MidNite Tales: A Collection Of Short Stories

MidNite Tales: A Collection Of Short Stories

by Duke C.


Publisher Darryl J. Carlisle

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

This dark collection of short stories will keep you turning page after page. Tales of Murder, Love, Sex, and Mystery are all entangled in colorful stories and intriguing characters that the reader will identify with. The first tale is about a woman who is losing her husband due to addiction and pain. Will she be strong enough to hold her family together while her husband deals with his past and present demons? The last tale is about a couple who move into their new home, only to find out that there is a stranger living there with them.

Sample Chapter

Montgomery angrily dumped the last dirty bag of garbage all over his crying son. He then jumped off the bed and kicked the two silver trash cans into the wall, creating a loud thumping sound. To Robert’s surprise, his dad never said a word. There was no obnoxious screaming and cursing, or telling him how stupid and dumb he was. The eerie silence really terrified Robert. Montgomery slammed his son’s door as he silently walked out of the garbage-infested room.

Robert quickly jumped out of bed and knocked the sticky and wet garbage from his body. His room smelled like the bottom of a garbage disposal. Robert held his breath as long as he could. He began to cough and gag from the putrid smell in the air. And then he began to vomit all over the floor.

After changing his dirty clothes, Robert scrubbed and cleaned his room with bleach and lysol for hours. By the time he finished cleaning and washing his clothes and linen, the orange sun was glowing across the blue sky.

Robert’s flashback of his abusive father was interrupted by the sound of his wife’s voice.


Excerpted from "MidNite Tales: A Collection Of Short Stories" by Duke C.. Copyright © 2017 by Duke C.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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