Stepping Stones to the Arch De Pleasure

Stepping Stones to the Arch De Pleasure

by James Pope

ISBN: 9781973152644

Publisher Independently published

Published in Literature & Fiction/Erotica, Nonfiction

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Stepping Stones to the ARCH De Pleasure 

Harper Media review 

1.  “I hate this but then there was a puddle in my chair so I guess I really loved it?”  Veronica Lowry, Morristown, PA 

2.  “I’ve climaxed reading this book more than my husband of 10 years could get me”.  Donte Kelly, Southfield, MI 

3.  “Supper sexy material.  See you in the theaters”.  Natalia West, Elmira, NY  

4.  “Hot, hot, hot!  Worth your time folks”.   Anthony  Mason Jr.  Martinsburg, WV 

5.  I’m not sure if I believe this to be a true story but this book delivers”.  Bill McDonald, Ashburn, VA 

6.  “Kinky?  Maybe.  Erotic?  Oh yes!  Life is good”.  W”esley Austin, Wilmington, NC 

7.  “Not as good as I hoped.  Storyline, 5 stars, execution 3”.  Erika Grace, Anderson, SC 

8.  “Who would have expected an erotic novel with substance?  Thumbs up!”  Dexter Chambers, Buford, GA 

9.  “I scan only offer praises to this author.  Aggressive, edgy, insanely hot!”  Don Mathews, Carmel, IN  

10.  “This book is just another fifty shades wannabe.”  Trisha Fox Appleton, WI   

11.  “Stepping is written for the silver screen.”  Ali Howard, Evanston, IL 

12.  BIG success awaits this author.  True story or not, I’d like to meet you one day.”  Sammy K ., Maryville, TN 

13.  “Pretty well done.  Steamy love scenes with decent storyline.”   Yara Knight, Madison, MS 

14.  “Surprisingly enjoyable.  Not your typical erotic novel.”  Jay Naper, Mobile, AL 

15.  “I wasted money with this copycat.” Ellen Dillashaw, Ruston, LA  

16.  “Might as well be on the sexiest  novels of all time list.  Impressive job.”  Lily Owens, Longmont, CO 

17.  “Provokingly controversial in a good way.”  John Sanders, El Paso, TX 

18.  Stepping is sexually stimulating, an ingredient of a blockbuster.’  Finn Bailey, Carson City, NV              


Readers of the world:  Stepping Stones to the ARCH De Pleasure dismisses the fantasy, imagery, erotic writings.   It is a testament to the fantastic women that educated me as I traveled the road from farm–to-market.


    Stepping Stones exposes the reader the realism of day-to-day sexual experiences James Pope has had with women unashamed of their sex needs.  The documented sexual situations are with women ages 18 to 78.  Education ranges from MINSA, PhD, college, working women.  The common thread with all these women is that there devise sexual needs will not go unsatisfied.  These women educated me with fact that there is no such thing as dirty sex.  The women’s physical actions are very blunt, “if you do not have the ability to satisfy my sexual needs, get out of my bed”!!!  

        The core of all situations are true as I lived them.  I use very few actual names and places as some of the women are still above ground.

      I’ve sprinkled a mystic dust to help the sniffers find the honey hole. 

  Topics:Socializing / networking, Referral sex, Expanding my worldly knowledge, Sex with married women, Sex and education, Car sex I, Car sex II, Road sex, Office sex, hers, Office sex mine, Pope meet MINSA, Sex with my mother-in-law, Trifecta - Wednesdays sex, Single man in a wife swapping club, Three-way-sex, X Nun-sex, Oral sex, giving, Oral sex receiving, Real estate sex I, Real estate sex II, Always be prepared PERIOD!, Herpes sex, Anal sex, International sex I, International sex II, Multiple climaxes, Piano Bar meeting Sex I, Piano meeting Sex II, anal sex


Excerpted from "Stepping Stones to the Arch De Pleasure" by James Pope. Copyright © 0 by James Pope. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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James Pope

James Pope

Borne March 25, Avoca, Iowa, at the family farm. Inner Space Nomads (out of print) trifecta (curfreent) Post Hole Diggger (current) Retired, 27 years US Submarine service

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