Little Lost Girl

Little Lost Girl

by Rick Kurtis


Publisher Page Publishing, Inc.

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Supernatural, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A little girl who lost her life and was discarded in the cruelest way returns 5 years later to a handyman. She asks for his help to release her spirit and to bring her killer to justice.

The man pledges to help but has to go up against the crooked District Attorney and to prove his own innocence.

Read the accounts of what she had to endure throughout her short life.

Sample Chapter

Ben waved goodbye and walked back to his truck, jumped in and started it up. He turned the wheel to back down the drive and put it into reverse. When the truck started to roll back down the drive, the engine conked out. The steering wheel was frozen and the brakes didn’t work. It was like the truck had a mind of its own. The truck rolled back and ran across the lawn into a street lamp post and all Ben could do was to go along for the ride until it came to an abrupt stop. Ben put the truck into park and tried to start the engine but the engine wouldn’t start. He sat there frustrated because it was a brand-new truck. He put his hands and his head on the steering wheel to think and took a deep breath. Then he reached into the glove box and found the warranty paper work. He paged through the papers and found the number for the service department. Now all he needed was a phone. Ben got out of the truck and looked for any damage. The trailer hitch glanced off the concrete street light and the bumper came to rest against the pole with no visible damage. Ben started to walk up to the house to knock on the door. While he walked up the driveway, he heard a little girl singing the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Ben looked around to see where the sound was coming from but didn’t


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Author Profile

Rick Kurtis

Rick Kurtis

Rick Kurtis is a published author with over forty children’s books. He is a father of five and had taught Sunday school in his local church. Born in a small rural town in southern Wisconsin, Rick loved to adventure out and imagine so many possibilities. This carried over with his love for children, wanting them to use their imagination and to give them stories of adventure that would help them to do so. He wanted to give them moral values along with learning valuable lessons that would help children to grow. He now enjoys making up games for his grandchildren to play, then after, they can read that same adventure, reliving the game over and over again. This expanded into numerous books that he wants to share with children and families around the world. Rick’s motto has always been, “A child’s happiness comes first.”

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