Raylorian Dawn (Memoire de Rayloria) (Volume 1)

Raylorian Dawn (Memoire de Rayloria) (Volume 1)

by Othello Gooden Jr


Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A group of interplanetary terrorists hunt a young woman (Kayla Dartan) who witnessed a murder years ago. Her only hope is in something she's invented to help her fight them off when they do return.

Sample Chapter

Kayla took the path leading into the junkyard, passing by the shredded robots Lainhardt severed earlier. She stopped behind a crushed car pileup to catch her breath. Suddenly, the wall came crashing down on her after Zana shot it with the Gravity Mamba. Kayla yelped at seeing the column start to come down. She quickly activated her reflector before the cars made contact with her. Zana watched the cars bounce of Kayla's reflector like beach balls.

“That's the reflector Makoto was talking about.” Ricky pointed.

“That's more than a reflector, Rick.” Zana noted. “She isn't holding anything.”

“So what can it be?” Virgil looked to her, confused.

“Does a suit of armor ring a bell?” Zana asked rhetorically in a tone of annoyance to Virgil's alleged stupidity.

Kayla stood there surrounded by the car pileup, panting. After catching her breath, she hopped over the car and continued running again, exiting the junkyard and onto the street.

Ricky stepped forward but Zana held her arm out, stopping him.

“Let her go.” Zana said.

“You sure?” Ricky glanced at Zana and back to Kayla who just turned the corner.

“Lainhardt will take care of the rest!” Zana declared.

“But his sensors are damaged!” Ricky reminded.

“Negative.” Lainhardt said shortly after fading into view before them. “Automated Repair Protocol finished!”

“Then go after her!” Zana ordered.

“Affirmative.” Lainhardt disappeared into stealth mode again and chased after Kayla. Zana and her men shortly followed behind him.

Kayla kept running, overwhelmed by despair, she couldn't believe all of this was happening. She cursed herself for staying in Lunar-2 this long. Marion and herself should’ve have left a day ago. Yet Marion insisted that saying goodbye to Mariana's former veteran associate was more important. Kayla cursed herself again for going along with her younger sister’s idea. For all she knows, Marion is dead. Now Kayla only hoped Sadina got away safe.

While Kayla was deep in thought, Lainhardt grabbed her from behind. She yelped at getting caught by his vice-grip. She began to struggle after looking back to see the robot come out of stealth to grab her. The vice-grip started loosening the more Kayla squirmed. Lainhardt lifted Kayla upward in attempt to gain a tighter grip, trying to force the girl to give up. Kayla let out a growl. The growl turned into an angered scream. Pumped with adrenaline, she flipped Lainhardt over on his back after twisting out of his grip and reversing the grab. Zana and her team arrived just to see Kayla slam Lainhardt into the concrete. He let go of her, stunned from the defensive maneuver. Kayla backed away from him onto the sidewalk.

“Surrender now and I'll keep your family alive.” Zana threatened after she and her men stopped in the alley a few yards away from Kayla and the downed Lainhardt.

“You think I'd trust you?” Kayla yelled, still walking backward. “It was you who was stalking us!”

“Smart girl.” Zana growled.

“So,” Ricky harrumphed. “This is what Makoto told us what we were up against.”

“Makoto how'd you—” Kayla stopped, holding in her grief. Her sadness turned into rage as she came face to face with his murderer. “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM?!”

“It was quite easy actually.” Zana laughed menacingly. “You know how gullible that fool is after seeing a pretty girl? Cats like that don't survive long on the battlefield!”

“YOU HAD NO RIGHT!” Kayla cried. Though still angry, her face was red with tears.

“Oh, boohoo!” Zana mocked. “I killed your ex-boyfriend—that stupid droid killed my father. What was his name? Taicrapzo?”

“That's Taizosu, woman!” Kayla growled. As she balled up her fists, her suit lightly glowed blue.

“Whatever!” Zana countered. “Now since I have you, your demise shall be quick and painless! Or shall it? Lainhardt-Alpha—Uncloak!”

“Affirmative!” Lainhardt replied from behind Kayla.

Just as Lainhardt attempted to grab Kayla, the girl knocked him backward with her reflector. She charged him and grabbed the robots arm. She swung him like a merry-go-round and launched him at Zana. The robot kicked on its anti-gravity boosters and stopped in mid-air. He dashed at Kayla with his pitched black metallic jointed hands out trying to grab her. Kayla shot her hand forward, launching him backward and towards his teammates. They dodge the incoming robot and rush Kayla all at once.

Ricky threw a punch at Kayla but she caught his fist and kicked him into Virgil. Zana grabbed Kayla from behind, putting her in a half nelson. Kayla elbowed Zana hard. Her captor didn’t flinch. She elbowed her harder the second time. It was enough to make Zana flinched but she didn’t let go. Zana’s grip began to loosen as Kayla continued to struggle. She underestimated Kayla’s strength as she now knew it was just like theirs but without a reflector.

Kayla grinned at noticing Zana’s loosened grip. Now was her chance. Kayla elbowed her one more time then followed up by flipping her over. When Lainhardt entered the fray again, Kayla kicked Zana into him. The robot stopped to catch her. Ricky tried to broadside Kayla with the back of his gun. Kayla anticipated the strike and activated her reflector. The force flung him backward after dislodging the gun from his hand. The gun hit the ground and slid underneath a totaled car.

