I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family

I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family

by Niecy M.

ASIN: B0794F33R6

Publisher AuthorHouse

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Sofay White, an inquisitive nine year old southern girl who's always at the wrong place at the right time: snickering, observing, and ready to tell. Sofay is grown beyond her years in learning but watching: witchcraft, family betrayal, infidelity, by the hands of her fifteen Uncles and aunts. She learns early on that a child should stay in a child's place.

Sample Chapter

I was thankful school was over for the day. I couldn't wait to be dropped off at my auntie Eisha's classroom. My teacher Mrs. Waller often walked me to meet my auntie in her last period class after school. Upon reaching my favorite auntie I immediately noticed something different about her. I couldn't pinpoint it right away but, from her appearance something about her demeanor was out of bound. The sadness upon her face was noticeable; almost, as though she had been crying in school all day. I stood there next to my teacher not wanting to let her hand go; because I knew personally when auntie Eisha's mood shifts all hell break loose. She had a tendency in taking her anger out on any one that was near her. I knew what to expect from her from previous circumstances and I really didn't want to be her punching bag all the way home. She had a quick temper that was sometimes obnoxious with a bit of sarcastic in it. I use to think maybe she acted that way because she was the baby among her siblings. She regularly had tantrums which pretty much got her, everything she wanted; her way. Undoubtedly, when auntie held her hand out to retrieve me from my teacher's hand, she said 'come on So-soo' and snatched me away from my teacher's hand. My head jerked I looked back at Mrs. Waller who saw that, and should have said something to auntie Eisha, but chose to ignore us by looking at the floor making me secretly yelled underneath my breath 'bitch call my Momma!

In addition, our daily routine Monday’s through Thursday’s consisted of my teacher Mrs. Waller who walked me to meet Auntie Eisha in her last period class. She was schooled in the next building over where both the middle and intermediate students went to up till the eighth grade. On this day my Auntie’s demeanor after school that day made me watch her every move. She gathered her books; I mean she was slanging those books on top of one another, than she tried to yank her raggedy Ann purse only to realize that the belt strap was wrapped around the chair. This mild set-back infuriated her even more, nevertheless, causing her to make a huffing sound, and at the same time wouldn’t you know once she unwrapped her purse this brod snatched me once again by the arm! Do you know once we got outside to walk our two mile stretch home this heifer nearly dragged me about a quarter of a mile! When I screamed her name to stop pulling me she then stopped, looked down at me and said ‘So-soo I did not realized I was pulling you’. Her mind was set on something heavy. Hell bout time we made it home from school my Mother saw us walking abruptly. She ran off the porch to meet us then grab me by my upper shoulders and said ‘Sofay what happened to you, were you in a fight’? I said ‘Huh Momma’? Before I knew it I just busted into tears. Momma said ‘look at you Soo’ I did not know that my ribbons on my hair were untied and hanging loosely on my pony tails, my hair looked as though someone ran a rake through it, my culottes’ skirt was lopsided, I had one shoe on because Eisha would not slow down for me to go back to retrieve my other shoe that slide off my foot. Momma said ‘now Sofay tell me exactly what happened’. After, I told her how Eisha was looking in school and acting funny again Momma did not let me finish. She grabbed my hand as we walked passed the men on the front porch saying to me ‘Momma’s gone take care of this causz ain’t no bitch gone be yanking my baby all the way home in this hot ass heat’. Granddaddy looked up from playing cards with his longtime friend gossiping Mr. Johnson and yelled out ‘what in the God’s name is going on now’? Momma yelled back ‘your baby girl is at it again being grown and out of control’! Momma did not have much tolerance to evil when it came to the family especially me and Daddy. She walked right up to Auntie Eisha’s face and said ‘now looka here little girl this is your last damn time that you will scare my baby by pulling her hair and thangs’. Eisha looked at both of us with a dumb look on her face. Oh how I desperately wanted to say to Eisha no I did not say that! Well we all knew how my sweet Momma always had a vivid imagination which automatically triggered her to add on unnecessary, but additional untrue drama to make the story juicier. I knew very well not to interfere with Momma’s conversations. I learned early on to stay in a child’s place. Momma did not play with me she would pop me in the mouth within a heartbeat if I attempted to interfere in any of her conversations without being spoken to. Momma always said ‘you speak when spoken to’.

