Pray Like Jesus (The Ministry of Jesus Book 1)

Pray Like Jesus (The Ministry of Jesus Book 1)

by William Johnson


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Published in Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description


If we believe the Biblical accounts in both the Old and New Testaments, we have to admit that most of us do not pray with the same results we read about.

There is obviously much room for improvement.

Our best hope is to have a mentor - to learn from someone who has succeeded in the past and continues to be extremely effective in prayer. There is no one more qualified to be our model than Jesus. Not only can we learn from His teachings on prayer, but His attitude in prayer, His prayer life, and the content of some of His prayers as described in the Bible.

Sample Chapter

In late August of 2008 – the third anniversary of Katrina’s devastating landfall – hurricane “Gustav” crashed into Cuba, recording the highest wind gust ever recorded there at 211 mph. All of the computer models were forecasting a disastrous impact as the hurricane would make landfall on the central Gulf Coast somewhere between Houston, Texas and Mobile, Alabama. The models showed that the storm would intensify to “Category 5,” bringing destruction to the very cities and towns which had not fully recovered from Katrina.

On August 30 – with his memory of Katrina on his mind - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin issued a mandatory evacuation of the entire city. The governor of Louisiana issued an order for nearly two million people to evacuate in advance of the storm.

Meanwhile, as those evacuations were taking place on the coast, one hundred and sixty miles to the north - inside the walls of the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility - the KAIROS Prison Ministry team was finishing a very special service. Each participant, inmate and team member, had experienced a time of personal reflection leading to forgiving those in their lives that had hurt them deeply. Murderers, drug dealers, abusers, pastors and businessmen prayed to forgive enemies, friends, and/or family members. It had been a powerful service. As one of the pastors stood to give the closing prayer, he was immediately led to pray against the storm in the Gulf.

Forgiveness results effective prayer. Lack of forgiveness quenches the Holy Spirit. Prayers in many churches are ineffective, because of the lack of forgiveness. How can you rebuke a storm outside when there is a storm raging inside?

That night inside the prison walls, this band of a hundred men prayed that the storm in the Gulf would dissipate and be reduced in intensity. It would have been inappropriate to pray that the storm swerve away and hit somewhere else. We prayed for the Lord to rebuke the storm.

We all had a bit of spiritual pride as “Gustav” - instead of intensifying over the warm gulf waters - dropped to a “Category 2 storm” before making landfall on September 1st. The eye wall of Gustav came ashore in the evacuated areas west of New Orleans, thus minimizing its impact.

My pride was short lived. On Monday evening, my brother called from California to ask how we were doing. The remnants of Gustav had passed near our home. My brother had been at a large Christian gathering in Anaheim, where they had prayed that the storm would dissipate. He commented, “Prayer really does works!” On Tuesday, I opened an earlier email prayer bulletin from another ministry. The letter read,

“We believe that the Lord has given us authority to pray the death & destruction out of the hurricane and to command the winds to be diminished, and that is what we are doing. We are asking all of you to join with us in our intercession for the Gulf Coast and the East Coast.”

It seems that there were a number of people all over the world that were praying the same prayer. The Holy Spirit had inspired many to pray.

During the “Cold War,” I witnessed - at close hand - the construction of the Berlin wall. In the army, stationed in Germany, I had participated in a small way in the Allied response to the building of the wall. The US Army moved a regimental combat team - through East Germany – into Berlin the day after the wall went up.

In the late nineteen eighties, an organization of Christians, Intercessors for Germany - headed by Berthold Buecker - was led to bring German people together to repent. They believed that unity in prayer could destroy the strongholds of division that kept the Berlin wall in place. Later, though no one orchestrated it, East Germans began to come together in Leipzig, interceding fervently for their country. They were at great risk because the Stasi were watching and recording. Thousands gathered in the church and throughout the city to pray for Germany. It was too late to stop the pendulum of history. In November of 1989, dismantling of the Berlin Wall began. In 1992, the demolition was completed making way for the reunification of Germany.

Over the next several years we heard from literally hundreds of people who had been in Germany and prayed that the wall would come down. Each one took some satisfaction in their part in praying down the wall.

We can always be pleased when our prayers are answered; whether we pray for a hurricane to dissipate, a wall to come down, or for some tyrant to be defeated. But we also have to realize that it is not about us. Though our prayers are effective, it is all about being a part of the Body of Christ and responding to the Holy Spirit as He calls us to pray.

The interesting thing about this is that the Holy Spirit speaks to many at the same time and causes them all to pray the same way. The resulting prayers go up to God as a divine chorus rather than a solo aria. The effectiveness of our prayers is based upon our submission to the maestro as He conducts the concert.


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Author Profile

William Johnson

William Johnson

William F (Bill) Johnson is an award winning writer specializing in the fields of Christian discipleship and leadership. He currently has five nonfiction books in print and several more in various stages of completion. In the early 1980’s Bill left his successful career as an executive in the aerospace/electronics industry to use his gifts and talents in service to the Lord. He continued to work part time as a consultant to industry as a means of financing his ministry activities, serving as regional coordinator for a national renewal ministry, a pastor, church planter, and mentor to pastors and leaders. In 1993 Bill became a full time pastor and church planter. In 2001, Bill and his wife Rita founded Aslan Ministries, a non profit organization to encourage and equip the church and its leaders to fulfill their God-given destiny. Together they have developed dozens of classes on leadership and ministry development and taught classes and workshops throughout the US and several foreign countries.

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