Betrayal of Justice: A Zachary Blake Betrayal Series Legal Thriller

Betrayal of Justice: A Zachary Blake Betrayal Series Legal Thriller

by Mark M. Bello


Publisher BookBaby

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


In this Zachary Blake legal thriller, a white supremacist bombs a mosque and a Muslim woman is falsely accused of his murder. A new POTUS vows to "make America pure again" and a supremacist group tries to hide its' leader's guilt. Can the innocent woman expect justice in a "pure" America?

Sample Chapter

“My fellow Americans: I am very humbled, yet emboldened by your vote to elect me as your president. I thank you for your support; obviously, I have earned your vote. I will now embark on the task of earning your continued trust. I intend to do that by delivering on the promises that I made during my very contentious campaign with Secretary Allison Goodman. To accomplish these promises, we, the people, have to be vigilant; we have to be bold. We have to take this country in a new direction.

“This new direction starts with securing our borders. Under our current immigration system, our borders are porous, wide open for drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and terrorists to enter our country unchecked, able to move about freely to do all kinds of terrible things to law-abiding citizens. Other countries are not sending the best and brightest to our country; they are dumping ‘human toxic waste,’ and it is my job to clean up the mess.

“Furthermore, my ineffective predecessor has enacted recent unconstitutional restrictions on our citizens’ right to bear arms through a series of illegal and unethical executive orders. These restrictions have left our citizens virtually defenseless against these toxic, terrorist threats.

“My first order of business as your president will be to rescind these executive orders, restore full 2nd Amendment rights to our people, and encourage all of our law-abiding citizens to purchase weapons to defend against the scourge caused by our current, extremely ineffective, immigration system.

“My second order of business will be to secure our borders. No longer will drug dealers, pimps, pushers, rapists, murderers, or terrorists be able to freely enter our country through our southern border. I will build a second-to-none border defense system across our southern border, impenetrable border walls, and I will make Mexico and South America share the cost. I will do the same along our northern border; Canada will pay for our northern border defense system and help police it. If either or both refuse, we have ways of convincing them to ante up. These countries, indeed all countries in the free and not so free world, rely on trade with the United States. We are their largest customers and trade partners. Let’s see if they prefer tariffs on all goods entering the United States of America. We also provide serious aid and military support to many of these countries, and they will soon begin paying for that support or it will be terminated. There will be no free rides from the John administration.

“The third order of business will be to beef up law enforcement in this great country of ours. We will increase border security, and immigration and naturalization enforcement. We will create a new federal police force within the Department of Homeland Security answerable only to its secretary and to me. This force will be the finest of its kind and will be tasked with protecting our citizens from foreign interests that seek to destroy our country and our citizens.

“We will make America beautiful again. We will modernize our airports. We have the worst airports; third world countries have better airports than we do. We will make our country’s airports the biggest, brightest, most technologically advanced, and beautiful airports in the world. We will repair and replace our crumbling roads and bridges; our crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with state-of-the-art equipment, manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA.

“We will put America back to work again, as these tasks will be performed by American-born workers. Advanced technology systems will require workers with twenty-first century advanced technological skills. In with the new, out with the old, I say. Our natural resources will once again take center stage in the global economy. No more political correctness in energy production. We will put people back to work in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and produce energy for our people at a fraction of current cost. How will we do this? By producing energy right here in America and curtailing our dependence upon foreign sources, especially those sources that sponsor terror. We will focus on price and American pride rather than the junk science and political correctness that has driven up the cost of our energy and ignores the resources that we can mine for profit and supply to all corners of the globe. It is high time that America assumes its rightful role as a global energy leader.

“Finally, we will round up and deport all of those who have entered into and remain in this great country illegally. Round ’em up; toss ’em out. I have no use for criminals, and these illegal immigrants are a huge part of the criminal element that makes all of us law-abiding citizens less safe in this country.

“We will combat terrorism and the global terrorist threat by taking the war to the shores of the terrorists and by banning all current and future immigration from any country that I deem to be a sponsor of terrorists and terrorist activity. And, we will create jobs by assembling and training the best and the brightest national immigration and deportation force in the world. We will beef up federal, state, and local law enforcement departments, which will create more law enforcement jobs, manpower necessary to tackle the problems of local, state, national, and international crime. It is time to prioritize safety in this country. We will be the law and order capital of the world.

