Neopets: Ultimate Tips

Neopets: Ultimate Tips

by Vivian Larue

ISBN: 9780061432422

Publisher HarperFestival

Published in Children's Books/Popular Culture, Children's Books/Animals

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Your Neopet and You

Pet Central

Your Neopet is an expression of your interests and style. If you want to make the most of the relationship with your Neopet, you'll need to give it the right kind of attention and care. But first, you need to choose a Neopet.

Fun-loving Tuskinannies. Timid Boris. Gentle Kacheeks. Loyal, watchful Lupes. Playful but ferocious Eyries. Secretive and surprisingly powerful JubJubs. Which Neopet is right for you?

The key is to choose a Neopet you will love, not just one that makes the best warrior or most outrageous Neopet. You want to choose a Neopet you can stick with for a long time!

All Neopet Species


Pronunciation: ack-ah-ra

Playful Acaras love to live by the sea. Their favorite pastimes are diving for hidden treasures off the coastline and playing Gormball on the beach.

Famous Acaras: Samuel No Eyes, Princess Fernypoo, Professor Chesterpot, Senator Barca


Pronunciation: eye-shah

Aishas are strange creatures with special abilities. They have acute hearing and a penchant for magic.

Famous Aishas: The Fontaine Sisters, Lady Osiri, Princess Sankara, Remnok the Nomad, Imiya


Pronunciation: blue-mah-roo

Blumaroos love to bounce on their long tails. They are often seen hopping through the tropics of Neopia, whistling happy tunes.

Famous Blumaroos: The Archmagus of Roo, Godfried the Good, Uggaroo, Count Von Roo, King Roo, The Great Blurendo, Commander Garoo, Aristotle A. Avinroo, Boris, King Roothless


Pronunciation: bor-ee

Bori are timid little creatures who rarely leave their underground homes. Their sharp claws mean they are especially good at digging.

Famous Bori: Armin the Small, Flower Picking Bori Gnome, Curious Bori Gnome, Bori Miner, Red Bori, Bori Guard, Blue Bori Donny from the Repair Shop


Pronunciation: brooce

Bruces love competitions and love to dance. You will often see them having major dance-offs in Happy Valley.

Famous Bruces: Brucey B., Denethrir, Chimi Magi Boochi, Mayor Thumburt


Pronunciation: buzz

Buzz use their keen eyesight and aerobatic skills to help themselves to the tastiest berries and fruits, much to the dismay of Neopia's farmers. A Buzz can zoom to the top of a Tigersquash tree, pluck three of the plumpest fruits, and whizz off in the blink of an eye.

Famous Buzz: Korabric, Buzz Alchemist, Tyragh the Tyrannian Buzz, Sergeant Brexis


Pronunciation: chee-ah

Loveable little Chias enjoy exploring the land and making new friends.

Famous Chias: The Phantom, Trrygdorr, Mecha-chiazilla, Chiazilla, Riyella, Korosu Crestscar, Silvertail, Cherlops, Protector of Garn, Hubrid Nox, Hagalugg, Kasuki Lu, Florg the Devourer, Chen-Ra Son of the Sun, Frostburn the Chia, Sir Fufon Lui, Gutan Kai, Grackle the Chia Bomber, Highland Chia, The Marvellous Stretchy Chia, Mika and Carassa


Pronunciation: chom-bee

Chombies were first found in the land of Tyrannia, a prehistoric kingdom miles beneath the surface of Neopia. A shy plant eater, the Chomby is happiest when munching on leaves and grasses.

Famous Chombies: Chomby and the Fungus Balls


Pronunciation: sigh-bun-ee

Cybunnies live in the coldest regions of Neopia. Their thick fur coats keep them warm, and the snow provides them with excellent camouflage.

Famous Cybunnies: Erick, Undead Cybunny, Cylara, Cybunny Scout, Lucie


Pronunciation: drake

These cute little dragons appeared in Neopia one day without much warning at all. It's as if they came from another world. . . .

Famous Draiks: Draik Warrior, Draik Paladin Valrigard, Swordmaster Talek


Pronunciation: ellie-fant

Despite their cute appearance, Elephantes are not completely harmless. They can fire objects from their trunks with amazing accuracy, and a rampaging herd is very formidable indeed.

Famous Elephantes: Pacha The Veterinarian, Zombom


Pronunciation: ear-ree

Eyries inhabit the tropical climates of Neopia. They are generally very playful, but can also be ferocious at times.

Famous Eyries: Jahbal, Cap'n Threelegs, Branston, Eyeriki, Lord Kass

Excerpted from "Neopets: Ultimate Tips" by Vivian Larue. Copyright © 0 by Vivian Larue. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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