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Don’t Wait to Write that Sequel

Back when I first started thinking of submitting my YA fantasy Elixir Bound for publication around 8 years ago, I received the advice to wait until I sold the first book to even think about starting a sequel. The consensus seemed to be why spend all that time on book 2 when book 1 might never sell. I heard this advice from more than one industry professional. I always envisioned there being a book 2, but I took a break from that world and worked on a totally different project, a contemporary middle grade.

I think it was bad advice, entrenched in the old world of publishing. While waiting to write book 2 might have been good advice for many years, the evolving publishing industry just doesn’t warrant that kind of thinking any more. With so many different outlets to publish a book, from traditional to self-pubbing and the all ways in between, more books are being published than ever. And they are being published faster than ever.

Readers don’t want to wait years in between books in a series. I know many authors who are publishing a book in a series every few months. Most of them did not write subsequent books in the series in the months in between publishing. They came to the table with a complete series. And readers are eating them up.

On the chance that book 1 never gets published, don’t think that writing book 2 was a waste. It was not. No book, even those ones sitting in a drawer that never see the light of day, is a waste. Any decent writer will tell you it takes writing a lot of bad words (figure on 10,000 bad words) to get to the good ones.

About the Author:
Katie L. Carroll wrote her YA fantasy Elixir Bound to help her sister, who unexpectedly passed away at the age of 16, live on in the pages of a book. She is hard at work on a sequel called Elixir Saved, which she wished she had written 5 years ago.


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