Bedford Forrest Rides Again

Bedford Forrest Rides Again

by Terence Gilmore Cady


Publisher Independently published

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


When the good folks of the South meet Nathan Bedford Forrest the Sixth and his wife Nelda, little do they suspect that a mere few years earlier, the duo had murdered their parents, been wed at their gravesite, and decamped Ole Miss to roam the South in their Winnebago, preying upon gullible runaways

Sample Chapter

A squirming mound of maggots stopped the boys short as they walked the cow path at the edge of the Navasota River. They grabbed deadfall sticks and began to probe beneath the hardened mud. “Prob’ly a dead calf, the one that went missing this winter,” said Jadon. “Naw,” replied Jesse, “whatever’s dead here is too far down in the mud to be a calf.”

“Hell no. Look at all the dirt the rain sloughed off from that high bank. Calf coulda’ got trapped down here by the water and hit with the mud and covered up. “Let’s find out.” “Here, gimme a bigger stick; that deadfall branch there’ll do.” “Don’t get them suckers in your shoes.” Jesse took the deadfall branch and began to probe, pushing the maggots aside. Jesse jumped back. “Holy shit!” he yelled. “Moccasin?” Jadon asked. “Ain’t no snake. Look.” A small hand covered with maggots popped up from the mud. Some flesh was gone from the hand. “We got to get Pa,” Jesse said.


Excerpted from "Bedford Forrest Rides Again" by Terence Gilmore Cady. Copyright © 2017 by Terence Gilmore Cady. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Terence Gilmore Cady

Terence Gilmore Cady

Bio: Terence Gilmore Cady. Recovering semi-retired trial lawyer, nationally certified child welfare law specialist. Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, class of 1965. Active in the Free Speech Movement at Cal-Berkeley, 1964-65. I have written two novels, numerous short stories and poems which feature the darker sides of socially marginalized people, including children who are victimized by predatory and just plain mean adults and, in some cases, by lawyers and judges.Credits: 1. My Friend the Zodiac Killer, non-fiction, really, The Storyteller, Sept. 09 & Honorable Mention, New Millennium Writings, Nonfiction Award, 2015, for as revised version of My Friend the Zodiac Killer’ 2. Searching for The Graves of My Ancestors; The Kerr’s Creek Massacres (Lexington, Virginia area, 1700s), creative non-fiction, family history essay of approximately 1500 words, published in 2014 by The Mountain Laurel, a regional digest published in Asheville, NC, featuring the lives of early settlers in Appalachia. Three poems for which I placed third in the national Poetry Matters Project contest, 2017. Honorable mention for My Friend The Zodiac Killer (revised), New Millennium CNF short story contest, 2015. Also short listed and honorable mention for two short stories, Reunion at Hotel Meurice, 1974, and Cold Storage, 103rd out of 1575 submissions, Fish Publishing. Quarter finalist for short story, Cold Storage, Screencraft, Nov. 2017.2015. A novel, Bedford Forrest Rides Again, Redneck nightmare genre, Ebook and paperback, self-published September 2017. And I am completing another novel, Vigilante Lawyer, a semi-autobiographical but fictionalized mystery inspired in part on my friendship in the late ‘60s and early’70s with the person identified post mortem as the Zodiac Killer, the serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the late ‘60s (unknown to me, I hasten to add).

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