The Last Ruble - Action Adventure Novel  - Part I & II: Betrayal, Murder and a Treasure Map. Travel to Russia and around the World. (The Last Ruble Action Adventure Novels)

The Last Ruble - Action Adventure Novel - Part I & II: Betrayal, Murder and a Treasure Map. Travel to Russia and around the World. (The Last Ruble Action Adventure Novels)

by Joe D. Wells


Publisher WSB

Published in Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

They defend against assassins. Vladimir is a Russian Warrior recruited in 1917 to safe guard the future of a kingdom. Jack Rivers is an investment banker recruited by the Pakistanis in modern times to find Vladimir and his secret. One that has both protected and cost lives for many decades. They walk the same roads in different times.

Sample Chapter

Chapter 5 – Le Den Devils – The Last Ruble by Joe D Wells.

I just let him go, pushing him away, so I could use the broken mirror to clean up a little. Over all I was fine. My side still felt the punch and my knee was a little wet from the floor. I started to leave, but turned and walked over to the second man still on the floor rubbing his head. When I walked over, he lowered his head, covering it with both hands. Now I knew for sure these men were not fighters. I just left.

I stopped back at the bar where Swiss had found me, ordering a drink to get my composure; I was not done with this group.  After finishing my drink, I returned to the private room. As I approached the table, I could see Hans watching me, I did not let on I could see him. There was a man sitting in my chair next to Katie. I tapped him on the shoulder, while leaning over and said.

“Please excuse me for a moment, I really need to speak with Katie.”

He looked at me, and then at Katie, who gave him a smile so he stood and moved away and I sat down.

Katie said.

“Good to see you back Jack.”

I looked at her hard and said.

“I thought it might be a surprise, but we did not finishing talking.”

She had a nervous smile.

“There is always time to talk.”

Still staring her down, I said.

“Yes, and then there is time when action is better than talking.”

She said with a surprised tone of voice.

“What do you mean Jack?”

I thought maybe she did not know what Hans was up to with his guys in the bathroom. I picked up my glass of champagne, turning my head toward Hans, while sipping down a drink.  Hans was looking right at me, but this time he was only one chair over from me so I knew he would be able to hear me.

I said calmly to him.

“Hans. You should learn to be man enough to do your own dirty work.”

With this Hans lost control, coming up out of his seat after me. This was my plan. I knew Hans would not go over Katie, making him hesitate with his movement toward me. This gave me time to get hold of his tie. I pulled his neck hard to the table, and then reached into the side of his coat. It was a pistol. I knew the doormen would be on us fast. Quickly I removed the clip from his gun, then as the doormen separated us, I put the clip in my pocket and sat down like nothing had happened, just waiting to see the reaction of Katie or perhaps more so, Swiss.

Katie was the first to speak.

“Jack I’m sorry. I don’t know why Hans acted that way, are you okay?”

I was worked up and asked aggressively.

“Is this how you scare off the competition?”

Katie continued her defense.

“I swear Jack. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I relaxed a little and said.

“Time will tell.”

Swiss was the next to say something. She was standing, so as she began to speak to as soon as I stood. She asked.

“What is happening Jack.”

I was brief.

“Not sure, but it seems Hans does not like me.”

Swiss seemed surprise at what was happening.

“He’s an animal. I’m sorry Jack.”

I remained on watch to my surroundings.

“No one got hurt, but I think it is time for me to leave.”

Swiss smiled at me and said.

“I understand, but the night is young in Paris. Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Swiss went to the bar in the corner and was back in just a minute.  When she returned, she handed me a card, saying.

“There’s a bar just down the street from here, to the right when you leave the club. Give this to the doorman and I’ll be down in about an hour.”

I looked at the card and then back at Swiss and said.

“Thanks Swiss. I’ll think about it.”

I left. There was not much to think about, Swiss was a beautiful lady and I would not pass up a chance to have another drink with her.  And they seemed to have Hans in control.