“We will make America safe again. We will make America strong again. We will put America first again. We will make American secure again. We will make America prosperous again. We will make America pure again. With your help and God’s will, we will succeed in making America a shining city on a hill once again. Thank you . . . ”

Chapter 2

“ . . . God bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.”

Ayra Khan watched the Ronald John acceptance speech again and again on her laptop. Who was he talking to? She had been glued to the national television news stations for months watching every report she could. She was fixated on social media and reviewed real news, false news, or any news she could find that would help her understand the issues and calm her fears that this man could actually become the president of the United States.

She tried to provide reasonable commentary when an article permitted comment. She engaged her friends and fellow students in thoughtful conversation. The polls seemed to favor Secretary Goodman, a decent, inclusive politician whose campaign slogan was “We are one America.” The polls, as Arya had feared, were dead wrong.

The campaign battle was waged along racial and ethnic battle lines. John seemed to be the candidate of white Christians who, he said, were being shoved aside by politically correct politicians seeking to promote the rights of minority interests. The “minority interest” that bore the brunt of the new president’s rage was the Muslim population. Throughout the campaign, he referred to terrorism as “Islamic.” He vowed to stop the flow of Muslims into the country and to “weed out” those Muslim criminals that were already here.

But whom was he talking about? Not Ayra and her family? She was born in the United States. She was an American citizen; her parents were naturalized citizens and as loyal to the United States as any Christian person. Weren’t they all endowed by the Constitution with the same rights and privileges as Ronald John? Didn’t she have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Could this evil man make good on these promises?

Ayra was an American citizen, born in Dearborn, Michigan, the daughter of devoted parents who had fled war-torn Yemen in the mid-1960s for a better way of life in America. Ayra’s parents worked hard to establish roots in the multi-cultural Dearborn community. They owned and operated a popular local fruit market, purchased and built from the ground up with the sparse remnants of family money earned in the old country.

Ayra’s ancestors fled Northern Yemen at a time when the small Middle Eastern country was involved in a series of conflicts with Egypt and then President Gamal Abdel-Nasser. Nasser had sought regime change in Yemen as far back as 1957. In 1962, he offered the Free Yemen Movement financial support, office space, and airtime on the radio in an effort to bring about the change he sought. Nasser’s prestige had taken a severe hit as the result of his falling out with Syria and the dissolution of his UAR (United Arab Republic). He sent expedition forces into Yemen, concluding that a quick victory might assist him in regaining a leadership role in the region.

Quick victory was not achieved, and the country became embroiled in a war that was waged on multiple fronts, involving multiple governments, and political and geographic interests. By the middle of 1965, approximately 15,000 Egyptian men and 40,000 Yemenis were dead and Egypt was facing a financial crisis. Despite billions in foreign debt, Nasser implemented his “long-breath strategy.” His plan was to reduce troop size from 70,000 to 40,000, withdraw from the east and the north where his positions were more exposed, and to concentrate on two particular border areas. The United States threatened to revoke some or all of a multi-million dollar food and infrastructure aid package and, still, Nasser refused to pull his troops out of Yemen. He vowed to stay in Yemen for twenty years, if he had to. The “twenty years” never happened; significant economic and political pressure prompted Nasser to negotiate a treaty in 1967 and Nasser withdrew his troops shortly thereafter.

In 1966, multiple gas bombings were reported, along with multiple injuries and fatalities. The largest attack occurred in their own village, Kitaf, where gas attacks caused 270 casualties and 140 deaths. Ayra’s family was safely in America by then, embarking on a new life in the land of the free.

The family settled in Dearborn, home to the largest population of Arabs in the United States. The city’s Arab community has been growing for at least a century, a growth that accelerated simultaneously with the Detroit area automobile industry.

Henry Ford, in the early and mid-twentieth century, recruited thousands of Middle Easterners to Dearborn to work at Ford’s mammoth River Rouge plant. Contrary to the stereotype, many of those who fled the Middle East for a better life in the United States were not Arab, they were Iraqi Christians, Chaldeans, fleeing Muslim persecution. Dearborn, however, seems to be one place where Muslims and Christians have been able to live and thrive in harmony, peace, and prosperity.

