Self-Realization for Regular People

Self-Realization for Regular People

by Anastasia Netri

ASIN: B076C88W2L

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Self-Help/Spiritual, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction

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Book Description

This book is not a self-help book. It's a shake you up, wake you up, challenge-everything-you-think-you-know book. It's a truth bomb. A must read. A game changer.

Self-Realization for Regular People isn’t meant to give you quick-fix solutions. It’s meant to kick you in the spiritual pants, shake you up, and wake you up.

You’ll be head-smacked with some realizations that may surprise you, make you question and squirm a little, and (my sincere hope) shift your energy toward something REALLY BIG in the journey to your personal liberation.

Sample Chapter

Are you ready to wake up?

My self-realization experience, my moment of waking up, was pretty anti-climactic. I wasn’t doing Ayahuasca or fresh out of yoga class. It was made up of a lot of years of gradual awakening only to be met with a “Oh. Yeah. Duh!” moment that changed everything and nothing at the same time.

In this book I’ll offer insight into the things that are keeping you asleep, suffering, and pushing against your own nature. You are here to self-realize, to wake up, to live a life that is an authentic experience and expression of you. I’ll share a few parts of my story that I feel would be useful to your awakening. We will go on a journey together that will bring an array of ahas, realizations, and even some of your own “Oh. Yeah. Duh!” kind of moments.

Am I crazy?

For as long as I can remember, I wondered if I was crazy. I saw the world in a way that no other person was able to validate for me. I tried so hard to fit in that I rarely shared with anyone what I was able to see. I had a lot of awareness about things that would be useful to humanity freeing itself and thriving. Even at a young age, I looked at the world like “Wait - why are we doing this? There is a smarter way to interact and live!” This wasn’t just one thing - it was everything.

From the way I saw people raising children, educating them, the family structure, marriage and relationships, work and careers, the monetary system, pretty much everything that most people think of as “the way it is.” Never did any of it make sense to me. I felt like I was living in an insane asylum for most of my life. Couldn’t anyone else see what I saw?

So, I repressed, denied, and downright hated who I was. I internalized the labels and projections of others. I had a consistent dilemma: I wanted to fit in, but I hated everything I was trying to fit into because I could see the insanity of it. I kept trying to fix myself so I could fit in, be liked, and accepted by others. The suffering and anxiety I went through became so extreme that I often wanted to die to escape from it, from this nightmare.

I became a seeker of self-realization in my 30’s. I was seeking not because I wanted to be me, but I wanted to be something that would match up with some image that I thought I was going to finally be: that person who was “lovable,” whatever that looked like in my egoic fantasy world. I got on the spiritual path to escape myself, not to embrace it - even though I never would have admitted that to myself at the time. The further I went, the more I understood that there was no escape - I had to face what I was hiding or I would forever be imprisoned by it. I would forever be in the waking nightmare of living a not-enough life. That’s when my focus went from “being spiritual” to waking up and experiencing a full self-realization.

The commitment to awakening became the North Star that guided my life. As I became more and more aware, I saw no higher purpose for my life than the course I was on. Nothing else seemed to matter, once I understood that any staying asleep to who I was would forever be one form of overcompensation or another, a life of trying to “get,” and a consistent longing for some future salvation that would never come. That wasn’t going to work for me.

On the other side of awake

On the other side of it, I can say that finally waking up from my nightmare was nothing like I thought it would be, and everything I thought it would be all at the same time. It was simply a falling away of the false ego (aka feeling “not enough”) and what was trying to be as a result. That’s it. Nothing about me changed. My unique insights, voice, style, and genius were all still there - but without any resistance. It wasn’t that I accepted myself - it was deeper than that. The “I” and “myself” were no longer two separate things. There was only “I.” Nothing there to try to accept or deny who I was. The false, fantasy image melts, and what is left there is truth.

The way I got to this awareness is unique to me, and doesn’t match up with any other story I’ve heard about the experience itself. I’ve heard of people having these amazing mystical experiences; mine was quite unextraordinary. No matter how the experience happens or what it is, the result is the same for every other awakened person. After you wake up, there will only be one of you remaining. There will no longer be “parts” of you. You will not be fragmented. You probably won’t say “a part of me feels this way” as often as you do now. The phrase “love yourself” will no longer mean the same thing you think it means now.

In this book, I’m going to share with you what has contributed to the creation of the fantasy of who you are. In these pages, you may read something that sparks you to come out of your sleepy trance, the nightmare of being at war with your nature, and all the misery and drama that’s caused from it. You’ll see how it was done to you, and how you’ve passed it along to others. You may feel all kinds of emotions. Some may be uncomfortable, but that is part of breaking the cycle. Breaking this cycle is the key to self-realization, and self-realization is the key to living a life that feels MUCH better.

Imagine this.

When you are born, you are clean. The core of your uniqueness, your truth, your being, is a shiny gold foundation of a house. As you become imprinted and conditioned, and are taught repression and denial of self, you begin throwing crap on top of this gorgeous foundation. You build walls from this stuff, floors, and each floor has junk piled in every corner, trash and stench everywhere.

Waking up is nothing more than removing the junk and taking out the trash. When you remove enough, the foundation is there because it’s been there the whole time. You don’t need to work to create it. You simply remove enough junk and there it is - YOU, in all your radiance and glory. There’s a phrase I’ve heard often that “life is not about discovery, it’s about creation.” That is ONLY true when you’re operating from an authentic foundation.

You can’t create your life when you’re pushing against yourself. You always push against yourself when you don’t KNOW yourself. When you stop pushing against yourself and move into a flow, THEN you are free to create all kinds of experiences, and create them freely.

