by Cynthia Kumanchik

ASIN: B074HDV864

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Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Dystopian, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


In the near future, an overbearing government tracks its citizens. Four women seek a miracle serum that can change their identities, but the cost of such science is terrifyingly high.

Sample Chapter

They think I’m this crazy genius, but I created this serum to benefit mankind. Imagine your wildest fantasy come true, the perfect you— successful, admired, even adored. All these things I wanted myself, but then I found a way to share them. My intentions were pure, maybe a little too naïve. Surely no one would believe me. Watching them change, grow, and develop into these incredible human beings inspired me. I even fell in love with one of them. But I never expected them to turn on me, least of all her. My belief in humanity has died.

Part 1 Celebration


Voices blasted at her from all sides of the room, breaking the silence and bringing Maggie back to her living room. She shook from the sensation, her heart in her throat, gasping for breath. She opened her eyes and slowly removed her virtual reality glasses to return to the present, having just landed on the moon with a group of rookie space fans. What a rush-- always wanted to go there, thought Maggie.

The wall monitor brought her back to the present with a variety of sounds and images as a multitude of TV screens screamed for her attention.

"A meteor destroys Japan, the price of a water bottle rises to $100 a bottle due to drought, and robots protest 100-hour weeks,” blared the broadcaster.

Her mother appeared on another screen.

"Hey darling, are you there? Let's have lunch tomorrow!"

She nodded and set up a time and place while viewing the other multiple screens, showing the latest blurbs on movies, restaurants, stocks and weather:

“Robbie Robot Stars in Human/Robot Love Triangle.”

“Try the new cactus yogurt by Probiotics Foods.”

“Youth Pharmaceuticals up 50 points.”

“Dust storms and 125-degree scorcher forecast for tomorrow.”

But her watch beeped over the rest, as a smiling, six-inch female hologram hovered in front of her.

Want to be someone else? Instant fame without the pain? Be the new person you want to be Now. Say yes to book your appointment. or call now at 1-888-NEW-iDEN.

What, can they read my mind? I dread getting up every day to the same old situation. If only I could finish that book, make someone notice me, just this once, she thought.

Two weeks ago, she lost everything: job, husband, and home. This message sounded very tempting: a sign, a way out of her disappointing life. Maggie, now fully awake, sat fidgeting in her one-room micro-apartment, containing a bed and toilet. She ignored the message, pushed everything aside until tomorrow. After all, she was a procrastinator. Fear dominated her, preventing her from crawling out of her self-imposed box. The little hologram appeared again and pleaded with her.

"Hello, Maggie! The world won't stop spinning, but you can alter your course now. Don't just simulate reality, make it real!" said the hologram.

"Wait, why me? I’m a nobody."

"You’ve been selected. We've been observing you and notice you're struggling. Want to be smarter, richer, famous or loved?... If you could change your life overnight, wouldn't you?" the woman hologram coaxed her.

"Uh, yes I want to, but it's too..." Maggie stammered.

"It's never too late and not dangerous. What if you just had to take a pill? Would you do it?"

"Wait a minute. Sounds too simple. Deja vous all over again. Better give me a better reason."

"Ready for a huge cash incentive? Be an overnight sensation? Excited? Optimal just programmed your car, so be there by 10 a.m. tomorrow."

“Wait…can’t-- have to find a new job, hairdo, whatever…”

The hologram disappeared as the message ended abruptly. Maggie stared at her watch in awe. It seems like the decision has been made for me. Should I take a chance?


Excerpted from "iDENTITY" by Cynthia Kumanchik. Copyright © 2017 by Cynthia Kumanchik. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Cynthia Kumanchik

Cynthia Kumanchik

Cynthia Kumanchik is the author of several young adult and women’s novels. She attended the University of Missouri–Columbia, graduating with a degree in journalism. She is a marketing and public relations professional. Cynthia lives with her husband in Pasadena, California.

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