Tony Turtle and Friends

Tony Turtle and Friends

by Mary Bowyer

ISBN: 9780595321520

Publisher iUniverse, Inc.

Published in Children's Books/Reference & Nonfiction, Children's Books/General, Children's Books/People & Places, Children's Books/Literature & Fiction, Children's Books/Ages 4-8

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

    Tony Turtle

    Tony Turtle was strolling through the garden
    When he spied
    A great big rock that had a hole
    That he could hide inside.

    Mom Turtle will never find me here, he thought.
    I'll have my wishes
    Of never having to eat my broccoli
    Or help with dinner dishes.

    So Tony Turtle crawled inside
    But soon afterward he thought
    Of how Mom Turtle stroked his shell
    (He sure liked that a lot).

    And how she patted his head
    Before he went to bed, and kissed it
    He used to think it kind of dumb
    But now he sort of missed it.

    He thought of Daddy Turtle
    And the stories he would tell
    Of brave, strong turtles long ago
    Those stories sure were swell.

    So Tony Turtle ran on home
    To the sweet home that was his
    Fast as a lightning thunderbolt
    (For a small turtle, that is).

    The Talking Towel

    I rubbed my hands on the Talking Towel,
    Was I surprised when he let out a howl
    And told me that he had something to say
    And could I kindly dry my hands another day.

    He talked on and on about his life
    About his kids and about his wife
    To tell the truth he's talking yet
    And my poor hands, they're still all wet.

    Time Was

    Time was when alligators flew
    And ponies said "Cockadoodle-doo"
    And dogs could sing
    And mice had wings
    There was a time when pigs went "mew."

    But nowadays the cats "meow"
    A mooing sound comes from a cow
    The young birds sing
    The geese have wings
    I think the world is mixed up now.

    Nelson Noodle

    Nelson Noodle was so flat
    As flat as he could be,
    Upon a sea of soup he sat
    And muttered gloomily.

    "I'd love to run and jump and step
    Instead of lying here,
    If I could have a little pep
    How full I'd be of cheer.

    To jump and run and dance and sing
    That is my fondest wish,
    To roller skate, all full of zing
    Not lie here in this dish.

    Then Granny Noodle did appear
    From noodleland on high,
    She said, "You're prefect as you are
    So, Nelson, don't ask why

    You cannot run and skip and roll
    Just like an ol' French poodle,
    Just swim around in this fine bowl
    And be proud to be a noodle."

    Clickety-Plickety Rickety-Rum

    Clickety-plickety rickety-rum
    Bang on the cymbals, beat on the drum,
    A dancing elf will surely come
    Clickety-plickety rickety-rum.

    Cuddly Bear

    Cuddly Bear went to the store
    To buy herself a bow,
    To place atop her cuddly fur
    So she would look just so.

    But on arriving at the store
    There were no bows in sight,
    Just one small pair of roller skates
    Which filled her with delight.

    So 'stead of being Cuddly Bear
    Whose looks compared to none,
    She was Cuddly Bear on roller skates
    (Which was a lot more fun!)


Excerpted from "Tony Turtle and Friends" by Mary Bowyer. Copyright © 0 by Mary Bowyer. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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