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[NEW] How BookDaily Promotions Boosted Counterstrike From #19,394 to 373!


When Travis L Salisbury wanted to increase his author and brand recognition, he decided to use BookDaily's Free Ebook Download campaign to advertise Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One. This approach not only increased recognition of his book, but also boosted Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One from # 19,394 to 373 on Amazon's Bestseller rankings.


Travis decided to promote Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One while it was available for free via Kindle to reach the most relevant BookDaily audience possible. He aimed to target readers interested in the Mystery & Thriller genres.

The promotion for Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One included the cover image, title, book description, and a clear "Download FREE Today on Amazon" call to action for readers.

Travis increased his daily download rate by 247%!


Travis’ promotion was featured to over 80,000 readers. Peter's promotion was opened by over 8,800 readers and improved his book ranking from # 19,394 to 373 in the Amazon Kindle Store. His book was downloaded 632 times on the day of his promotion. Before Travis’ BookDaily promotion, Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One averaged 256 downloads per day. Travis increased his daily download rate by 247%! Travis’ told us that his campaign was absolutely successful.


Want to get started promoting your free Kindle book on BookDaily? Here’s how to submit your request for promotion:

1. Log into your account
2. Click on the "My Books" icon
3. Select the "Kindle Download Promotion" button across from your desired eBook.
4. Enter your promotional dates and choose the number of clicks you'd like
5. Click "Get Started" to be redirected to PayPal.

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