The community has certainly not been without conflict and controversy. Orville Hubbard was Dearborn’s most famous and longest-serving mayor. He served from the early 1940s to the late 1970s and embraced segregation. In 1985, a man named Michael Guido won the mayoral election in Dearborn after mailing pamphlets to constituents promising to address the city’s “Arab problem.”

A few decades before, the introduction of bilingual education was controversial, as were halal options in school cafeterias and the sight of traditional headscarves on Muslim women. Not so today, however, as the city, informally known as the Arab and Muslim capital of the United States, has elected its first Arab-American city council president and added its first Arab-American chief of police. Dearborn is the home of the largest mosque in the country, and a third of its population is of Arabic descent. Its crime statistics and its average annual citizen income figures are slightly less than the state median.

In the midst of all of this local peace and harmony, a man named Ronald John was now the president-elect of the United States. He had campaigned on a platform that promised to “rid America of the Muslim scourge.” What does this mean? Arya pondered. Does this man seriously intend to engage in a process of deporting all Muslims, whether here legally or illegally, whether citizens or non-citizens? Isn’t that unconstitutional? Ayra Khan was inspirited and . . . terrified.

Chapter 3

“ . . . God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”

Keith Blackwell stood at attention, saluted, and shouted aloud at his 60-inch curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Television. “God bless you, Mr. President!” The fact that the television was made by Samsung, manufactured in South Korea by people that he often referred to as “short, dangerous, yellow men,” completely escaped his narrow mind. The John victory was a victory for all white nationalists. “Make America pure again? Hell yeah!” he screamed joyfully.

Blackwell was born in Howell, Michigan. He was the grandson of a former Ku Klux Klansman who preached white supremacy to his family until it became the family creed. Young Keith was taught, early and often, to hate those who caused “impurity” in the white race. His mother abused drugs at an early age and struggled with various forms of addiction for Keith’s entire life. In fact, she was abusing drugs while she was pregnant with Keith. She and Keith’s dad were huge bigots. She hated blacks, Jews, Asians, Muslims, Hispanics, and anybody else who wasn’t white and Christian. She spent her free time getting high and stepping out on her husband at all hours of the day and night. Why the two of them stayed married all of those years was a mystery to Keith.

Keith was a rambunctious little boy. His parents were not churchgoers, but Keith found comfort in the Bible and attended church, most often on his own. He attended Bible school, asked many questions, and was often dissatisfied with the minister’s answers. If there was no Christ in your life, your life wasn’t worth living. You can’t embrace others or “love thy neighbor” if thy neighbor does not accept Christ as their savior.

He was much worse than a simple bigot. He believed in white Christian supremacy and became increasingly disenchanted with a church that preached love and tolerance of other races and creeds. Today’s Church is bullshit; there are other ways to worship, other ways to live.

Eventually, Keith joined a white supremacist cult, a faction of the Neo-Nazis that he would eventually fully embrace. This was his calling; he received a message from God to “terminate impurity” in the world and that is what he intended to do. He needed a base of operations, a place to develop his termination skills.

At age 18, Keith was caught shoplifting high-end electronics at the local Wal-Mart store. He was taken down to police headquarters, processed, fingerprinted, and charge with larceny over $1,000, a felony. His court-appointed attorney negotiated a plea deal. Keith could face felony charges or he could enlist in the US armed forces division of his choosing. If he did so, the charges would be reduced to a misdemeanor; his service to his country would serve as his probationary period.

Keith wanted the charges dropped or, in the alternative, wanted a complete expunging of his record at some time in the future. The local prosecutor would not budge off the original offer. Keith was guilty; he had no choice but to accept the deal. Besides, he did not expect anything good from a corrupt criminal justice system. The charge would stay on his record, and his fingerprints and DNA would remain in the criminal database. If I keep my nose clean, what do I have to worry about?

Keith enlisted in the United States Army and spent significant time in Southeast Asia. This was his first exposure to Asians who, he decided (and later wrote), were “vastly inferior to white people” and, as such, “should not be immigrating to the United States and impregnating our women.”

