Amos The Gifted

Amos The Gifted

by Mr. Wilbur Shapiro


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Published in Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Amos was abandoned by his father at birth. His mother Soriana vowed to provide Amos everything in life to succeed. Amos was a gifted boy. Unfortunate circumstances landed Amos and his mother in a farming community in New Hampshire. It was there that Amos made his mark and lived up to his calling.

Sample Chapter


The room was smoked and aroma filled, with marijuana. Five black couples were nestled together with each other, exchanging puffs of the makeshift weeds. Soriana, had been dating Tyrone for several weeks and he talked her into the marijuana party. She was skeptical, but she trusted his judgment and her girlfriends told her that it was lots of fun. After a few puffs, she began to feel woozy and tired. Tyrone led her upstairs to one of the bedrooms, where they laid down together. He undressed her and himself and they had sex. When she awoke, she was still woozy and she related to Tyrone, “I will never do this again. I was in a stupor and really not knowing what was going on. If we had sex, I did not enjoy it.” Tyrone countered with a smile, “Yes, we had sex and I enjoyed it.”

Tyrone finished high school and has a job in a mail order warehouse sorting packages. He has no plans for advanced education. Soriana is a medical aide assisting elderly people. She also attends evening classes to become a medical secretary. Tonight, they were at Soriana’s grandmother’s home. The home is a gathering place for siblings, relatives and friends. The place was always crowded with people, and the women stocked the freezer with plenty of food, and grandma and some of the women were always busy in the kitchen making delicious morsels for everyone to enjoy. Grandma Randolph lost her husband some twenty years ago. She and her husband Gerry worked very hard to save up the money to buy the home and Grandma, with the rest of the family and friends, preserved the home in very good shape. Very few of the visitors to Grandma’s house owned their own home. They primarily rented apartments throughout the neighborhood. To them it was a treat to visit Grandma’s home with their children and significant others. At Grandma’s house, the women were in control. They monitored their children, discussed home improvements and money-making enterprises, provided the food, gossiped and enjoyed relationships with each other. Grandma was the centerpiece and she enjoyed all the commotion and chaos. One piece of conversation stood out. That was conversation about the children’s education. Many of the children were going to preschool and many were going to charter schools. The mothers boasted about their children’s accomplishments and their possibilities. Children’s success was mother’s dedication. The men seemed to be going along for the ride and enjoying whatever freebees were available.

Soriana was a favorite of grandma and they supported each other as much as possible. She confided to Grandma about her lately feelings. Her breasts were more tender than usual and she was easily fatigued. She had some spells of nausea and vomiting, and she urinated more frequently than normal. Grandma responded, “You have signs of pregnancy. I do believe that you are pregnant. When is your next period?” Soriana, stated, “My next menstrual period is Wednesday. I will let you know the results. I wonder how Tyrone will take my being pregnant.” Grandma retorted, “The men run away. They will not accept the responsibility. Look around. Single mothers are prevalent. Single mothers in our community commit themselves to bringing up the children as best they can. They work to support their kids and, if necessary, they request help from Social Services. Let me know what goes with you and if you are pregnant, rejoice in what can be. Remember, my help is only a call away and I so look forward to what you can produce.”

Later that evening, Soriana confronted Tyrone. “There is a good chance that I am pregnant. Shouldn’t we marry and raise a family together? Tyrone was taken aback and momentarily was speechless. “I do not think I can handle that. I can just about support myself on my salary. Perhaps you should abort. I am not ready to settle down. I cannot afford it and it will be too restraining.” Soriana was shocked by Tyrone’s response. She replied, “Together we can make it. We can look around for an apartment and get plenty of help with day care. Also, I can expect a better salary once I finish my medical assistant degree.” Sweat poured from Tyrone’s head, “No, I cannot do it. If you insist on having the baby, you are on your own. I cannot be involved.” Tyrone made a quick U-Turn and scooted away. Tears welled in Soriana’s eyes and she leaned against the wall and cried. Later her energy restored she vowed to herself, “My baby will be a great human being, be it male or female.”


Excerpted from "Amos The Gifted" by Mr. Wilbur Shapiro. Copyright © 2017 by Mr. Wilbur Shapiro. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mr. Wilbur Shapiro

Mr. Wilbur Shapiro

Wilbur Shapiro is retired from an engineering career that had spanned over 50 years. He has produced over 58 publications in the technical literature and 10 patents. He has always had a penchant for writing and Amos The Gifted is his fourth publication. He has made writing at an advanced age a second career. Mr. Shapiro resides in Albany, NY.

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