Doctor Bell Anthology: Tinnitus Terror Tales

Doctor Bell Anthology: Tinnitus Terror Tales

by Jan L. Mayes


Publisher Independently published

Published in Literature & Fiction/Horror, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Ringing in the ears is no laughing matter. Dr. Bell says whoever finds the cure will be a millionaire. A billionaire. He’s determined to be the one. Too bad he’s not a real doctor. Too bad his human Subjects don’t know he hacked his way from the circus into medicine.

Sample Chapter

Study 57: Isolation

“We need to establish something you hate more than your tinnitus,” said Dr. Bell. “The idea is to help you put things in perspective.”

“And all I have to do is get in a box? Then the lid will be closed for 60 minutes?” asked Kelsey.


“I don’t like the dark.”

“That is exactly the point.”

Kelsey asked, “So it’ll be like an isolation tank?”


“I’ve heard tank time can be very healthful,” said Kelsey.

Dr. Bell smiled. “Since 1954. Of course, it will not be total sensory deprivation because of your tinnitus. And the study methodology.”

Kelsey nodded. He would do it.

On the day of his appointment, Kelsey stood in the basement of some converted Victorian. Two men were leaning against the opposite wall. Baldy and a man with riotous brown curly hair with a bushy red beard. Kelsey looked down at the long rectangular black box on the floor in front of him. The matching black lid was leaning against the right wall. The left wall had shelves full of sealed containers. Some looked like they were partly full of sand with brownish black things on top. Other shelves held glass terrariums. They had soil, greenery and pretty big rocks in them.

“In you go,” said Dr. Bell.

Kelsey turned his attention back to the box. “It looks like a coffin.”

Baldy snorted.

Dr. Bell shrugged. “If this does not give you some perspective on your tinnitus…”

Baldy and Curly helped Kelsey get in. Once he was on his back, his fingers gripped the edges tightly.

“Move your fingers,” ordered Dr. Bell. “You do not want them pinched when we put the lid on.”

Kelsey put his arms down by his sides. He was feeling really anxious. Was he doing the right thing?

Dr. Bell nodded at Baldy and Curly. They went over to the containers and terrariums, brought them over to the box, lifted up the lids, and dumped the contents on Kelsey. He felt bugs skittering over him. Giant roaches. Hairy legs crawling across his body. One on his face.

“Please no,” whispered Kelsey, barely moving his lips. Afraid to disturb the tarantulas in case they bit him. He had done a report on them in science when he was in high school. He knew the fangs and abdominal hairs were both venomous. But didn’t cause long term damage. Usually.

Dr. Bell’s assistants quickly put the lid down over top of the box. Nailing it on. The banging agitated the cockroaches and spiders.

Kelsey felt a bite on his neck. Like a bee sting. Swelling red. Another on his hand. “Please no.”

Black swallowed him; he heard Dr. Bell say, “Start the timer.”


Excerpted from "Doctor Bell Anthology: Tinnitus Terror Tales" by Jan L. Mayes. Copyright © 2017 by Jan L. Mayes. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Jan L. Mayes

Jan L. Mayes

Jan L. Mayes has been writing and blogging horror fiction and tinnitus-hyperacusis non-fiction for over 10 years. Her background in linguistics, audiology and adult education—combined with over 30 years of experience coping with tinnitus-hyperacusis and plotting murders—have given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She won an international Eric Hoffer Award in Non-Fiction Health for her best-seller Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox, and her writing has been featured at Tinnitus Today, Communique, and The Horror News Daily.

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