Nothing More

Nothing More

by Thomas England


Publisher Thomas England

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A world of Hope is being threatened by those who remember the old Kingdom. Can two heroes protect the world of Doron from impending doom? Book 1 of 3. 35,000 words.

Sample Chapter

Shadow Island.

A mist covered island, constructed in the recent past by inhabitants of Athor. On the island sits a temple. Rightfully named, the Temple of Shadows. Within it, are dark mystical powers. Some legends speak of the temple housing the God of Death. A God that some say, was created as a fear tactic, while otherssay the God is real, having its bidding done through troubled souls of the lands. Thats the Gods control everything that happens in hte known world of Doron.

The God of Death, by what is written in legendary books, kept in a temple on the island of Wray which is believed to house the God of Life, is the enemy of the God of Life. Once, these two Gods were mortal. The God of Death was said to be a man, and the God of Life, a woman. They were in love once. They were tragically separated forever. When thye passed into nothing more, they were transformed into Gods. The woman, God of Life, because of her passion and love for life. The man, God of Death, for his passion for killing and control.

For the rest of eternity, it is said, they battle each other for control of the lands. Each of them, trying to balance the world to their passion.

Evening approaches at Shadow Island.

Dark, grey shadows everywhere the eye can see. The points of six spires appear through the clouds as the shadows dissapate to reveal a structure. The Temple of Shadows. Cracks can be seen from the foundation to highest part of the wall of this six-sided dark structure. At the western side of the temple are two large black doors standing at 10 feet each. Both with large, grey steel looped handles that serve as the way to open and close the doors.

A clanging of metal and steel is heard as one of the doors slowly opens. A man walks out of the entrance. His name is Guerin. He looks tired, worn down. A man in his 40's should not look so beaten. As he steps out of the temple, he stops. Guerin takes a moment to take a deep breath and look up in the sky. He holds in his left hand a pouch. Inside it, are 100 gold pieces. His attire is that of a man that has seen some battles. He is wearing studded leather armor, that apears to have taken a few stabs from a sword, or a kind of bladed weapon. On his hip, is his only defense in the world. A silver sword. It is neatly fastened to his belt on the left side.


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