The Vietnam War: An Untold Story of Drugs

The Vietnam War: An Untold Story of Drugs

by William E. Campbell

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Book Description


The drug problem in Vietnam in 1971 was out of hand. This book covers the Army's attempt to detoxify those who had become addicted. For many soldiers, drugs had become a war within a war. Drugs were cheap, available, and sometimes deadly. The drug of choice was heroin.

Sample Chapter

It was time to go live with Operation Gold Flow. It was June 15th, 1971.

At 0700 hours, the returnees were collected under the shed, knowing nothing about what they would face. The NCOs of the 259th took them through the area for police call. There were the usual remarks about going home, fuck the army, and Vietnam. At 0730 the troopers formed up. This was the easiest part because everyone wanted to be on that plane. An NCO began to call out the names for the afternoon flight. As each name was called, a soldier would leave the formation to gather his possessions and go to the customs shed. While the NCO was reading the list, the rest of the NCOs from the 259th were drifting into the area and taking up positions in and around the podium. As the last name was called, the troopers began to break up. The NCO called them back and announced the the battalion commander had an announcement to make.

I stepped up to the podium.

"I have a message from the President of the United States."

That didn't seem to impress them at all.

I read the directive. It was general in nature but specified that each person leaving Vietnam would have to give a urine sample. The initial reaction was dead silence. Then came questions.

"How long will this delay my departure?" someone called out.

I answered , "If negative, not at all. If positive, detoxification will last approximately seven days."

"Is this program for officers also?"


There were some snide remarks about officers.

The NCO marched them to the helicopter pad, where the medics were ready to begin taking samples. The first group took about an hour to give their specimens. So far, so good.


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