Hummingbird Cantina

Hummingbird Cantina

by D. Michael Poppe

ASIN: B076Z81BC1

Publisher Cactus Rain Publishing, LLC

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


"Hummingbird Cantina" is an exploration of love and relationships. Contractual love prevails while all that we desire is unconditional love. Hope and Antonio Salazar have an opportunity to learn the difference but circumstances interfere and only one of them will realize the truth.

Sample Chapter

The New Mexico sunset was fading over the horizon, nightfall extinguishing the blazing yellows and oranges that lay against the azure sky. The blues were ever darkening and the colors on the clouds were changing to rose and pink. The encroaching darkness was smothering the sunset and turning the granite cliffs to dark gray monoliths. For Antonio Salazar, this was a sky of memories, his thoughts were filled with familiar images of home, that he thought he had long ago forgotten.

The motor on the black BMW M7 sedan groaned with hesitation as they coasted through the switch-backs on the west facing side of the mountain; the slopes, rocks, and road disappearing gradually in the fading light. Antonio focused on the white lines on the edge of the road and followed the flaking yellow dashes in the center of the highway. The asphalt was spotted with neglect and superficial repairs. There was loose gravel on the surface; the road was treacherous. The roadside weeds waved in the draft of the descending car.

Inside the car, except for the motor, it was wearily quiet. They had been arguing for the last one hundred miles, and nothing had been resolved. The atmosphere inside was emotionally cold, bodily stiff, and tense.

Antonio glanced over at his wife, Hope; she appeared like a statue; her alabaster skin turning to stone in the darkening interior of the car. She was slender and delicate with a beautiful face and lovely body. Not small though, she was five nine, or taller when she wore heels. Her hair was auburn down to her shoulders, enticing when she piled it on her head with a flower on the side. He could smell her perfume. He watched her in his peripheral vision, wondering, if he looked directly at her whether she would be there. The darkness was diffusing her like a ghost. He wanted to apologetically touch her, but couldn’t; he imagined the distance between the seats like a flooded, bottomless canyon; his reach was too short, and she was too distant.

He had left New Mexico when he was seventeen, stumbling his way across the country, seeking something that he felt, rather than understood. After several disappointing diversions, he had ended up in New York City. He had done manual labor and lived in a shabby rooming house. The anonymity had kept him there rather than any revelation; he had finally gone to NYU out of desperation, not knowing what he wanted. No one had been more surprised than he when he graduated with honors from the MBA program. He couldn’t believe that he had ended up in investment banking, but he rarely wasted his own introspective moments trying to explain it to himself or anyone else.

He was a handsome man, 5’10” tall, with dark wavy hair and classic Spanish features. His dark skin was smooth and mostly hairless from his mixed Indian blood. He was fit from working out and handled himself in an arrogant confident manner.

He had met Hope during his first year of graduate school; she was in advertising and worked for a prestigious firm in the city. She was a senior designer and, when deadlines had to be met, then she worked long hours into the night and he rarely saw her.

He hadn’t been looking for a mate when he started graduate school, but after their first meeting he began planning the life they would spend together. She had elicited love from him; love that was unfamiliar; but passionate love that he had believed would last. They were married the summer after he finished school amid great fanfare and expectations. They had many friends and the celebration lasted an entire weekend.

Now their schedules often separated them for days at a time, but their time together was magical, until the passion had waned in this last year.

With his success in the banking industry and her creative work at the ad agency they had become, what their friends called, ‘very successful’. They lived on the Upper East Side, took extended weekend excursions to the Bahamas, ate at the finest restaurants, and owned truly everything that they wanted. They had a large savings account, and plenty of surplus income, but now something was missing in their relationship. They had talked about having children, or adopting, but nothing had ever come of it. The process was too complicated and so were their lives. Despite their commitment to each other, both were silently aware, that their relationship was failing. Antonio had become stoic while Hope was pensive.


Excerpted from "Hummingbird Cantina" by D. Michael Poppe. Copyright © 2017 by D. Michael Poppe. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

D. Michael Poppe

D. Michael Poppe

D. Michael Poppe grew up in Iowa on a dairy farm. He had a love of art from a young age; drawing pictures, building toys, and writing stories. His upbringing was conservative and religious. He served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was Honorably discharged in 1971. He then attended the University of California at Irvine and studied art and music. He received a Studio Art degree in 1976. Dean has painted as a professional artist since college, and has examples of his work in numerous private collections. He retired in 2007 and finally had time for serious writing; Hummingbird Cantina is his second novel. The first novel, Match Play, was published in 2014. He still draws when he has time, and lives with his wife Ann and two recued dogs, Buster, and Sadie, in southwestern New Mexico

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