Starbright-Meditations for Children

Starbright-Meditations for Children

by Maureen Garth

ISBN: 9780062503985

Publisher HarperOne

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Bibles, Parenting & Families/Parenting, Self-Help, Religion & Spirituality, Children's Books

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Sample Chapter

The Star Prelude

I WANT you to see above your head a beautiful, beautiful star. This star is very special to you, as it is your very own star. It can be any color you like -- you might see it as being a purple star, or perhaps a pinkone -- or blue -- or yellow -- or is it a speckled star? Or a silver one? Because it is your very own star, it can be any color or colors you choose.

This special star is filled with white light, lovely white light that shimmers and glows. I want you to see this light streaming down toward you until it reaches the very top of your head. And now I want you to bring this pure light down through your head and take it right down your body until your whole body is filled with this glorious white light.

I want you to feel the light going down your arms, right down, until you feel it reaching your hands and going into each and every finger.

Feel that light going down the trunk of your body, down until it reaches your legs, and when you feel it there, take it right down until it comes to your feet and then feel the light going through each toe.

I now want you to look into your heart and to fill your heart with love for all the people and animals in the world. They are your friends, be they small or large. Can you see your heart getting bigger and bigger? It's expanding because you have so much love in your heart for all these people and the animals, and of course for yourself

Now your guardian angel is waiting to wrap golden wings of protection around you before taking you into your garden. The angel's wings are very large and very soft, just like down. Everyone has their own guardian angel and that guardian angel takes care of you and protects you always, so you are never alone. It's important to remember this and to know that you have someone who looks after you with love and care.

Your guardian angel is now going to take you to a garden that is your own special place, but before you enter I want you to look at the large tree that is outside. This tree is called the Worry Tree. I want you to pin on this tree anything that might worry you -- perhaps you have had some arguments at school or maybe you are having difficulty with your school work. This tree will take any worries at all, be it with your friends or your family. This tree accepts anything that you would care to pin there.

Your guardian angel is now opening the gate for you to enter, and as you go in you find the colors are like nothing you have seen before. The beauty of the flowers, the colors, the textures, and the perfume -- breathe them in. The grass is a vivid green and the sky a beautiful blue with little white fluffy clouds. It is very peaceful in your garden; it is full of love and harmony.

You may feel this prelude is very long, but it is wise to create with care, thought, and feeling the setting your child is entering. When your child is used to it, the prelude may become shorter, as it is not always necessary to describe the star and the angel in such full detail. Then it becomes something like the shorter version below.

I want you to see above your head a beautiful, beautiful star. This star is filled with lovely white light. I want you to bring the white light from that star right down through your body until you can feel it in every part of your body, and your heart is filled with love for all humanity and for all creatures great and small.

Your guardian angel is waiting for you to wrap a golden cloak of protection around you and take you to the Worry Tree. Put anything that worries you on the tree, and then your guardian will open the gate and take you inside your garden.

Your garden is filled with glorious flowers; the grass and the trees are an emerald green, and the sky a deep blue with little white clouds.

After you have set the scene, as it were, you can do anything with the children that you think they would enjoy. Become a child again yourself -- I think you will be surprised at the pleasure these flights of fantasy will give you.

Some of the meditations I have done follow.


Excerpted from "Starbright-Meditations for Children" by Maureen Garth. Copyright © 1991 by Maureen Garth. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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