Youth Restoring America

Youth Restoring America

by Ken Shores

ISBN: 9781717163271

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Parenting & Relationships, Self-Help, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


YOUTH RESTORING AMERICA is an intriguing story of how America has changed. This factious story shows how the best of youth could save America and possibly finding a solution to changing America back to the original instructions of our Founding Fathers who created America as a Christian Nation

Sample Chapter

Saturday Class Report

Meeting in Pastor Dean Dickson office 10 AM

Dr. Louise and Professor Kent have prepared a briefing of the first three weeks of the new Youth Program class. In addition to Jim, Frank and Jerry, I want to thank my brother Pastor Jack, Board of Education officials and some of our government officials for attending today. Jim I turn the meeting over to you now.

I am Jim Jackson, Director of the new Youth Program. I believe I have already met most of you. First before I turn this meeting over to our two outstanding teachers, want to let you know that the students are excited and well-mannered to be involved in this class. Because of their enjoyment of the class, we now are one week ahead of schedule. The two District Supervisors and I has attended several times, visiting the class. Dr. Louise Samuel and Professor Kent Marion will explain more about that during their report. I now turn the meeting over to the two teachers for their report.

Thank you Jim for all your assistance and attending class several times in this first class. Dr. Louise and I are enjoying teaching some of the best students we have ever taught. Without hesitation these students have worked very hard to achieve each assignment. They are anxious to learn all they can from this challenge. The details of this class project Dr. Louise and I created has been well accepted. Dr. Louise will now give you details of our to-date report.

Before I give our report, I want to add to what Professor Kent just said. Both of us has been amazed of having 15 young women and 15 young men all come together like a family. We both agree these young people could be some of our best leaders in our future. They all currently has shown they are interested in learning everything they can about the history of the United States of America. Now for our report. We have divide the 16 week course into four phases. The first phase has now been completed. The first phase was divide into two history lessons. We assigned two teams to investigate these history lessons. Each team was divided into three groups of five students each. Each group determine a group leader. Originally we had scheduled four weeks for this first phase. Much to our surprise these devoted students were completed by the third Thursday, not the fourth Thursday. They were excited to have the Friday debate and conclusions of what history was studied. Each debate provided information to come to an agreeable conclusion. The debates lasted four hours, including reaching conclusions. The two teams assigned a spokesperson for giving their final conclusions. We were surprised that their conclusions were right on target. The remaining phases will be using the same type format as the first phase. Monday the students will vote for their Student President and three class spokespersons to represent the finding of the class of America’s pass and present. We will certify these three spokespersons for public speaking before government. Schools, churches and other approved organizations. Professor Kent and I thank all of you for attending our first report.


Excerpted from "Youth Restoring America" by Ken Shores. Copyright © 2017 by Ken Shores. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Ken Shores

Ken Shores

My name is Kenneth E. Shores (websites & I am honored to be selected on the first page of the 2018 Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition as Professional of the Year. Born May 5, 1932, in Dupont, Indiana. Served my Country in U. S. Army November 3, 1949 to January 27, 1953. Served overseas under United Nations July 1950 to January 1953. Disabled Veteran – injured April 8, 1951. I have 45 years of education, a work record from laborer to upper management, including International, owned several businesses and traveled over most of the world. I started writing my first book March 22, 2007 the same day God placed in my mind during my daily devotional time, the beginning, the end, everything I was to write and the title, all in about ten minutes. God is the real author of this book. The first edition book “IS THERE A GOD? IS HE REAL” was published in December, 2012 for others to experience how GOD is REAL. God's timing regarding the second edition book was published June 2015 and the third edition published July 2017. My sixth published book "YOUTH RESTORING AMERICA” was published 2018 from my five dreams. I do not dream at night, but was surprised of the results of these dreams. America could benefit from promoting what the youth did to restore America according how America was created. This could be a starting point for our government and citizens.

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