Walking The Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People

Walking The Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People

by Michael Tabman

ISBN: 9781439255605

Publisher BookSurge Publishing

Published in Business & Investing/Skills

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Sample Chapter

All cops were running with their nightsticks in hand to the scene of a riot. I was told to stop. Why? “Scout Three-eighty-one Adam, subject is armed with a small handgun.” I didn’t search him. Why? I issued the pretty girl a traffic ticket but still got a date. Why? I found the bank robbery getaway car but was scolded over the FBI radio. Why? I found an FBI fugitive but was scolded over the radio again. Why? *****After doing a quick risk/reward ratio, literally on the run, I decided to stop the vehicle we were following and let the surveillance team keep following Oscar as he was heading back to the Bronx. After all, Oscar was the main target; why take a risk at that moment if I did not have to? Making two different decisions on the run was high risk, but I had to do it. We pulled over the car on the Whitestone Expressway in Queens, right before the exit for the Whitestone Bridge, which led to the Bronx. That they were heading to the same place as Oscar was a good sign as it added to our probable cause. We interviewed the two occupants of the car. Their stories simply did not gel. Not surprisingly, they did not give permission to search the suitcases. I decided to search them anyway, believing it was a legal search but knowing their defense attorneys would immediately try to quash the search as unconstitutional. There were two suitcases in the trunk. After breaking open the paper-thin locks with one easy tug, I then opened the suitcases. What did we find? We found sixty kilograms of cocaine. Considering that at the time, a single kilogram of cocaine would sell for approximately $30,000, that equaled, well…a lot of money worth of drugs.
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Author Profile

Michael Tabman

Michael Tabman

Michael Tabman was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, NY. After serving as a police officer for three years with the Fairfax County VA police department he joined the FBI.

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