Consequently, I always stayed quiet when I really wanted to voice my opinion. My opinions usually did not matter because my Mother did all the talking for me even though that did not stop me from talking underneath my breath.


However, Auntie Nitta the second oldest was walking pass us. She stopped and asked what was going on? Momma said ‘your baby sister tripped my baby making her fall out her shoe’! I was humiliated! I wanted to roll myself to the shed and just stay there for the night. Auntie Nitta looked at Eisha than took her by the hand and they walked on the farmland looking for my Grandmother – Gramz’s who was near by picking blueberry for that night’s dessert. Before, reaching Gramz, Nitta whispered to Eisha to open up and tell us what was bothering her. Gramz’s turned around to see; me, Momma, Eisha and Nitta standing around her. She then said ‘what yall cherrins up too?’ Nitta said ‘Momma I do not know why this child of yours got all these different attitudes and taking it out on us this needs to stop’. Eisha stood there like a zombie and did not bulge when asked questions regarding what was wrong with her, instead, she started crying; sliding down onto the ground. This drama occurs whenever she thinks everyone is ganging up on her. Momma shouted to Eisha ‘girl if you gone fall down don’t hold the tail of your skirt to cover your butt on the ground, just fall your ass down like a normal person would’. Daddy walked over just in time to hear Momma’s outburst and nudged her in the armpit with his elbow meaning to be quiet. Auntie Eisha paused from crying for a moment. Somewhere in the back of her mind that humiliating joke Momma just said did not sit well with her. This forced her to say ‘shut up Geraldine and take care of your own busy husband’. I thought Huh? I was clueless in hearing that statement somehow or another the siblings knew what that statement meant including Momma who grasped for some air then she shut the hell up. She looked at daddy who stood there looking up into the sky weary with his eyes bulging out the sockets. Next thing I knew Momma stormed off. Truthfully speaking, it was no secret that my Daddy with several of his brothers hell maybe even Granddaddy had philandering ways with many women in town. I once asked daddy what hoe meant? He said ‘Soo-so stay in your place’. He was never able to answer any of my sexual questions it may him uncomfortable. He would stare at me, clear his throat, and act like he was choking on something before saying go sit down somewhere. When he turned his back that’s when Eisha and Nitta (if she was not painting her eyes black) would explain to me the meaning behind those unfamiliar adult words.

Meanwhile, Gramz’s had just about enough of both of the exchanges and bickering of words so she shut them all down by screaming at the top of her lungs saying ‘everybody shut the fuck up’ throwing a balled up fist into the air. Like in a cartoon animation all of them dropped their heads like soldiers shutting up one by one.

Anyway, before I knew it, the area where we all were standing seemed to have drawn attention from the visitors and the remaining siblings. Who by then, made their way to where we were standing and immediately started asking ‘who did what-what happen-what’s wrong?

