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Book promotion is essential for authors. There are millions of books published on Amazon every year. How do we, as authors, make ourselves stand out in the crowd?

At a 2-day marketing conference I attended recently, I learned about something called Renegade Marketing. Renegade marketing involves creativity. Authors are creative people. We create worlds, develop characters with distinct personalities, and write books about them. Surely we can come up with creative ways to promote ourselves and the stories we write.

I will be the first to admit that promoting myself and tooting my horn is something I am not comfortable with. But even an introverted person like me can market like a renegade. The key is to do something no one else is doing.

Every author uses business cards, postcards, and bookmarks to promote their books; these items are must-haves. But what can I do that is different? What will draw attention to me and attract people to my table, thus creating potential book sales?

Props! Props are great. And since my books are medical-themed, a stethoscope and lab coat will work nicely. Many authors give away free things, like candy and bookmarks, but I recently purchased a bulk supply of syringe pens with my name and website printed on them and I will be giving these away during public events. Every person who stops at my table will get a free syringe pen. How cool is that?

Let your characters sell the book for you! I have done this several ways. First, I’ve written a string of blog posts (Meet the Characters) where I introduce each character in my book(s), one at a time. Also, I have recently done a character interview where my main character, Randy Hanson, answered the interview questions. This interview went live June 9th.

Generate Buzz! Talk about your book. Develop a 5 second sales pitch, do radio interviews, attend book festivals and signings. Get yourself out there. Talk to people. Post on social media. Generate buzz about your book.

Book Cover! Use your book cover to attract people. During signing events, I display a large poster of my book cover. I also have my book cover printed on promotional materials, including a tee-shirt! I had a tee-shirt made with my book covers printed on it. I wear it to every book signing event I attend. My husband also has a shirt that he wears when he travels out of town, and I bought a baseball cap for my son with my website on it. It all helps with promotion.

Be different! Stand out. Let potential readers get to know you. Post on social media sites. Share pictures of yourself being a real person. Do interviews, be silly, let people see who you are. Give them a reason to follow you. Book sales are generated by connecting with readers.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Think outside the box. Market like a renegade!

About the Author:
L.M. Nelson is certified teacher and CPR/First Aid instructor. She enjoys poetry, music, photography, gardening, reading, and nature walks. Aside from Scrubs and Sand & Sutures, she has written several poems, some of which have been selected for literary magazines and published in a poetry collection entitled World Treasury of Great Poems, Vol. II. She co-wrote the article, ‘Gifted and Talented Education at the Close of the Decade of the Brain’, which was published in the educational journal Perspectives: Idaho Association of School Administrators, Vol. XVI, No. 1.

You can find her on her website and Twitter.


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