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How I Gained 1000+ Reviews On My Books | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Indie author books need reviews. We know well that without reviews we cannot submit our ebooks to many of the established promotional sites that move titles priced FREE or discounted. Readers browsing Amazon are more likely to choose our books over another if a book has an array of reviews.

Many of these suggestions come from Blogger, Julie Whiteley a Top 1000 Amazon and Goodreads reviewer:

When asking for a review, provide all the following inside the email: Not as an attachment.

• Introduce yourself
• Tell what kind of book you have written: Fiction or Non-fiction.
• Mention the genre or category.
• Provide a well-composed book description: Not a synopsis.
• Include a cover in the body of the email.
• Include a head shot of yourself in the body of the email.
• Do not include a copy of your book.
• Ask the reviewers preferred format for review books.

Never send a reviewer a copy of your book without first asking the reviewer to review it. That is presumptuous and no reviewer feels obligated to read or review a book just because the author sent a copy. Most Blogger/Reviewers have submission guidelines. Read and follow them. While this seems obvious to some, apparently it isn’t to others. DO offer the reviewer a free copy of your book. Yes, some indie authors often ask for reviews then expect the reviewer to buy their book. But it is extraordinarily unprofessional. Accept the review, whatever the review rank and say ,“Thank you.”

The premier and most respected indie book reviewer is Big Al’s Books and Pals. On a sister site, The Indie view you will find a drop down menu listing hundreds of active reviewers for every genre. It is a fabulous resource for indie authors.

But the absolutely best review is an organic review from a reader who downloads your book, reads it, and posts a review. This gentle plea at the foot of your book right after THE END works like a magic charm…

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author's best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, [author name].

Lest you think it doesn’t work, readers have posted above 1000 reviews on my titles and I am NOT a best selling author. And yes, the reviews range from one to five stars. I’m good with it.

About the Author:
Jackie Weger has been writing novels off and on for thirty years. She enjoys destination travel--going to new and strange places, meeting the natives, learning their customs, their foods, how they survive good times and bad. She lived part of one winter with trappers in the Louisiana Swamps, volunteered at a Sister ‘s of Mercy Mission in Panama--and had one of the most interesting conversations in her life with an old man and his dog as they sat on a bench waiting for a train in the Village of Versailles. Jackie loves books, coffee, tea, cats, gossip and all things Southern. Above all, Jackie enjoys hearing from readers.

You can find out more about her on her website and on Twitter


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