Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes

Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes

by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


Publisher New Thought International, Inc.

Published in Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Discover the Profound Healing Secrets of the Mystics of the Ages, and learn how to Identify with the Limitless Divine Principles and Capacity of God-within-you.

Live the Life of Miraculous Healing in every Department of concern.

In this book on Ultimate Divine Healing Principles and Law, Dr. Linda touches upon every aspect of life with Astonishing Clarity, illumining the most accelerated pathway to Permanent Healing of Physical, Mental & Emotional Conditions ~ And to Perfecting All in Your Outer World!

Sample Chapter

Dear Reader:

With all the advanced physical and psychological healing technology that is available today, are we aware of the most important Healing Source and the most pressing and ultimate need to heal our very own minds? Only by taking this quintessential step in consciousness, can we raise the quality of our lives to reflect the Supreme Truth of our complete spiritual natures and ever-oneness with the Universal Mind of God...for there is no permanent healing or transformation without the renewing of our minds. And yet, quickened by the grace of awakened and heightened consciousness, we can reach the heights of ecstasy, and do anything and all of true greatness we aspire to.

Life is a continuous and wondrous unfoldment of states of consciousness. As we think ~ so it is! If thought be Cause to our worlds and Ruler of all things physical...with the panorama of our thought - life ever manifesting its’ hidden context before us - is it not time to realize that the one and only permanent healing can only come to us from raising our minds to the Highest level of our Creator.

As I think, so it is. “I think, therefore I am,” are the words of the famous philosopher, mystic: Descartes.

We might ask ourselves: “I am what?” When I think and when I speak, what substance of awareness am I filling my thought with? Have I thought deeply enough about who and what I am, and the all- power of God consciousness within? Do I truly know that thought by Divine Law equals things...that it literally brings material things and circumstances into my world? Do we know the same mind that bound us, can set us free ~ that made us ill, can make us well?

Are we answering our deepest Spiritual needs by raising the level of our consciousness to the Highest Exponential ~ daily cleansing our minds, by removing all negative ideas of limitation, and personal and collective ideas of separation from the whole goodness of the Divine? Is our life improving every day? Are we expressing our potential as the beloved born of the Absolute Creator and the Most High - on the breath of Universal Oneness?! Do we recognize that each one of us regardless of history or experience is endowed with fullest potential to express the Highest Love, intelligence and beauty, power and prosperity we can conceive of?

If each one of us would commit to practice every day through meditation, contemplation and quiet communion with the Almighty Source - the lifting of our thoughts to the celestial heights, where they can realize the potential of all things ~ our true, successful and noble goals in life would become instantly manifest. We would soon find ourselves soaring to Heaven’s reflect the pure delight of God’s inner substance in our outer worlds...for there is no energy in the experiences that surround us, save that which we give them. And all contain the pure potential of the Creator-Mind.

In this book on Divine Healing ~ we will see how it is that the pathway to instantaneous healing in any matter lies in uniting with the Perfect Principles and Patterns of the Divine, encoded within each and every one of us

And we can benefit in ways unimaginable, if only we would begin to see it, and know it. Knowing this truth ~ let us all faithfully practice lifting our minds each and every moment to the Highest level of good we can conceive - in each and every circumstance that life presents us, knowing the Divine has already placed every solution to every condition within our very own selves.

Let us practice knowing that we are one with God and all the good that God radiates - the Power and the Purpose of Spirit in all; that we are Spiritual beings of wholeness and completeness - having a human experience...that nothing is impossible for us.

Let us sanctify ourselves anew - through knowing and affirming the truth of our oneness with the Sublime - the majestic Architect of the Universe and of ourselves ~ the great Life Force in All. And then we can say: we are establishing and leaving a trail of light of purest golden thought behind us, and as we our healing our minds, we know we are adding to the strength and healing power of all minds, and blessing all kingdoms of life.

And then we can affirm with certainty, we are the beloved in whom the Father/Mother is very well pleased...for we have recognized our power to turn lemon into lemonade, and to be the greatest Spiritual Mind alchemists of today.

And we know Divine Love mixed with the Highest Thought imaginable, must move as grace, bliss and richest prosperity in our lives.

Let us be the keepers of the flame and the developers of Divine perfection in our minds, actions and all our affairs. Let our thoughts of Only Good be so crystal clear that like the perfumed saints of old, our auras emanate the sweet scent of the rose, and we become the healers of the human race.

Let us think as God thinks, in terms of unity, wholeness, love, compassion and completeness. Let us know ourselves as God knows us to be ~ the Divine Offspring of with omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence and perfection in all. And then we can say: we have raised our minds out of captivity and we have become free.

We have released the powers of omnipotent health into all our affairs. Our lives pulsate with the radiance of the Sublime.

So Be It ~ And So It Is!


I am that I am...

And right now I declare ~

I am one with Divine Mind in All.

I am keeping all thoughts on High ~

Rich in the awareness of my Source

I am the perfect alchemist in all.

Through my High thought ever-reflecting...

The all victory, invincibility and glory of Spirit that I am!

And So It Is!

Now, let us delve into the supreme healing powers of the Divine Self within, unfolding the transcendent inner lives, strengths, powers and practices of saints and sages throughout the ages, and the healing methods employed. Know that each time you center in Highest Consciousness, you are now poised to experience instant miracles, as the reservoir of perfect and unlimited healing energy is freed within you. So, keep your most cherished goals of transcendent freedom uppermost in your mind, as we journey together to explore the Secrets of the Mystics of the Ages.

For those who wish to do an in-depth study on Principle and on the Five Stages of Treatment ~ At the very back of the book, in the last Chapter IV, you will find Twelve helpful Lessons on Divine Principle ~ What it is and How to Use It, and Twelve Lessons on the Highest Healing Technology of Spiritual Mind Treatment, along with profound consciousness raising exercises… for your very practical application.

Be sure and take plenty of time, when you choose to work on the lessons themselves, concentrating on one at a time for as long as you need to incorporate the particular consciousness-raising exercise, applying to your every moment.

There is nothing that cannot be healed through the perfect mind and power of God within you.


Excerpted from "Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes" by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff. Copyright © 2016 by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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