Hanna's Army

Hanna's Army

by Delleon Weins


Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description

After retrieving the missing piece of an ancient Egyptian pendant, Hanna Krusher gains all of the pendant's powers. When the entire insect population vanishes, seven telepathic young men and women with amazing special powers respond, and agree to join the new alliance, Hanna’s Army. New entities and alien races emerge as battle becomes imminent.

Sample Chapter

The entire universe was visible from all areas of the spaceship.  The shimmering barrier visible from the outside of the spaceship did not impede upon the star-filled view from the interior.  The ceiling of the spaceship resembled a miniature galaxy, and appeared to be guiding the ship as they rotated with the galaxy.

Everyone’s pendants appeared to glow as they exceeded lightspeed, and were propelled from the Earth to a similar solar system in the Milky Way galaxy.

The Ebens of the Grey alien race had armed their spacecraft with a laser-style explosive that would instantly destroy the Reptilian mining equipment.  The Ebens mentally performed the algorithms that would simultaneously destroy all targets.  After they destroyed the equipment, they planned to cloak their ship, and then instantly warp back to the planet Earth to escape detection.  More Eben craft would arrive later, and monitor the planet.

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Author Profile

Delleon Weins

Delleon Weins

“Enlightenment of Hanna Krusher” is the first of a three book series of science fiction novels written by Delleon Weins & Deborah Phipps

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