Messengers (Turner’s Notebook)

Messengers (Turner’s Notebook)

by Don Turner Jr.


Publisher booksmango

Published in Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

'Messengers’ (A New Age Book of Revelations) paints an intimate portrait (in detail) whereas anyone may feel upon reading it, that they could have easily been there: ‘The Spiritual Underworld.'

Like never before told!

This is a very special rare unique opportunity that comes ‘once in a lifetime’ as we will be led on a guided tour while following an intimate detailed remarkable personal true story of one man’s 'Spiritual journey through darkness into enlightenment'.

Sample Chapter

“The Spiritual Tree of Life”

(The End of the World-The Last Day)

I began to explain to Bill as he was seated across from me at the bar there in his kitchen of this “Miraculous Divine Vision” I had received while staring at a white sheet that was draped across a wall while I was in a dark room. I was just staring at this white sheet in darkness, at night in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

As I stared at this white sheet in darkness, a revelation in form of a vision came alive while lighting up the room as I entered into a spirit realm. I began to see to my greatest surprise and amazement a very large spectacular motionless tree at the top of the sheet with the bright light behind radiating “Divine Light”. This tree was so beautiful, full of life and alive while glowing as though it were in heaven. Wondrous colors and blue skies from above left me in awe as I was overcome by its purity and brilliance of this Most High extraordinary picture perfect setting.

I was looking at a tree, “The Spiritual Tree of Life” from heaven, Heaven on Earth, as I slowly began to visually be led downward as though I was being led and guided from its leaves and branches and breathtaking background to the middle of this tree’s brown trunk. Again, it was as if it was alive, and the vision continued to slowly move while leading my eyes downward towards the Tree of Life’s magnificent dark brown stem/trunk as it began to widen as I reached its base as I could see its powerful roots gripping into the world that was now visible to me. It was truly Amazing Grace what I was witnessing as I was captivated, like a spectator at a cinema show. The revelation was so clear and holy that I had no doubts as I knew what I was looking at, “The Spiritual Tree of Life”.

Now, as I was being led downward, I followed what I felt I was being instructed to see. My attention was expanded as I was aware of the world under this “Spiritual Tree of Life” and the roots powerfully digging into the grounds as the vision became slowly darker as now I no longer could see the tree from above as my eyes began to follow the down roots deep into this world.

Slowly my eyes continued following it down, ensuing the roots until I could see only 2 large roots continuously growing downward as they grew apart while going opposite directions like in a bifurcation where one root was going to the left while the other root was going to the right, though I could still visible see both reaching downward deep into this world as it continued to get darker and darker.

As I had surrendered to this extraordinary moment of the revelation, my eyes were led to follow The Spiritual Tree of Life’s left root as it continued down deeper and deeper, as the world became darker and darker. Now this root led me to the core of the world as though it was saying, “Follow me here”. The 2nd opposite root was now out of view as I had my full attention on the root that grew into the left way.

Then all of a sudden, the root stopped and suddenly a wooden door became visible and it opened out immediately from seemingly nowhere, from inside into out of the world. Out of this door came a flowing channel of concrete going downwards, almost like a flowing river. This flowing channel of concrete had “an arc” or slight curve towards the other root as suddenly out from the door pored warlocks, one behind the other as they exited out. These warlocks were helpless while they each reached out in desperation for something to grab hold of while flowing downward in this channel-river of concrete.

To see this was shocking, unexpected and extraordinary to say the very least. What I was now witnessing appeared very real and extremely alive as there was so much motion and movement. I could see visually the details of each warlock as they floated downward within short distance from each other. Their lower bodies were submerged in concrete up to their arms and they each had steel rectangular plates covering their eyes, mouth, and ears of each of their heads. Therefore they were blind and trapped. The bodies that were visible above the flowing concrete were very dark, almost black, and each warlock appeared a little different than the others while clothed in what appeared to be metal, full heavy metal. Their armor was just that, raw mild heavy metal!!!

I then told Bill, who was all this time looking at me in amazement, while I told this story that I now could see at this point the remaining of the lower root. There, I could see a miraculous, marvelous beautifully Divine waterfall, glowing of nothing but eloquence and holiness…Holy Water!!! Springing from the world, (again this vision was in Colorado Springs).