Entering the nightclub, I heard blues music. Swiss did know a little about me. The music was loud so I had to shout to the bartender what I wanted to drink but he kept pointing to his ears. Finally, I realized he did not speak English. Turning, I noticed the band was playing old blues songs from Memphis; I decided to wait until they were on break and ask one of them to order for me. At their break, one of the band members came to the bar. I stuck out my hand to introduce myself, again quickly figuring out he spoke very little English.  They could sing the songs, but not talk the language. He was nice about it, soon figuring out I just wanted a drink, and he said something to the bartender. The bartender motioned me to come behind the bar, pointing to the glasses, ice and liquor. I could make one drink, Jack and Coke with a lime. I made myself a drink, then looking up, there was a couple pointing for me to make them what I had just made or at least this is what I thought they were trying to say. I made them the drink, they tasted it and smiled. Soon, everyone in the club was at the bar and I was making everyone the same drink. It was great fun. This went on for an hour or so.

I saw Swiss walk into the bar. She looked at me, smiling with amazement, she said.

“I guess I’ll have what everyone else is having, Jack. You’re one crazy man.”

She helped keep the moment light, so I went with her attitude.

“Great place, great people and thank you for sending me here.”

Still with a smile and a question or two for me looming, she responded and asked.

“It’s my pleasure. What time do you get off?’

Smiling, I said.

“I think now would be a good time.”

I motioned to the bartender who was enjoying the break I afforded him; he smiled, shaking Swiss’s hand and resuming his job.

I sat down next to Swiss, and said.

“I’m sorry I left your party but I thought it was for the best.”

I was convinced she was not part of the scene at her party when she asked.

“What happened, Jack?”

“No big deal and nothing I could not handle,” then I told her about what happened in the bathroom.” We continued to chat for about an hour. “Swiss I think it is time for me to go to my room.”

She asked.

“Are you at the Ritz? It is on my way. I had better walk you home to keep you out of trouble.”

We entered the Ritz by the Hemingway bar. I noticed people going in and out of the private bar. I pulled on Swiss’s arm to lead her in, saying.

“Let us have a night cap in there. I was told with my room key I could get in this place.”

She almost pleaded, as if she knew more than I.

“Jack, this bar can be dangerous and Hans comes to this place.”

I smiled, kept pulling on her and said.

“Good, I’m not afraid of Hans and I have something that belongs to him.”

Reluctantly she quite resisting and said.

“As you wish Jack, but I may not be able to help you in there.’

I ordered two glasses of champagne. My eyes had adjusted to the lighting, and there was Hans, sitting in the corner with two men, who looked to be Middle Eastern.

I leaned over and whispered to Swiss.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

She begged me.

“Be careful, Jack.”

At the table, I leaned over, speaking to the two men sitting with Hans. I said.

“I’ve nothing against you two gentlemen, but Hans here is a different story,” looking at Hans, “Right Hans?”

Hans was about to get up, when the man sitting next to him, put his hand on his arm.  Hans settled back into his chair.

I look at the man and said.

“Thank you. Hans, I have something that belongs to you.” With this I tossed his gun’s clip on the table, “You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. It’s just that simple.” I turned and walked away. He said nothing.


Excerpted from "The Last Ruble - Action Adventure Novel - Part I & II: Betrayal, Murder and a Treasure Map. Travel to Russia and around the World. (The Last Ruble Action Adventure Novels)" by Joe D. Wells. Copyright © 2017 by Joe D. Wells. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Joe D. Wells

Joe D. Wells

One of the most often questions I get ask is - Are my book fact or fiction. So I coin the phrase - "The difference between fact and fiction is in the shadow of the line" I spent 20 something odd years working in Capital Markets for such companies as Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer and a few I can not recall. The big companies started taking more and more as I produced more and more. I was young, but caught on very quickly. So one day I left and started my own company. Now the good and somewhat funny part, but for sure strange. Once my new company was setup. I went back to them and opened credit lines to trade the markets with the same clients I took with me. I got better service and better pricing. My job took me around the world and I have meet all walks of life. I help setup corporations all over the world in such places a the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Isle of Man, the Middle East and more. I have done business with some very kind and generous people. And then I have been in the room with some people that all I wanted to do was get out of the room. They played for keeps and to say they were scary. Well, that is putting it mildly. When the stakes are high. There is no second place. Be a shark or get fed to them was their motto. My family owns and operates Island Joe's Coffee, which we founded in Key West, Florida. I lived there 20 plus years. There, too, I meet all walks of life.

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