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The Key To Writing 3-Dimensional Characters | BookDaily #AuthorTips

One of the most important things a good story needs to have is three-dimensional characters. Solid characters. Realistic characters with pasts, presents, and a yearning for futures. Characters with problems that contribute to internal motivations. Realistic characters that feel like flesh-and-blood human beings that could leap off of the page. Characters with car payments, mortgages, college finals creeping up, babies who never sleep, parents that don’t understand, dogs with ...

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Crutch Words and Lazy Phrases | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Is your writing limping along? Is it not as strong as you would like? Maybe it’s because you’re using too many crutch words and lazy phrases to prop it up.

Crutch words and lazy phrases are words and phrases that distance the reader from your characters, and (ultimately) from the story. They are overused words, imprecise words and phrases, clichés, filler phrases, and meaningless adverbs.

Two of my worst crutch words were began and started. I was often writing ...

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9 Tips for Writing Horror | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Confession time. I LOVE horror. I love reading it, I love writing it. When horror is done well, I want to shout my praise, recommending the book to everyone I know. This doesn’t always go well. Not everyone appreciates a good fright. If you like scary stories, however, here are nine tips for writing your next one.

1. Ground your story with details that lend realism. Mundane details may seem unimportant, but they give us a sense of time and place, and make your story ...

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