The 2 roots that had been separated earlier, growing away from each other, now gracefully came back to meet again while forming “two arcs” and a Pisces/Fish symbol that Christ has been recognized within this world.

The lower root had finally reached its end at this “Most Holy Waterfall” that was glistening Holy Light & Perfection. Then, to mine own glory and a “you never know when I cometh” moment, I witnessed Jesus Christ (in spirit) standing there alone, with His back turned towards me as He faced the world. He was there also witnessing the warlocks flowing downward as they were all near the edge of the world. There, Holy Jesus stood and upon perceiving Him, I began to cry because of His pure beauty (baby pastel colors, cloak, and soft long brown hair).

My heart was immediately overcome with intense and divine love as He stood at the base of the waterfall. At the same time another waterfall of tears from my own eyes began to descend because of all the emotion experienced while seeing The Christ!!! There He stood in those holy waters that sprang from the world while He reached out His arm putting Himself available to save the warlocks who were spinning outward in all directions, but yet could not see Him because of the steel plates that covered each of their eyes. They could not see or feel any form of peace. They could not hear it or speak it either as they were completely trapped.

It was there, in the midst and depths of darkness and at the edge of “The Spirit World”, that I then witnessed Jesus Christ reaching out to spare the warlocks from their suffering, since they were cast out of this “Spirit World”. There at the edge of the world I witnessed opposites: a Peace maker & those locked in War!!!

I could see Christ reach out, as far as He could, but without success, He was unable to grab ahold any of the warlocks as they reached the end and fell off into what appeared to be only infinite space…nothing else, as they again were cast out of the world (The Spirit World). It was very sad to watch it, as it seemed that the warlocks did have a change of heart but apparently it was too late. Then all of a sudden, I could see Jesus lock onto an arm of one of the warlocks as He pulled this one towards Himself and The Holy Waters where He stood. “Holy Christ, He was able to save one!” I thought. From War lock to Christ lock!

I then continued to tell Bill who in turn was listening to me with incredible admiration and surprise that: “as I watched the scene I was able to realize that the one warlock Christ saved was me!!! I was that warlock locked in war. Christ saved me!!! Christ is there until “The End of the World” and even “The Last Day”. I was protected by the Savior and the baptismal holy waters there at His Divine Waterfall. I had kept His Spirit to be with me, and I always remembered Him. He protected me while pulling me out to safety”.

I concluded telling Bill, “at the time of this Divine Spiritual Revelation I was the worst of all: a spiritual warlock (and I authentically did not even know it) but Christ is there…until “The End of the World” and even “The Last Day” unconditionally reaching out to and saving even the worst. Even (spiritual) warlocks”!!! Mentally, at the time I was also listening to “heavy metal” rock & roll music.

Bill then said to me, “Christ is there for those who are ready to receive Him and hold onto His teachings”. “Yes, Christ is The Life, The Spiritual Tree of Life” I replied in return. “He is there at every roots beginning and end. His roots go deep”. I could easily tell that Bill felt that everything I just shared was true and genuine. An authentic Spiritual breakthrough of what I witnessed as he concluded by saying: “Don, I am amazed at the detail of how you just described your experience. I can see it too, the roots coming downward to the waterfall where Christ was. I can see it”!!!

Bill had stars in his eyes and his face glowed, as well as my own I am sure. We were both so inspired by The Holy Spirit at the end of this descriptive spiritual revelation and I felt as though I were there again re-living the experience again, for the second time.

I commented it was ‘Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2’ as I explained that someday I would like to paint a very large mural of this Most High spiritual revelation for all to see. I described on the spacious back wall behind Bill how I would go about this marvelous work and I commented; that this was “an Absolute Divine Miraculous Vision”. God willing, it will also be ‘Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2’ and this epic undertaking will happen at the perfect place and time, with the right “New Age Christ Consciousness Artists” assisting me in this “Most High endeavor and Calling”.

“The Spiritual Tree of Life”

(The End of the World-The Last Day)


‘Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2’


Excerpted from "Messengers (Turner’s Notebook)" by Don Turner Jr.. Copyright © 2016 by Don Turner Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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