t realize it, but to Michael she appeared absolutely glowingly beautiful with that smile on her face, her eyes dancing with joy, and that red-golden halo of hair!

Michael found himself almost speechless. He had never noticed how lovely his assistant was until now. “How could this have happened, he thought. Am I blind or have I been so sorry for myself over my wife’s sudden death that I have not noticed anything?”

Alexis, not guessing what was in Michael’s mind, laughed even more as he stumbled and bumbled over his next words.

“Oh Michael,” she laughed, “You are so funny sometimes.”

This scene wasn’t going unnoticed from the back of the room either. The professors had put their heads together and were whispering to each other, covertly glancing her way now and then. Not one of them made any effort to get up to leave.

Alexis and Michael finished their lunches, and after a last cup of coffee, rose to depart. As Alexis uncurled her legs, the sunlight again teased her hair, doing wondrous things to it, and accentuated the curve of her silk-stockinged legs. Some male students sitting midway in the room whistled appreciatively to themselves.

“Wow,” came a quiet musing from the back of the room.

Michael, taking Alexis’s elbow, helped her to her feet, and escorted her to the door. As he touched her, a thrill shot through him, and he almost tripped over a chair. When they reached her car, he realized he still had hold of her elbow. It wasn’t until she was halfway into the car that he let go.


Excerpted from "Hellfire and Snowdrops" by C. W. Henney. Copyright © 2013 by C. W. Henney. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

C. W. Henney

C. W. Henney

Carolee Wells Henney, with her sweet, old, cat between her keyboard and her computer monitor, writes stories about animals for children. And, she has conducted writing seminars for children, talked to children at Elementary Schools, to high school creative writing classes, and to college Children’s Literature classes. She has done book signings, has appeared on local television in Hampton, Virginia, and Bowie, Maryland, and has written award-winning poetry. In addition to four children’s stories published in the last few years, two books, Calbert and His Adventures, and Tac and Tuk, published in the 1990s by what was then Aton Press, in both paperback and hardcover, are still available online from independent booksellers. In the coming months, she plans to publish several more children’s stories, a young adult story, a third novel, short stories, and poetry.. Google and Bing have more information about Carolee Wells Henney.

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