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4 Tips For Mastering The Art Of Pre-Publication | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Big publishers often start publicity for a book at least 3 months in advance. Pre-pub orders can bump up your ranking on Amazon. However, your web page for the book should be there well before selling sites are involved. You will of course make it as interesting and intriguing as possible, then ask friends, relations and other contacts to send people along and read it. It’s your job to make the interest spread.

EMAIL LIST: Invite visitors to fill out a form so they can be contacted again, and explain why this is a good thing to do for them. This is also a tool for gathering advance reviews. How to use these is another topic.

SPECIAL OFFERS: A pre-pub page is a work in progress. Each time you make a significant change, you have an opportunity for asking people to return, while of course avoiding becoming a nuisance. You can sweeten the invitation with contests, rewards, and opportunities to comment.

To see and example, check out my pre-pub page for my coming 16th book, Hit and Run:

COVER REVEAL:The publisher is working on the cover right now. As soon as the publisher, artist and I agree on what that should look like, I’ll post it on this page, and let interested people know. If there are two or three alternatives we are trying to choose from, I’ll run a contest, and people voting will be in line for a small prize, for example a $10 gift card. That will then give me a legitimate excuse for spreading the word far and wide in my newsletter Bobbing Around and through social media.

ADVANCE REVIEWS: I have reproduced a few of the advance reviews I already have for this book. Each person who gave me a review is listed by name and web site, so it is also publicity for them. Therefore, I can ask them to let their network of contacts know about it. That’s how the internet works: as a positive feedback loop.

Similarly, if you send me a complimentary comment about this page, I will be motivated to post it, with a link to whatever you want the world to know about.

Even better, if you suggest ways I can improve my pre-pub page, or what additional features I can put on it, I’ll do everything I can to return the favor.

About the Author:
Bob Rich is an Australian storyteller. He has had 15 books published, with the 16th on the way. Five of them have won international awards. These books cover a range of topics: The "Earth Garden Building Book: design and build your own house" was the first, in 1986. The 4th edition is still for sale, at least in Australia. It came about because Bob had been sending "how to" articles to a wonderful magazine, "Earth Garden" since 1980. One day, he posted a letter to the magazine's publisher, Keith Smith, suggesting they write a building book together. Then he checked his PO box, and there was a letter from Keith, with the same suggestion! His second book was "Woodworking for Idiots Like Me," which is a collection of autobiographical short stories that'll often raise a laugh, with each story containing instruction on some woodworking task. After this came fiction, with increasing success.

Discover more about him on his website.


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