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7 Unorthodox Ways to Sell More Books | BookDaily #AuthorTips

So, you’ve promoted your book in all the usual places and are wondering what to do next. Here are 7 lesser known ideas for getting your book noticed:

Is your book set in an actual place? If so, send a piece about yourself and your book to the local newspaper and other publications specific to that area. They are always looking for stories to fill their pages. If you can, travel to the place yourself and take a photo of one of the places mentioned in your book as publications always welcome a good picture. Do not use a picture you find on the internet as you will be in breach of copyright.

Search online for websites devoted to the place such as the “Interesting in Colchester” blog or the “Eastbourne” Facebook page. You probably won’t be able to post information about your book, but if you can write about something interesting or not well known, you can also mention you published a book based in the area. For instance, there is a rumour that a particular thorn tree in Glastonbury blossoms twice a year – but how many people know that it is a fact, not a rumour and that it can be bought in certain nurseries?

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? The local newspaper may be interested in a story about you, especially if you can attribute your success to the fact that you lived there. Perhaps your school was particularly encouraging, or you were inspired by the local architecture.

Have you written about a particular time in history such as World War II or the War of the Roses? You will be able to find societies online for every period of history. These often hold events such as the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival at which you may be able to hire a stall to sell your book.

Do the main characters in your book have a special hobby? Do they play in a rock band, enjoy fishing or play golf? Tweak your book’s description to interest this group of people. For example: “Greg realised he would have to give up his fishing weekends as soon as he saw Mandy, but it was a sacrifice worth making.” “When Petra heard Kurt practising a difficult riff on the guitar, she fell in love with him instantly”. “The golf club membership was a vital clue to solving the murder.”

Compile a quiz. The Druid’s Cup (to be released in October 2017) is based on Glastonbury in Somerset, UK. There are a number of descriptions of actual places without mentioning their names, and I have compiled a quiz in which I invite visitors to find these places. It has quotes from the book, such as “She let Tom lead her to a nearby café, scarcely noticing the striking blue pillars along the front, framing the large windows or the crowded interior with its plain wooden tables,” and “Esther watched for a moment then turned the other way, heading for a large tavern with mullioned windows further down the street.” I shall encourage businesses to offer a free gift, such as a cup of coffee, to visitors who find them, as an incentive.

Music festivals provide an opportunity for selling your books. You’ll need to choose the right one for your readers. Are they likely to enjoy hard rock and heavy metal at the Download Festival, or the classical experience at the Oxford Chamber Music Festival? Some of these music festivals attract a huge crowd. The Glastonbury Festival is attended by around 175,000 people.

The more unusual ways of advertising your book can often be more fruitful as you will have less competition. Even if you only sell a few books, your name will spread.


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Janet Maile is retired and hails from the UK. When she is not writing, she loves dancing and playing the piano, keyboard, violin or recorder.

You can find out more about her on her website


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