Lady Rose and Mr. Stuart - Volume 1 Whisky series

Lady Rose and Mr. Stuart - Volume 1 Whisky series

by John Legget Jones


Publisher John Legget Jones

Published in Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


The best whisky maker in Scotland is Colin Stuart. When an opportunity arises to become master distiller at a American whiskey company, Colin takes it. On the voyage to America, Colin meets Lady Rose Cavendish, a Baroness, and mother to nine-year-old Mia. As the ship travels to America, their friendship develops into a romance. But forces are at work to prevent Lady Rose and Colin from pursuing a life together. The odds are against Rose and Colin, she a member of high society and he a Scottish commoner. Whether their romance lasts will prove to be a test of endurance and fate.

Sample Chapter

1901 – Aberlour, Scotland

According to legend, God gave the Scots the task of making whisky so man could face his problems with a smile. They take this heavenly responsibility seriously and are fiercely proud of what they make. To the Scots, only theymake real whisky and real whisky has no “e.”

To help in this heavenly task, the Whisky Angel guides the Scots in making whisky and watches over them. Every hundred years or so, the angel will bless someone with the talent to create whisky irresistible to men and angels. People say the Whisky Angel kissed Colin Stuart at birth. The story had to be true because no one could make whisky better than Colin. Born in Aberlour, Scotland in 1875 to a family who had been making whisky for five generations, whisky was in his blood.

Making whisky is a respected profession in Scotland, and the master distiller is a revered man. Few men rise to this lofty position, but Colin Stuart did—becoming the youngest master distiller in Scottish history.

Colin worked for the GlenWilliams distillery located in the village of Aberlour, in the heart of the Scottish whisky Speyside region. The Williams family owned the seventy-five-year-old business. Lord Patrick Williams, Earl of Brittany, the beloved patriarch of the family cared deeply about his family’s long tradition of making premium whisky and providing jobs for hundreds of people. His son, Lord Richard Williams, Viscount of Whiten, preferred the genteel atmosphere of London life. He didn’t care about his family’s tradition of making whisky or the welfare of the people at the distillery. He only cared for money and pleasure.

Colin started work at the distillery when he was twelve. On his first day, Lord Patrick recognized there was something special about him and so he began to watch over him. At fifteen, Lord Patrick sent Colin to Scotland’s premier distillery school where he received formal training on how to make whisky. A skinny kid with a mop of brown hair had left for school, however, three years later, he returned as a tall, handsome young man with a quick smile and a confident, engaging manner. He did well at the distillery, got along with everyone, and moved up quickly. He became the assistant master distiller at twenty.

Lord Patrick retired to South Africa in 1895and turned the business over to his twenty-five-year-old son, Richard. Days after his father left, Richard hired a master distiller to run the distillery andmoved to London. He bought an expensive estate, hired a large staff, entertained often, and soon ran out of money. Richard started to squeeze as much as he could from the distillery to pay for his lavish London lifestyle.


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