During Operation Desert Storm, his unit was stationed in Bagdad, where he had his first encounter with Muslim Arabs. Keith questioned the United States’ role in the Middle East and was determined to survive the war and start a movement to undermine American involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. Using the pen name Nomo Islam, he wrote a blistering anti-Muslim manifesto entitled “Why does America Assist Terrorist Countries?”

After receiving his honorable discharge, he returned home to Howell a hero. He sought, but could not obtain, suitable employment. Minorities—as he so rudely called them: Niggers, Spics, Kikes, Camel Jockeys, Chinks, and Nips—had snatched up all of the good jobs that whites used to do. One day, after applying for and being denied a job at a Dearborn, Michigan, assembly plant, Keith wandered into the local office of The Conservative Council, or TCC, as it was known. He showed its leaders his manifesto, and his white supremacist future was cemented. He moved to Dearborn, developed a website called “USA 1Pure,” and posted his manifesto as its initial blog posting.

The post went viral, and Keith became a household name in the local supremacist movement. He publically advocated for the destruction of Holocaust memorials worldwide, and suggested replacing them with Hitler monuments. He argued that blacks are, by nature, violent people, and could never live in harmony with white people. He suggested that they should embrace slavery and return to their roots as a subservient society. He also continued his blistering attack on the Muslim community.

President Ronald John’s call for mass deportation of Muslims was music to Keith’s ears, and he immediately embraced and supported the John campaign. He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds and was thrilled to discover that the money was accepted by the campaign and put to good use. He became an ardent John supporter; he attended John rallies, carried Make America Pure Again signs, clashed with liberal demonstrators, and wrote article after article attacking Secretary Goodman as a “kike” whose expansive agenda for America would cost real Americans jobs by the thousands.

“It is high time for real Americans to take back this country.”

When John won his first primary, Blackwell wrote: “RonJohn is da man! He will be the Republican nominee, mark my words. When he receives the Republican nomination, he will, almost certainly, beat the liberal Jew because white people everywhere will finally be able to vote for someone who represents our issues, our interests.”

John was certainly not a traditional candidate. RonJohn, as his closest friends and supporters liked to refer to him, degraded women; he nicknamed his opponent “Frail Allison” because she had once taken ill on the campaign trail and “lacked the balls” to be president. He denounced Muslims as “terrorists,” proposed barring Muslim immigration, surveillance of mosques, and suggested a database to keep track of all Muslims living in the United States. He referred to blacks as a “hopeless people with nothing to lose by voting Republican for a change.” To John, Mexicans were “pimps, pushers, rapists, and murderers.” He promised to build a huge barrier along the southern border to prevent these “sullied elements” from entering our great country. Keith Blackwell cheered at every one of these statements.

Unlike most elections, where words matter and are used against a candidate who preaches bigotry and hatred, none of this horrible rhetoric stuck to John, at least not in a negative way. He narrowly won the Electoral College contest despite losing the popular vote to Secretary Goodman. In his latest blog tirade, Blackwell praised John’s multiple, bigoted statements and promised undying support to “our exalted, supreme leader.” Keith Blackwell listened to every word of John’s presidential acceptance speech. Keith was pumped; he was tired of writing and ready for action.


Excerpted from "Betrayal of Justice: A Zachary Blake Betrayal Series Legal Thriller" by Mark M. Bello. Copyright © 2017 by Mark M. Bello. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mark  M. Bello

Mark M. Bello

Mark M. Bello has been a Michigan attorney for almost 40 years. He received his bachelor of arts in English literature from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He and his spouse, Tobye, have four children and eight grandchildren and live in West Bloomfield, Michigan. His debut novel, featuring attorney Zachary Blake, pays tribute to actual Michigan cases he handled, the brave clients he represented and the many attorneys and clients who have fought their own "David vs. Goliath" battles with the same or similar institutional defendants. His 2nd Zachary Blake Betrayal Series novel, Betrayal of Justice, is the story of a young Muslim woman, falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, who becomes the obsession of a new, Islamophobic president hell-bent on "making America pure again".

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