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4 Ways to Target Readers Using BookDaily Promotions

Streamlined and effective book promotion is what we specialize in here at BookDaily. We want to help authors (especially our lovely indie authors) find new readers, get noticed, while keeping the process transparent, convenient and affordable. Here's 4 ways to use BookDaily targeting options to refine your audience even further.

GENRE-- Target your readers by genre.

BookDaily has hundreds of genres and sub genres that can be added to your book to increase your book's exposure on the site. The genres with the most active readers are Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Children & Teens, and Non-Fiction. When you begin any BookDaily promotion, our editors will automatically add as many genres to your book listing as available to get you in front of any BookDaily reader who has expressed interest in your genre.

BINDING-- Target your readers by book binding.

The "Featured Ebook of the Day" newsletter is specifically catered the BookDaily audience with e-readers and it's our largest, most dynamic reader base. If your title is available in ebook format, then our editors will automatically get your book featured in this newsletter.

BESTSELLER-- Target readers interested in popular genre authors.

Thanks to the "Featured Book of the Day" newsletter here at BookDaily, you can get your book promoted next to some of today's popular authors. That's great visibility for your book by readers who are already interested in your genre!

PRICE-- Target your readers with bargain pricing.

If you have a FREE ebook, then we have readers for you. Many of today's rising authors give away their book for free to move up the Amazon charts making it easier for more readers to discover them and buy their books.

Which BookDaily Promotion Is Right For Your Book?

Here's a breakdown of the two book marketing campaigns available:

The BookDaily Free Ebook Download program allows FREE ebooks from BookDaily authors to be featured to over 75,000 readers daily. Authors who enlist in this program can promote their FREE ebook in our newsletters and only pay for the readers who click to their Amazon download page. It's just $.17 per click with a minimum purchase of only $50 for 300 clicks and you may choose your promotion dates. The program also includes a feature on the homepage of our site for all readers to view.

Click here to get more downloads of your FREE book

The BookDaily Emerging Author campaign allows you to promote your book to 50,000 BookDaily readers every month for $49. This campaign is perfect for authors who have multiple books that they'd like to promote, as you can change your promoted title each month. You may also target your reading audience by genre. The exposure is pretty insane. The program also includes addition in the Emerging Authors section of the site and in our Top Five Emerging Author Title widget in the right navigation bar for all readers to see. All price points are accepted for this program. However, please note that titles $2.99 or less out sell their paperback counterparts 4:1 on BookDaily. Our readers love a bargain read!

Click here to get begin your Emerging Author promotion.

Or if you have questions, the Author team is here to help. Send a note from your account in the HelpDesk here.


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