New Beginnings: Heroes and Villains

New Beginnings: Heroes and Villains

by Mark Edward Jones

ASIN: B0754J9VP8

Publisher Mark Edward Jones

Published in Literature & Fiction/Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction/Historical, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

With the end of the bloody rebellion of 1676, John Cleburne must build his own life now that his Master and so many others are gone. Seventeenth-century Virginia offers many opportunities and with the end of his indenturement, John has to become his own man, find a wife, and make a livelihood in the devastated colony.  In the years to come, there will be many struggles, joys, and paralyzing heart breaks.  The heroes and villains in John's life are not always other people.

Sample Chapter

It was past seven in the morning, but thick clouds blotted out much of the early sunlight. A heavy rain sent cascades off the shop's square roof, splattering onto the well-worn footpaths surrounding the building. She slowly opened the door and saw a figure, his face partially hidden by a floppy black hat and a chin covered by a dark blonde beard. "I'm sorry. We do not open on the Sabbath." The man lifted his head to reveal his face. "William! Well, I suppose you're not here to shop," she sighed. "Come on in. It's your store." He stepped through the doorway leaving a trail of mud with streams of rainwater pouring from his hat. "This is an unusual visit. But you do tend to make your visits on Sabbath, don't you?"

"I have many duties this day, Mary," he replied, taking his old hat off. "Arguing with you is not one of them. I see you've done a great deal to this place!"

"Yes, we have. It was a bona fide disaster. There was a whole colony of rats, and I've killed two snakes, one in the children's room upstairs."

"I see. It's good that you're organized now and making profits?"


Excerpted from "New Beginnings: Heroes and Villains" by Mark Edward Jones. Copyright © 2017 by Mark Edward Jones. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mark Edward Jones

Mark Edward Jones

Mark Edward Jones is a life-long resident of Oklahoma and a retired administrator in higher education. Writing began many years ago, but only recently with the publishing of two historical fiction novels did these stories become a reality. His initial interests in genealogy, history, and fiction led to exploration of stories to go with the names of those coming to America over the last four hundred years. The New Beginnings series explores those lives in A New Home, and Heroes and Villains, both released in 2017.

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