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5 Reasons Why Your Book Blurb Stinks and How To Fix It

If your book cover attracts potential readers, then you definitely need your book blurb to sell your story. Here at BookDaily, we come across thousands of book blurbs. Some blurbs are enticing. Others are forgettable. Here are 5 tips for creating better book blurbs:

ENGAGE. Use your opening sentence to charm and absorb your reader. The goal with that first sentence is to make the reader want to read more by setting the scene. Evoke emotion and capture the reader's attention. Avoid clichés and stay true to your voice. If your reader cannot figure out what your book is about in the first sentence, then the chances of the reader purchsing it is slim to none.

ALLURE. Introduce your characters by showing dimension, share the dilemma and give an attractive appeal to invest in your book. The aim here is to pull the reader deeper so that they can find out more about your character.

HONEST. Your blurb shouldn't be deceptive or misleading. Don’t make promises that your book doesn't keep. Stay true to your genre to ensure that your blurb meets your potential reader's expectations.

QUICK. Make use of short sentences and powerful language that readers of the genre anticipate. Every word counts and remember most readers are just skimming waiting for a blurb to pique their interest. Here at BookDaily, we like to keep book descriptions to 600 characters or less. That's about 150 words.

INTRIGUE. Let your ending sentence make the reader want more. Cliff hangers and questions are powerful tools to spark curiosity all leave the reader feeling desperate to find out more.

Include your book blurb below and we'll workshop it together!


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