Mates: The Dragon's Melanite

Mates: The Dragon's Melanite

by T.L. Morgan


Publisher T.L. Morgan

Published in Literature & Fiction/Erotica, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Mayra knows better than most the dangers of fire. Having lost her family and home to it as a child, she has been raised on a farm for most of her life. When a second fire strikes, and a handsome stranger called Kyran comes to her rescue, she’s soon charmed by his gentile ways. But Adivan, her childhood friend, distrusts him, and convinces Mayra to send him away. The two are soon engaged, until Adivan learns that Mayra still thinks of Kyran, and the darkest secret of their past is brought to light.

Sample Chapter

A roar shook the barn before the door flew open and smacked against the outside wall. The smoke billowed out, escaping into the sky, as fresh air surged in close to the barn’s floor. Mayra lay on the floor gasping as she tried to fill her lungs with something other than smoke. Someone had saved her.

“You have to get up!”

Panting, Mayra kept her head down as she breathed. The crackling sound of the hay burning disappeared. That or she just couldn’t hear it over the sound of heavy footsteps approaching her.

“Get up!”

Coughing once more, Mayra finally lifted her head. The man before her was not one that she knew. Sitting up on her knees, she continued to suck in fresh breaths of air. Every other breath in, she felt her lungs twinge as they remembered the feeling of the smoke choking her. “Who… Who are you?”

“Someone tried to kill you. Please get up and come with me.”

Not knowing if her legs would hold her, Mayra continued to kneel on the floor of the barn. Her brain was telling her that she needed to run. She had to get out and to do that she had to get past the stranger before her. “The fire. We have to get outside.”

“I took care of the fire. Come with me, please.”

Those words took a few seconds to fully sink into her mind. Twisting, Mayra looked around the barn. There wasn’t just fresh air from the doors being open. The smoke was gone. The fire was gone. “What? Where did it go? It was here! There was a fire!”

The man knelt down before her and reached out with one hand. “There was a fire and now it is gone. Let me help you.”

Mayra didn’t flinch back, but she did stare at the hand that was held out to her. “I don’t…”

“You are in danger here even with the fire gone. Let me take you somewhere safe and explain everything to you.”

There was no single reason for Mayra to reach for the hand held out to her. Later there would be many ways for her to rationalize that action, but in the moment, she simply wanted out of the barn, and the look in his eyes told her that he wouldn’t hurt her. “I don’t know if I can walk.”

“Then I’ll carry you. Just hold on to me.”

The man lifted her as if she weighed nothing. Mayra barely had a chance to throw her arms around his neck to make sure that she wouldn’t fall before he was turning and striding out of the barn with her in his arms. “Take me to the house. We can talk there. I need to tell Beatra what happened.”

“The house isn’t safe.”

Mayra didn’t have a chance to respond as the man turned around the side of the barn and set her down on an old work table that Calen moved outside in the spring. They were on the side that was away from the house and out of view of anyone that would be near it. “What do you mean? If the house isn’t safe then we have to warn Beatra and Calen!”

Frowning at her, the man shook his head before moving back a bit. “The house isn’t safe for you. It is perfectly safe for the man and woman that live there. No one is trying to kill them.”

Anything that Mayra would have said in reply instantly vanished from her head as she watched the man before her change. At first, she thought maybe it was just the smoke inhalation that was messing with her mind and making her dizzy, then she realized that he really was changing his form. His skin grew darker, horns grew out of his head as spikes ran down the length of his back. Wings sprouted from his shoulders as his hands turned into claws. Within minutes, a large black dragon stood before her.

Mayra didn’t realize that she hadn’t been breathing until her lungs began to burn. “Dragon!”

I’m going to pick you up with my claws and carry you to safety.

“I can hear you in my head!”

Of course you can. I’m speaking to you.

If her throat hadn’t been raw from the smoke and coughing then Mayra would have screamed when the dragon did all that he said he would. Shuffling forward to pick her up, the dragon kept its wings folded in so that she wouldn’t be hit by them. It was almost comical the way he moved and tried to be gentle while also being in a hurry to get them away from the farm. Mayra kept a hold of her stone and closed her eyes as she felt the dragon lift her weight.