Virgil took his chance at trying to subdue Kayla but she reversed his attempted grab by following up with a knee to the stomach. Afterward, she pushed him backward with the force backed by her reflector. Virgil lost his footing and fell onto the ground. He held his stomach in pain as he slowly rose. Kayla’s attack hit a vulnerable spot in Virgil's armor, almost forcing the wind out of him. While he was recovering, Kayla stepped over him and ran around the corner to make her escape. Lainhardt chased after her.

Kayla looked briefly behind her and saw Lainhardt again. She quickly turned to the front and ran faster. Lainhardt continued his pursuit, flying like a plane with his anti-gravity boosters active. After gaining enough distance between them, Kayla ducked around the corner and watched Lainhardt fly by a few moments later. After noticing he had missed his turn, Lainhardt stopped in mid flight for a few seconds then kept on going. He took an alternate route leading to the same area but behind Kayla to ambush her. Yet Kayla already knew what he was planning, turning to the other opening behind her.

Lainhardt came around the corner into this area outlined by trashcans and switched to heat-vision. He got a black and red fuzzy screen—his repair protocol hadn’t repaired that part of his systems yet. He tried activating his X-ray sensors and received the same result. Kayla watched him motionlessly stand there with his sensors flickering two different colors before returning to its original orange visor. He started vaporizing each trashcan with a laser beam shot from his sensors.

Kayla's apprehension rose as the robotic Goliath neared her with his blasts. Her options were few, witnessing Lainhardt's capabilities first hand back at Sadina's home. She thought of something just as Lainhardt neared her position. The young lady kicked the dumpster she hid behind at him. The robot cut the dumpster in half with his laser but was bombarded by bags full of trash. He found himself covered in rotten food and other garbage. Lainhardt picked the garbage from his head—some of which obscured his view. Shortly after he finished, he switched to X-ray mode. The screen stayed blank for a while before showing Kayla's wired girl-in-armor outline race around the corner and into another alley—one that was populated by a crowd of people. Lainhardt took flight again, catching up with Kayla in an instant. The homeless people scurried away from the two about to do battle.

“Behind you!” one of them yelled right before Lainhardt shot at her with its laser eye blast.

The first missed Kayla as she immediately ducked at hearing the warning. Lainhardt shot another blast, this time grazing Kayla in the shoulder, severing the connections in that area of Tassie’s hardware. She yelled in pain, feeling the heat of the beam. Kayla could feel the power drain. Something in her suit stopped working right.

Kayla turned around, not caring at the moment. She anticipated another blast, and activated her reflector just as Lainhardt shot another beam at her. The beam hit her reflector and bounced back at Lainhardt. Kayla grinned, lowering her reflector, knowing she had won. She saw Lainhardt grin as he too activated his reflector.

Kayla’s eyes grew wide in shock at seeing her opponent reflect the beam back at her and quickly activated her reflector again. For a few seconds, the beam bounced back between fields. The homeless people watched the light show in awe. Kayla grew weaker as each reflected blast pushed her back with the force of a tidal wave. Her suit began to malfunction, giving her an electroshock after each reflected blast. The reflector shrunk after each hit. The beam came back at her again. This time Kayla ducked and rolled away on the ground, dodging under the beam. The latter blackened the wall behind her. Lainhardt shot another beam at Kayla. She closed her eyes, believing it was her end.

Suddenly, a light gray field activated itself around Kayla, absorbing the beam. She flinched, surprised at the secondary field’s activation. Lainhardt came toward Kayla with a grin. The girl jerked backward tiresomely as Tassie shocked her again. In his mind, the field's activation was a desperation attempt to save the girl from certain doom. Kayla slowly backed away from him as fast as she could but he was getting closer.

Lainhardt knew she couldn’t defend herself anymore—he had won. His grin grew wider as he bent down to grab her. Unexpectedly, a laser blast cut a basketball size hole through his chest from behind. Kayla could see someone pointing an arm-mounted cannon at Lainhardt through the hole. The android fell sideways on the ground. Lainhardt short-circuited before Kayla before the droid’s systems went dead.

Kayla clearly saw the mysterious gunman that just saved her life. It was a young woman, standing in the middle of the street. She smiled at Kayla from a distance. The girl wore a dingy pair of blue jeans with patches sown on the knees. The cannon sat on the outstretched arm of her dark brown Embroidered Wool Khara Coat. The tail of the gun reached passed her head. The weapon started to fade from existence as the girl lowered her arm, revealing a biker’s glove glowing like a neon light. The light continued to dim, revealing a diamond ring on her ring finger before fizzling out. Kayla got up staggering, but kept an eye on the lady standing in the street.

An energy bolt whizzed toward Kayla, chipping off a block of cement next to her head. Kayla shielded herself from the debris with one hand. She turned in the direction of the shot to see Zana aiming the Gravity Mamba at her. Kayla darted her eyes back to the mysterious girl still standing there, beckoning. Another bolt from the Gravity Mamba came at Kayla but she ducked. The blast dented the wall above her head—Zana missed her by an inch. Kayla, though, still had her mind fixed on that lady. As the mysterious girl started to leave, Kayla darted after her into the crowd.

The mysterious woman turned to the sidewalk, quickly waving her left hand around triumphantly at seeing Kayla move toward her. Before long, the woman blended into the crowd of homeless people.


Excerpted from "Raylorian Dawn (Memoire de Rayloria) (Volume 1)" by Othello Gooden Jr. Copyright © 2017 by Othello Gooden Jr. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Othello Gooden Jr

Othello Gooden Jr

Othello Gooden Jr. was born on January 13, 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio. At an early age he learned the basics of reading, speaking, and writing while attending ministry school. Throughout his school years till now, he expressed those abilities in multiple online communities.

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