Ironically, this was certainly not out of the ordinary to have a large amount of people standing around because we kept visitors throughout the day at the farmland. I just don’t recall the visitors being so concern nor involved with our family drama or maybe I never paid attention until now. The visitors were friends of my Dad along with his siblings. We had Granddaddy’s longtime friend’s ole gossiping Mr. Johnson, sickening Mr. Brown and old man Martin who visited daily if not every other day. Their wives were Gramz’s friends. Mr. Johnson who had no glue to what was going on jokingly said ‘alright suggar nobody messes with my baby cause I’ll shot that sucker down’ Laughter exploded, ironically, any other time, Gramz would have replied back by saying ‘ol go sat your gossiping ass down some where Johnson’ but this time she did not respond back. Even my Dad J. W. took notice to say ‘Momma you okay you didn’t say nothing to Mr. Johnson’ it was like she was hypnotized staring blinkingly into Eisha’s eyes. Gramz’s was thinking back to when Eisha started this tantrum shit. She was used to Eisha normal tantrums of; whining, pouting and loud outbursts but none of us was prepared for this new fond of tantrums that consisted of; pushing and shoving, rolling her eyes, storming off during conversations it was too much. Hell, I was the baby and I knew better to not act like that! To make matters worse many who were standing there clueless began laughing silently just concurring up shit without a clue. I’m not sure if their laughter was geared towards Eisha or geared towards Momma for storming off or maybe the laughs were geared for both of them. I could not tell yah which one but it was starting to become irritating. Eisha begin looking at everyone standing there laughing and became so frustrated that she blurred out ‘all yall miserable asses can go to hell’ I didn’t know what she expected behind that statement because all she got were more laughs.

Truthfully speaking, she was right misery does Loves Company. By this time, Gramz’s was boiling over with anger she could not take any more shenanigans from Eisha who still would not say what was bothering her. Gramz’s decided she would beat it out of her but as soon as she tried to reach for her neck Granddaddy walked in between them. He blocked Gramz’s stretched out hands and said to his wife ‘Olivia leave her be’. Eisha get up off the ground and gone on up to the house I will be up there later. Whew Eisha dodged that beaten! It is a good thing Granddaddy came between them because Eisha would have been swollen for days from being whipped and nearly strangled by her Mother.

Likewise, my heart fell looking down at my sweet Auntie with her legs crossed on top of one another on the ground. As she got up off the ground she gained her composure but looked bewildered mostly from crying. She looked angrily at those that were laughing then turned up her top lip and gave them the middle finger causing some to bend over with laughter. I did not understand why she would do such a thing she was already the center of attention. I guess it was the brat in her that was being unleashed. I silently laughed and thought Eisha always gives a show when she’s put on the spot. I looked over at Gramz who by this time stood there shaking her head left to right. I then looked back to Auntie Eisha relieved to see she started getting her dignity intact by; straightening out her skirt, and fixing her hair. She began to walk I immediately grabbed her hand and we walked back uppa yonder to the house. She looked down at me and I tried to encourage her by saying ‘Auntie you are my favorite! Eisha took a deep breath paused then said ‘So-soo I love you sooooo much! That was my way of apologizing for telling Momma she dragged me home from school earlier in the day. I thought to myself if only Eisha had not dragged me home none of this would exist.

It just so happened, on our way to the house Granddaddy was standing directly in front of the house making those that were still laughing at Eisha to stop. He said ‘that’s his child and enough is enough’.

Apparently, Momma, with both Auntie Nitta and Camille apparently didn’t get Granddaddy’s memo to leave Eisha alone because they were still giggling having a good ole conversation. They eyed us as she and I walked passed them. Eisha tried to ignore them but somehow she just couldn’t. She screamed out saying ‘what cha looking at? I wanted to scream out those same exact words, but looking at momma I didn’t want her to give me that ass whipping look, so I looked at the ground as we passed by them. But you better believe I cuss all of them out underneath my mouth.


Excerpted from "I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family" by Niecy M.. Copyright © 2017 by Niecy M.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Niecy M.

Niecy M.

My background is being raised in a strict household by both parents. My siblings and I grew up and pressed on with the encouragement to walk by faith and not by sight. My parents were strong with church and their careers. However, my experiences were in the many accolades of working in corporate America for twenty five years within healthcare. Their my writing skills were enriched and tested in writing memos and other memorandums. However, after a length of time, I became bored within corporate and decided to venture out into the world. From word of mouth and being a social-lite I became: a full figured model, a hair model, a event planner, a extra/sit-in cast member for sitcoms and in film. I volunteered for different charities, and even campaigned for many, many high profile politicians who has sent than been voted into officer.

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