When most people start the spiritual/awakening path, what they’re trying to do is to build something. But you can’t build a gold castle on top of a lifetime of trash. It’s like putting a rug over a pile of poo. Most spiritual teachings teach you how to spend your life spraying air freshener in the room. What I’m asking of you - if you’re committed to truly waking up - is to lift the rug and clean the poo. Look at it. Deal with it. Then, you don’t need to work so hard, wading through the trash and spraying air freshener for the rest of your life.

Truth and the beginner’s mind

Just like in quantum physics, when you look closely enough at anything, you see that there is no substance to it. Everything that appears solid is 99.9% empty space. It is the same with the false ego. When you’re not looking directly at it, all of your ideas seem solid. When you look closely, they fall apart. When your ideas of who you are have no more substance, you experience and express the truth. You let go of the illusion of substance, security, and solidness. Your truth emerges naturally and organically. You no longer put up imaginary walls and stop what is flowing, and then your nightmare is over.

The phrase “the truth will set you free” is exactly right. The truth is the only thing that sets you free. To wake up, one must let go in a way that can feel like falling into a deep abyss that, in the beginning, may mean losing everything. You may lose friends, partners, money, and status. You may lose these things because as you wake up, you may recognize that you have created everything from a completely false idea of who you are. If you’re not willing to lose everything, then it is impossible to attain an experience of truth, freedom, and bliss, because you’re attached to what you know and what’s familiar. Your way to your bliss may be full of a temporary but painful separation from all that you think you know. You will have to have a trust and embrace a beginner's mind.

Even though all of this is temporary, as everything in life is, the desire for things to be predictable and secure is the very thing that keeps you trapped. What’s on the other side of this temporary destruction is a feeling of eternal peace and flow. On the other side is true freedom, the freedom that comes from a pure expression of that which you are, a life without irrational fears, phobias, and emotional repression. Waking up is an experience of being that which you have been for your whole life, and feels natural and effortless.

The only way out of the nightmare is to embrace what feels, in the beginning, like an even bigger nightmare. But it’s temporary, and on the other side is truth and liberation.

Why would you want anything else other than liberation? Is what you’re holding onto so amazing that you would keep yourself stuck in a loop of feeling not good enough and trying to prove that you’re worthy? Are you willing to see whatever needs to be seen, do what needs to be done, to live in a way that feels good? If so, then you will be liberated.

Discovery and destruction to freedom

There are two distinct elements to waking up and self-realizing. The first is discovery. You must discover who you really are, which I’ll talk about more later in the book. I promise, it’s not a mystical or esoteric concept, it’s actually quite clear once you understand. The second is destruction. This is the falling away of the false, which I’ll also go into great detail about. Discovery + destruction are the keys to living free, as an awake person expressing what’s in your nature.

I’m only here to speak directly to you if you are feeling the truth in my words, to offer you a guiding hand that enables you to move through this journey with more grace, support, and insight designed to wake you up at any moment so you can live as you were meant to live.

These words are not meant to sugarcoat things in any way, because that would keep you living in your nightmare. I’m here to be as blunt as possible so you can awaken as fast as possible. Awakening is like a brush fire, destroying old foundations and spreading in a way that brings a freshness to the world, an end to insanity and a beginning to the age of thrival, prosperity, uninhibited expression, and essential evolution.

You have picked up this book because you are seeking to wake up. You are aware, on some level, that you’re living in a nightmare. You have a knowing deep inside that the way your life is being lived right now is not natural. You know there is more. That is the voice of truth guiding you right into the deep end, asking you to trust the process. You have realized that there is no way out, only through. You’ve exhausted all of your air freshener, you’ve run out of energy, you’re tired of fighting, you’ve burned through all of your quick fixes, and you’re ready. You may be scared, but you’re ready.

Are you ready? Are you willing?

A willingness and a commitment is all that’s required. You will hardly find anyone awakened who wasn’t 100% committed to awakening. The journey looks different for everyone, but the commitment is always there. The commitment comes from a realization that nothing else is more important than truth, because a commitment to anything other than waking up to truth means that you will remain identified with some type of not-enoughness.

Waking up dissolves not-enoughness. If you spend your life feeling as if you are not enough, all of your choices will be based on that and you will never have any lasting peace. Period.

That commitment is what creates a willingness. A willingness is a crack in a door, with a light shining through. A willingness to face your biggest fears because you are done being controlled by them. You are willing to let everything go, even though you have a screaming voice in your head saying “Nooooo! You don’t know what’s out there!” You have courage. That’s good, and it will serve you well. You’ll need courage to put one foot in front of the other.

The good news is, with every step, you’ll find your fears disintegrating one by one. The more you glimpse the truth, the less courage you’ll need, because you won’t feel nearly as scared as you do right now. Courage is only needed when there is fear. It is my intention that you live a life where the need for courage, as you need it today, becomes a thing of the past.

The moment of transformation - the moment it really begins for anyone - is when the known future becomes more terrifying than the unknown future. Right now, you have woken up enough to know something isn’t right. You know that you’re stuck in a familiar, prison-like existence. This is the first and most essential step in the awakening journey. Now you know. Now that you know, yes, the known future should be more terrifying. When you see that you’re in prison, the most natural response is “Oh shit, I’m in prison!” It goes against your nature to be in prison. You are meant to walk free!


Excerpted from "Self-Realization for Regular People" by Anastasia Netri. Copyright © 2017 by Anastasia Netri. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Anastasia Netri

Anastasia Netri

Anastasia Netri is a transformational coach who “doesn’t sugarcoat spirituality and personal growth in fluffy New Age cliches.”

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