Being carried by a dragon through the air wasn’t something she ever thought that she would do. Mayra kept her eyes closed and just squeezed her stone until the edges of it pressed into her palm so hard her hand began to go numb. She hadn’t died in that fire and she refused to think that she was going to die now that she had been saved from it. That didn’t mean she wasn’t terrified for her life or of the creature now carrying her.

It wasn’t until she was placed on the ground that she opened her eyes once more. The dragon shifted back into a man before her. There was no mistaking what she was seeing. He wasn’t human. “How do you do that!?”

Smiling with too sharp teeth, the dragon motioned for her to follow him inside a small opening in the hillside. “It’s magic.”

Shuddering, Mayra looked around the grassy hill they’d landed on. It wasn’t a place that she knew, but that didn’t surprise her. Dragons were powerful creatures. He could have taken her anywhere. “Why should I follow you in there?”

“So you can be safe.”

“I doubt we were followed!”

The dragon came back to the mouth of the cave to look at her for a second before he shrugged. “I don’t.”

Mouth gaping, Mayra stared as he looked at her once more before turning and heading back inside. Before her mind could tell her it was a bad idea, she scrambled after him. In a way, it was a relief to know that her legs were properly working again. “But you’re a dragon! Who would willingly follow a dragon and incur its wrath?”

Snorting at that, the dragon kept moving through the tunnel that led to a much bigger room within the hillside. Once he was there, he sent a bit of fire to light the room and add some warmth for his guest. “The same person that was foolish enough to try and harm you for a second time.”

“A second time?”

Mayra forgot the question almost as soon as she asked it. Her mouth fell slightly open as she stood in the cavern within the hill and just stared. It was obvious that it had been carved out and wasn’t natural. The dragon had made it. This was his house. “You live here.”

“I have for a while, but it isn’t my real home.”

It was gorgeous despite being underground. There were candles placed around the walls, giving light and leaving no dark corners or spots. And there was color everywhere. To be honest, she’d expected a pile of gold or something similar. Instead, she found flowers, fabrics, and paintings. To one side there was a large table with food spread out and to another was a large bed.

Whether it was his actual home or not, it was still somewhere that he’d been living for quite some time. It looked well lived in. It was also huge. Big enough that he would have no trouble in whatever form he decided to spend his time in.

Shaking herself out of the distraction of the dragon’s lair, Mayra moved to sit in a chair at the table. Her legs were working again, but they were shaking. Her entire body felt like it was trembling. “What did you mean, again? No one has tried to kill me before.”

Without being asked, the dragon retrieved water for his guest. He delivered it to her before taking several steps away and setting himself into a different chair so that he wasn’t hovering over her. “Do you think the fire that killed your family was an accident?”

Mayra flinched at that. “How do you know about that?”

Heaving a sigh, the dragon folded his hands and let them hang between his knees before leaning forward to look at the girl he’d brought to his house. “Because I saved you from it. Do you remember anything about that night?”

Shaking her head, Mayra bit at her bottom lip as she played with her stone. “The memories I have are going to bed with my family and waking up in pain in the healer’s house.”

“Someone set the fire in that barn today. Someone also locked you inside. That wasn’t an accident. When I got to your house, the same thing had happened there. The fire wasn’t an accident and the house was locked from the outside. You were meant to die that night.”

“That’s not…” Mayra let her words trail off as she tried to understand what he was saying. “How do you know this!?”

The dragon stood before sweeping into a bow. “Because I am an Ignidrak. I know fire, and am tied to it.”

Clenching her stone, Mayra refused to allow the dragon to charm her. She was a bit put out with herself because his actions were working. She trusted him enough to let him take her away from the farm and she believed him now. “But how do you know about me?”

“I have known you since the moment you were born. You are my mate.”


Excerpted from "Mates: The Dragon's Melanite" by T.L. Morgan. Copyright © 2017 by T.L. Morgan. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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T.L. Morgan

T.L. Morgan

T. L. Morgan was born in the late 1980s and raised in a small midwestern town in the U.S. Although she struggled with reading during her younger years, she developed and maintains an avaricious appetite for literature, reading whatever materials she can get her hands on. She does, however, favor the fantasy genre.

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