How to Create Beaded & Wire Trees: Create Five Different Tree Sculptures

How to Create Beaded & Wire Trees: Create Five Different Tree Sculptures

by Sal Villano

ISBN: 9781442157408

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Nonfiction

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Book Description

Fully Illustrated, How to Create Beaded and Wire Tree Sculpture - by Sal Villano This THIRD EDITION offers complete, fully illustrated, step by step instructions showing how to create wire and beaded tree sculptures. Written and illustrated by Sal Villano, this 76 page (6" x 9") easy to read instruction book guides you step by step from the beginning stages through completion. Within the book are 78 drawings and photos, plus a list of all the material and tools needed. After completing the basic techniques, you will be able to create 5 very different types of trees.

Sample Chapter

How to Create Beaded and Wire Tree Sculpture. by Sal Villano After completing the basic techniques, you will be able to create 5 very different types of trees; Wind Swept, Weeping Willow, Beaded, Oak and Bonsai with Leaves trees. You can then use the basic techniques to create larger and different types of wire trees. The first edition of  this book received two "Five Star" reviews on amazon book store, and... The 3rd edition is even better! I have sold thousands of my books worldwide, and I'm very happy to say I have received many very nice reviews and comments. This book is for ages ten and up. Creating these wire and beaded trees is a fantastic family project. If you like, you can even sell the sculptures you create at art shows and craft shows. I have been selling my sculpture since 1977, and have sold thousands of pieces. In fact, the main reason I wrote this book is because so many people at my art shows (adults & children) asked me how I created my beautiful sculpture. You can see all my work and purchase my book at:


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Author Profile

Sal Villano

Sal Villano

Sal Villano was born in New York City in 1944 into a large extended family of artists. From a very young age he was aware of art in his life and was attracted to many different forms of visual expression. Sal attended public grade school, high school and graduated college with a degree in commercial art. He continued to pursue his love of art at The Art Students League in Manhattan. While attending college Sal worked part time with his uncle Charles Santaniello, a sculptor, who designed and created magnificent displays for commercial accounts and several World Fairs and Expos in the United States and other countries. It was during the time spent with his uncle, watching him create beautiful figures and animal characters using only chicken wire, tissue paper and wall paper paste, that Sal realized he too wanted to become a sculptor.

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