I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family

I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family

by Niecy M.

ASIN: B0794F33R6

Publisher AuthorHouse

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Sofay White, an inquisitive nine year old southern girl who's always at the wrong place at the right time: snickering, observing, and ready to tell. Sofay is grown beyond her years in learning but watching: witchcraft, family betrayal, infidelity, by the hands of her fifteen Uncles and aunts. She learns early on that a child should stay in a child's place.

Sample Chapter

I was thankful school was over for the day. I couldn't wait to be dropped off at my auntie Eisha's classroom. My teacher Mrs. Waller often walked me to meet my auntie in her last period class after school. Upon reaching my favorite auntie I immediately  noticed  something  different about her. I couldn't  pinpoint it right  away  but, from her appearance something  about her demeanor was out of bound. The sadness upon her face was noticeable; almost, as though she had been crying in school all day. I stood there next to my teacher not wanting to let her hand go; because I knew personally when auntie Eisha's mood shifts all hell break loose. She had a tendency in taking her anger out on any one  that was near her. I knew what to expect from her from previous circumstances and I really didn't  want to be her punching bag all the way home. She had a quick temper that was sometimes  obnoxious with a bit of sarcastic in it. I use to think maybe she acted that way because she was the baby among her siblings. She regularly had tantrums which pretty much got her, everything she wanted; her way. Undoubtedly, when auntie held her hand out to retrieve me from my teacher's hand, she said 'come on So-soo' and snatched me away from my teacher's hand. My head jerked I looked back at Mrs. Waller who saw that, and should have said something  to auntie Eisha, but chose to ignore us by looking at the floor making me secretly yelled underneath  my breath 'bitch call my Momma! 

Excerpted from "I Didn’t See This Coming from My Family" by Niecy M.. Copyright © 2017 by Niecy M.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Niecy M.

Niecy M.

My background is in Insurance for over twenty four years holding several classifications. I've achieved many accolades including: a former plus size model, a event planner, being cast as an extra in several films, and even volunteering my services from politics to music. My past time is: writing, reading, and enjoying life.

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