The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work

The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work

by Jon Gordon

ISBN: 9780470279496

Publisher Wiley

Published in Self-Help/Personal Transformation, Self-Help/Motivational, Business & Investing/Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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Book Description

A Story About Positive Ways to Turn Complaints Into Solutions, Innovations, and Success

Every complaint represents an opportunity to turn something negative into a positive!

It's Tuesday morning and Hope walks into her office with puffy eyes, a swollen head, and a broken heart. But unfortunately, her company - EZ Tech - is in worse shape than she is.

The fact that their computer batteries are catching on fire is the least of their problems. Employees have been posting negative comments about management on blogs for the world to see, the media is attacking the credibility of the company, morale is at an all-time low, negativity is at an all-time high, and the stock price is sinking faster than the Titanic. As VP of human resources, Hope is charged with finding a solution to overcome the biggest challenge in her company's history.

In the process of battling her own adversity, she discovers the no complaining rule and other positive ways to save her company and herself from ruin.

In the spirit of his international best seller, The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon once again shares an inspiring and enlightening story that reveals a powerful way to tackle the biggest problem in business and life - the negativity that costs organizations billions of dollars and impacts the morale, productivity, and health of individuals and teams.

For managers, team leaders, or anyone looking to turn negative energy into positive solutions, The No Complaining Rule shares powerful principles and an actionable plan to win the battle against individual and organizational negativity. When you implement the no complaining rule, you'll spend less time and energy on problems and more time focused on solutions.


Sample Chapter


It was Tuesday, and Hope dragged herself into the office just like she had every day for the past year. She walked past security with her head down, stumbled into the elevator, and slapped her face a few times after the door closed. For some reason her morning pot of coffee wasn't doing the usual trick. She was late, and thankfully this meant that everyone was already at work and the elevator was empty. She was suffering from another sleepless night, a swollen head, puffy eyes, and worst of all ... a broken heart.

She thought of the various routes she could take from the elevator to her office. If worse comes to worse, I'll make a mad dash for it, she thought. She wasn't ready to talk to anyone yet, and she certainly didn't want anyone to see her until she could carry on a normal conversation without crying. Besides, she was Vice President of Human Resources for EZ Tech so it wouldn't be long before they came in droves to her office anyway-to talk, to gripe, to dump their problems and issues on her. She was part manager, part psychologist, part peacemaker, and part garbage can. It came with the job, and she accepted all of it.

She really did like helping people; however, lately she had trouble listening to their problems. As they would talk, all Hope could think about were her own problems. She read their lips, but all she thought was, If they only knew what I was dealing with. If they only knew about my life. If they only knew....


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