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Anyone Else Feeling Overwhelmed by Self-Publishing? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Self-publishing rocks. Self-publishing sucks.

Imagine a spectrum with these two opinions at each end of the scale. What phrase would fall in the middle?

For me, “self-publishing overwhelms” describes that spot between dancing the Snoopy dance and tearing out my hair.

Contrary to what some self-published authors say, they were not born knowing everything necessary to get their first book out in the world. Deciding on whether to go exclusively with Amazon...

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10 Helpful Tips For Authors | BookDaily #AuthorTips

1. If you have a book published by a traditional publisher joining the Authors Guild can make a difference in your life. My first book was plagiarized and if I had known about the Authors Guild, their outstanding lawyers would have seen to it right away that the other book was taken out of circulation. I had to hire an attorney and it took a while for the book to disappear. Their lawyers will review contracts at no charge and answer your questions. They are outstanding.

2. A ...

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5 Twitter Tips For Authors | BookDaily #AuthorTips

5 Ways Authors can be Tweeps, not Twits

I know lots of authors love Twitter, but I think just as many hate it. Here are a few ideas for those getting started with Twitter or for those who want to maximize their time there. Rule number one when you JOIN Twitter is to follow a lot of people–people you have things in common with. That’s the best way to build your follower base fast. But as you’re following people, be sure to:

1) Post regularly. ...

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