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Everything That You Wanted To Know About How BookDaily Promotes Free Kindle Titles

The struggle to promote Kindle ebooks is real. Here at BookDaily, we want to make the promotion process as streamlined and effective as possible. After all--- we know that you have more writing to do! Here is the answer to every question you have about our Kindle Promotional campaign.

1. How does it work? The BookDaily Free Ebook promotion allows you to feature your book on BookDaily’s homepage and via email but ONLY pay when readers click to your Amazon download page.

2. How much is it? The cost of the program is $0.17/per click. The minimum purchase is 300 clicks.

3. Can I get my money back? If your clicks don’t hit the target, then we will give you a prorated refund.

4. Where are the reports? We include your clicks in your account. We’ve worked directly with Indie authors to ensure that our reporting is transparent and accurate.

5. How many downloads will I get? All of our promoted titles have seen hundreds of downloads during their promotional period.

6. Will this help my Amazon author ranking? Downloads and sales will increase your Amazon author ranking.

7. Will my Amazon book ranking be affected? Downloads will increase your Amazon book rank. This will increase your visibility to other readers in the Amazon Kindle Store.

8. Can I get more reviews? Readers will have a chance to read your book and leave feedback.

9. Is this for first time authors? BookDaily is not bound or backed by traditional publishers. We independently focus on promoting books that our readers will enjoy. Our goal is and will always be to connect authors with readers.

10. Is this easy? Once you submit your request for promotion, you’re done. Our BookDaily Author Team does the rest.

Are you ready to get downloads of your free kindle book? Click here to submit your book for promotion now!

P.S. If your book isn't FREE give our Emerging Author promotion a go! All price points are accepted for this program. Click here to get begin your Emerging Author promotion


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